Saturday, 19 April 2008

Mudchute again

I had hoped to run FLM this year, but my cronky knee put paid to that even before training had started.

I know that it is a really bad idea to take a weekend away in term time, but I went anyway.

June and I travelled down at a leisurely pace on Saturday morning. We knew that there were some doubts about whether our Travel Lodge hotel was actually built yet (yes, we're talking London here not the Costa del sol). When June booked the hotel it was due to be open, but when she checked for directions it said 'opening 6th May'. So we went to the one nearest to kings Cross to check - and the website was correct it was NOT open, but nobody had bothered to tell us. A wonderful receptionist at the KX branch sorted us out, so all was well eventually, but I shall not ever book with them again.

Off we went to the expo, where we met up with Tigerrunner, Hippo and RichK. We carboloaded (well I carboloaded, June didn't spot the 'weightwatching?' heading on the menu, and wondered why it was a rather lite meal!). After wishing the runners good luck we collected supplies for Mile 17 and made our way back to our hotel.
Our evening meal was in an Italian restaurant close toe th hotel, and was inevitably full of runners - including a couple of chaps from my club - a small world.

Sunday morning and we let the runners go through breakfast first. Then we went down - to a 'continental' breakfast - ie one that does not need a cook - cold croissants, cereal, juice and coffee from a machine.

We left the hotel at about 9 to make the trek to Mudchute - somewhat concerned to see the odd runner still hanging around at KX having their photos taken! I wonder what time they pull up the start chip timing mat?

Mudchute preparations were well underway when we got there. I was assigned to team 4 with TweetyPie.

With forumites taking pictures of the preparations.

First came the quick people including our very own Liz Yelling.

Then it was time for the main field and lots of folk to look out for.
RichK came through so fast we almost missed him:

Soon to be followed by a very Speedy Hippo.

Lots of other forumites followed, including Sue, who had run Rome a few weeks previously

and eventually Mick'n'Phil who were met with the loudest reception of all!

Then it was time to go home.
Thanks to June for making this a weekend to remember.

Monday, 7 April 2008

prodded into action

So what has been going on?

School holidays are over but they were good while they lasted. I managed to get some exercise and lose a few pounds.

I went to Edinburgh, where I met WAISTer Westie and WestieJunior

and where RunnerBeanz ran a 5k race :

and then we watched some quicker runners:

and some EVEN quicker.

Since then I have been away to Leeds and done a bit more running - including outside yesterday morning in the snow.