Friday, 30 September 2005

not running

stiff from yesterday's exploits in the gym - and working away, not managed to do anything today

when reading about Fraggle's knitting I was reminded of this the ultimate knitted toy!

there was an article in the Guardian about it

Thursday, 29 September 2005

tough gym session

well I asked for some serious work and the PT gave it me

she has devised two programmes to build up my core strength and some CV stuff as well

I must get to the gym twice a week - otherwise I forget what I am supposed to be doing!

For Pix:

Programme 1
warm up: X-trainer 5 minutes forward, 5 minutes reverse

[rower level 2½ minutes; 20 press ups] × 4

[single leg extension straight arm pull (weights) × 20 ; Swiss ball squat with dumbbells ×20] ×3

[resistance band lunge, tricep extension × 20; Swiss ball balance on forearms] ×3

Cool down on tready

Programme 2
warm up : 5 min treadmill

[Recumbent bike 2min; X-trainer 2 min; upright bike 2 min; staircase 2 min; arm bike 2 min;] × 2

[squats with weights × 20; crunches 8 × 2]×3

walking lunge with dumb bells × 4

Cool down on tready

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

not the running club

I realised that I didn't want to go to the running club tonight, because my pace is sooo slow at the moment that I would feel I was holding whoever ran with me back. I KNOW that they would not want me to think like that. But that is how I feel at the moment.

So I decided to go to the gym instead. Just for a little 'get the legs going 'session, warmed up on the cross trainer and then a little go on the tready - with loads of stretching. Didn't do too much because I have a session with the PT tomorrow morning to devise a new programme of core strength.

Hope my resolutions are not failing already.

Monday, 26 September 2005

Hilly & hot


Up early for the drive down to Windsor, arriving before 10 for a 1 o'clock start!

After a doze in the car it was off to the forum tent.
I shall probably forget to mention someone, but it was great to see XB,poddler,yumyum and family, Berry, Ailsa, Larry. Meldy.Sluggy and Mr Slug all WAISTers. And of course BB. and BD who organised the whole thing. And there was Fraggle and family and tinribs and XFR bear and ........

And the race?
I started at the back with More of a Tortoise and Bodjit with the original intention of run a mile walk a minute but I had not taken into account the HILLS and the HEAT.
I remembered XB saying he was planning to run it comfortably at a set HR as he is doing 2 more halves over the next 2 weeks. And Bodjit saying she was just going to base it. So I decided to run at 'base pace' around about 145 and walk up the hills if HR went above that.

I felt much more in control now and chugged along, passing a few people now and again, but going rather slowly - data will follow once I get home.

It now became a lovely jog in the park up to about 10 miles. After that I couldn't keep the running going even when the HRM said I should.

But I did see the scenery - including the deer, which the fast peeps missed.

Time? Another PW 3:09:22

Post mortem later.


Sorry for those reading a disappearing blog, I have discovered that if you edit a post it disappears and I had to save this as draft while I cooked tea!

So first of all the numbers from yesterday:

Mile Pace AHR time
1 14:25 147 14:25
2 14:01 149 28:26
3 13:22 147 41:48
4 14:07 149 55:55
5 13:53 147 1:09:48
6 14:13 147 1:24:01
7 14:15 147 1:38:16
8 13:55 145 1:52:11
9 15:01 144 2:07:12
10 14:47 142 2:21:59
11 15:31 141 2:37:30
12 14:34 139 2:52:04
13 14:22 136 3:06:26
13.1 3:09:19

stats are from garmin, final time is from chip time

So ...... what this says to me is that I need to do more longer runs before I venture onto the half marathon course again and that Worksop is DEFINITELY not a place for a longer run - I would be so far off the back with a sweeper ambulance chugging behind me it would be very miserable.


The Plan

Base train from now until Brass Monkey - 4 months - trying to get out 4 or 5 times a week, with a club run most Wednesdays and a longer run at the weekend with TP. I have to be realistic, I am not going to get out every day and so there is no point in aiming for something I will fail at.

Aiming to be doing at least 10 miles on the long run by November and then weekly.


to lose at least 1½ stone by Brass Monkey [after listening to yet another item on diabetes, I know I have all the prerequisites - except being totally sedentary- I HAVE to lose weight I am well obese - much more overweight than anyone else in our clan here].

I know I can count on your support in this - and I will need it!

Friday, 23 September 2005

taking this more seriously

I've been just 'going through the motions' recently - with running, work, eating heathily .......

just enough to get by

not even that on the eating front - some dreadful lapses :<(

really need to change all of that

  • two days of healthy eating before Windsor may make me feel less blobby and more like doing the business
  • two days of concentrated work before Windsor may help me get back on track and fulfil a few (late) deadlines
  • two days of relaxing at Windsor and on Monday with friends may make me feel more positive about all this stuff

then home on Monday and a sustained effort to keep things together for a bit

W i b b l e .........................................................................

Thursday, 22 September 2005

tapering and hydrating

Looks like it might be warm in Sunday so I am trying to get the water habit, don't want to falll into the same trap as last time.

Not entirely sure I shoudl be doing this Windsor Half, don't feel geared up for it at all, but will be good to meet a crowd of forumites and I am using the opportunity to visit a couple of friends while I am down south.

So :

Tried running at lunchtime - something I never normally do. I had porage at 7 and then a peanutbutter sandwich and a banana at 10, ran at 1.00. Felt a bit stuffed to start with, but no indigestion - mind you I only ran a couple of miles!

It was HOT.
Will be having porage earlier on Sunday, before I set off, and not eat so much later.

Been for a swim this morning followed by a haircut.
Trying to work but finding it difficult to get down to all the tasks in hand.
MUST get lots done tomorrow and also get a couple of goodnights' sleep.

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

ouch indeed

So off to the physio this morning

usually I go for a swim first, but an earlier appointment and horrrendous traffic meant I had to settle for a coffee and banana instead!

met up with PT, who I have not chatted to for ages - made an appointment for a session next week to sort out a new programme - based on two sessions a week to build up core strength

so to the physio ....

yes my calf IS rock solid

and we'll just do a bit of massage and then dig in

apparently I have a very high pain threshold - which enables her to dig in hard!!

then some poking around in my back

and some advice on stretching to do between now and Windsor

must do it!

she also suggested some 'soft tissue needling' - a kind of acupuncture to release the tight bits - anyone know anything about it?

she's going to try it out in a couple of weeks

the other senior physio came in while I was there - she is physio to the England Women's Cricket Team and was on the bus last week and went to the Downing Street reception. Interesting insights.

training schedule
I should not plan a week's schedule ahead, it never works out

I was planning to gym today but was lucky to get physio appointment instead, but I have to take teenbeanz to his athletics tonight, as mrbeanz has a meeting
so I could plod round the field for a couple of miles while teenbeanz is training

I was planning to go to club night tomorrow but mrbeanz has booked himself a gym appointment [he forgot I go to the other club on a Wednesday :<( ]
so I have to take other teenbeanz to archery and will not get to my club run
maybe I will try a lunchtime plod tomorrow in preparation for the Windsor start of 1.00 pm - I NEVER run at that time of day

Monday, 19 September 2005

plodding on


So up early(ish) for a plod - nothing significant done since Robin Hood last Sunday.

Only time for an hour or so so off I went up the road, boring route but don't need to think too much.

Its undulating, so difficult to get into a rhythm for any length of time, but trying to keep HR to 145 max.

Walekd for 5 minutes warm up and then ran below 145.

Decided on the way back the soul needed something other than road, so came back through the park, harder work but much prettier.

Walked up the hill at the end - hence the much slower pace for last section - but HR still high!!

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:14 128 13:14
2 13:35 139 26:49
3 13:47 142 40:36
4 13:53 142 54:29
5 15:53 143 1:10:22
5.16 15:24 138 1:12:54
run 14:07 139 1:12:54

Off to London today, no chance to run first unless I get up too early - need to get the teenbeanzes up for school before I go for the train.

A 2 mile walk to the meeeting and then 2 miles back - back was much more pleasant as I knew where I was aiming for and was able to take the back street route.

As Leon remarked recently there is a lot to see in a city above eye level and I love to walk down the side roads in London and look at the fascinating mix of architectural styles, buildings names, blue plaques .....

Booked a session with the physio tomorrow - hope she will be able to give my calves a good going over before Windsor.

Saturday, 17 September 2005

working away

No after effects of running yesterday - in fact the stretching and jogging seems to have sorted out the sore calves. :>)

Off to deliver furniture to studentbeanz and take her to Sainsbury’s – stocking up on food again!
Pleased to see she is settling in to her rented house, with other housemates moving in too and BF around as well.

Then off to 2½ days of meetings in a hotel. An interesting mix of folk and lots of people watching to do as new teams are built. I am responsible for the building of one of the teams, and whilst I have some strong personalities in there, they are good people who want to do a professional job.

No time to run – its pretty intensive from arrival until midnight.

Up early for a little plod just a couple of miles with lots of stretching – uninspiring running territory – industrial estate or the dual carriageway? Tough choice – but it was a lovely morning with beautiful sunrise.

And then in to very full day of work – demanding stuff getting people to know each other and agree on new working patterns and roles.
Making sure the work is shared out equably as it is paid on a piece-work basis, but making sure some people are not overloaded as I know they have other commitments to the organisation.

A brief pause between work and dinner – relax or swim??
I am afraid I went for a phone call home with my feet up.

Left the bar at 11.30 and crashed out.

Alarm went off at 6.00 but I had prep to do for the meeting, so no plod :<( Good end to the work at lunch time – people seem happy with the way it has gone and nobody said it was a waste of time coming, so job done. Home, to find Windsor number has arrived and Brass Monkey cheque cleared – no more race entries to do for a while now unless I enter FLM to build up my rejections? or do I decide I’ve been there done that and settle for halves as more family friendly events? I’m sure you will tell me what you think!

later .......

I must plan ahead a bit with my training, rather than trying to fit it in and failing

so a plan:

Sunday W5:R60:W5
Monday London - walk 4 miles
Tuesday gym - strength and tready
Wednesday club night - 1 hour steady
Thursday swim
Friday Rest Day
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday Windsor Half

Wednesday, 14 September 2005



A swim and jacuzzi seemed just the thing for sore legs - with some stretching afterwards

Very tight calf muscles today, so did some stretching through the day.

Was unsure about club night tonight - knew I didn't want to run for an hour and work fairly hard, but LMH wanted to come and try it out, so I went anyway.

LMH went out with Tigerrunner and few others and I just jogged round the field a few times - just over a mile with lots of stretching - certainly feels better at the moment.

Away for the next three days - will try and do a little more each morning.

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Robin Hood Half


So the day arrived, up early for porridge and then off to pick up Little Miss Happy and mark.

Threats of repeats of last year's traffic congestion failed to materialise, so we arrived at the start way to early - plenty of time for loos and a retail opportunity.

Although lots of forumites had arranged to meet at the baggage tent ( a HUGE marquee), so had everyone else, so if you did not know what someone looked like, you were not about to find out!

We did meet micknphil, Mava, Trinity (great to meet her and she did a great marathon time too), another forumite whose name I did not catch, hammerite and Space Cadet, and then Red Haired Girl and Sam.

I also managed to meet up with TP and her friend and also an ex-colleague of LMH. We were all planning a slow run so congregated at the back of the pack.

So the race, started off steadily, forgetting how much up there was in this early part of the race - not hilly eveyone told me, but to an overweight slow peep they felt like hills to me!

I tried to stick with my run a mile walk a minute strategy, but the hills left me with no alternative but to walk a little - AHR still well above BT in these early miles.

S out of town and into Woollaton Park - a pleasant change from city streets. Coming out of the park we should begin to feel the benefit of all that climbing with some nice downhill bits, but the first twinges of cramp begin to arrive. Just a rippling through my calf muscles and ignored by me.

At this point (mile 8-9) I catch up with TP who has been run walking and now walking, not quickly, with someone she has met. TP says her HR went through the roof and stabbing pains in her head have slowed her to a walk. I find I am walking faster than her and we soon separate.

However when some real down arrives and I want to jog away, the cramp really kicks in, I try stretching but no difference, as soon as I go from walk to jog I cannot move at all.

So I settle for a brisk walk - and as you can see from mile 9 my pace drops a bit and my HR a lot!

Occasional attemps to jog bring back the pain, so its essentially a walk for the last 4 miles :<(

But my brisk walk is enough to give me the psychological boost of passing people :>)

I try to jog for the cameras in the last mile, but end up hopping - but not knowing which leg to hop on!

LMH and mark were in the home straight to greet me and encourage me to the end (thanks guys) - but I just couldn't run.

Lots of cheers as I came down the home straight - but not for me - the 3 hour marathoners were coming in too!

after the race
Collected my medal and goody bag - ate the sorreen bar immediately - and off to meet up with LMH, mark, RHG and Sam.

Off to the pub for lunch and a good natter - RHG and Sam go off to Australia in 10 days - we'll miss them.

As an added bonus Muzzy turned up at the pub - having marhsalled MOB for the week he then did a stint marshalling the marathon!

2 hours later, walking back to the car the marathoners were still coming in

so the numbers

Mile Pace AHR time
1 12:59 165 12:59
2 13:59 152 26:58
3 13:08 156 40:06
4 13:38 160 53:44
5 1312 159 1:06:56
6 14:08 150 1:21:04
7 14:34 152 1:35:38
8 13:08 157 1:48:46
9 15:13 140 2:03:59
10 13:35 146 2:17:34
11 14:46 140 2:32:20
12 15:23 133 2:47:43
13 15:07 134 3:02:50
13.1 3:06:25

stats are from garmin, final time is from chip time - forgot to switch it off at the end!!

Post mortem

So how to prevent cramp?

Several thoughts occur to me

the only other time I had it was from about mile 10 at Brass Monkey - there I used a gel for the first time and maybe not enough water

no problem with cramps at FLM - just ran out of steam then - drank plenty it was much hotter

I probably did not drink enough water yesterday or on Saturday - I really don't like the gels SiS Go - must try something different

I did not get enough sleep on Friday night or Saturday

and I had not put in the miles before hand

Windsor in 2 weeks


edit .....

is this the cause?

not sure how much credence to put on the garmin HRM - though I have been using it and sticking to 148 max in training - so maybe the cramps were the dreaded lactic acid??

Friday, 9 September 2005



decided I needed to do some level road stuff, upping the pace a bit without having to worry about the undulations

the only 'flat' bit round here is the football field at the rec

so off to the gym
warm up on the cross trainer
on to the tready to do sort of yassos - warm up then 800 m at a pace that made me work hard
easy for a couple of minutes
then off again
did 3 of them

then cool down

and 5 k altogether

and then more stretching and ITB rolling

so it was good

I hadn't been to the gym for ages

and I know it wasn't base training

but I just had to get my legs to do something other than plod


now tapering - with a shed load of proof reading to do its not too difficult to not go and run

though I think I shall need a walk at lunch time to clear my head

Tuesday, 6 September 2005

Oh what a beautiful morning!

thanks for all your support yesterday

we all overslept this morning, so no time for a run really

however it is such a beautiful autumnal morning here - sunshine and a faint mist - that I had to go out for a mini plodette in the park

steep downhill warm up,
round the lake
and back up the hill

only a mile and a half

enough to work up a sweat, get the heart rate going and be nicely warmed up for a good stretch

so now I've stretched and am off for a shower

then trying to catch up with deadlines

Saturday, 3 September 2005

ho hum

its all very dispiriting

I am no quicker, no fitter and no thinner than I was a year ago

so I entered Robin Hood hoping to do a better time than last year

but my training runs are no quicker than they were a year ago

I haven't run more than 8 miles since FLM

and the race is next Sunday!

I have this nasty feeling I am going to hate it

all the other forumites will be long gone from the pub by the time I finish ............................................

TP and I will start together but not sure whether we will stick together

she has not run further than last wweeks 8 miles EVER

and her shoes are not right, blisters last week and today's run was shorter than planned cos she was getting rubbing

BUT I had a good run with TP today - slow, but see above

distance 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 0.01 5.01
time 13:33 13:15 13:42 14:33 13:06 14:48 1:08:24
AHR 131 146 148 141 146 149 142

we did run a mile walk a minute and I stopped to stretch my calves in each of the minutes - so these times include that stretching time

TP did some good stretching with me afterwards - especially of my hamstrings and hip flexors

Friday, 2 September 2005

men in lycra

Tour of Britain passed the end of the road this morning

well it would be foolish not to go and watch all those men in lycra wouldn't it?

scorching hot midday sun and they looked pretty good :>))

Image Hosted by

Thursday, 1 September 2005

Robin Hood Looms

Should have done a club run last night - but the thunder and lightning sent me to the gym, where there was a fantastic light show through the windows

followed by the most amazing sky as the sun set through the storm

oh sorry?

what did I do at the gym?

well, I did some cross trainer

and some treadmill

and LOTS of streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetching

and used the ITB roller


and got mileage up to just more than last month

still pretty pathetic though

but slowly slowly catchee monkee