Sunday, 31 December 2006

finishing off the year nicely

up early with the intention of running 4 miles to top up the total for the year

I set off on the R5W2 schedule as it seems to be working, Iwent on my old out and back route, which is mainly downhill going, making it easier to warm up. By the time I turned after the fourth R5 I was getting into the groove and past my toxic 25 stage.
Running back up the hill, I didn't want to give into the hills as I normally do. I decided that I would stick to the R5W2 schedule but also watch my HR - if it went above 150 when I checked at each lampost, I would allow myself a walk to the next lampost, but I didn't need to walk; it didn't go above 145 on the first incline and then after the next W2 and getting steeper again it didn't go above 147 - a triumph!!

By the time I got home it was 4.4 miles done :>) total for the year 653.7.

I shall have to concentrate if I am to get near that next year, as I don't have any half or full marathons planned. It means I need to target 14 miles / week. At the moment my runs with A are just around 2 miles, but they will ease up to 3 and even 4 over the next few months I guess. We can make the Saturday run a bit longer, though we don't always get to do that together as the boys have races some weeks. It would be good to make my Sunday runs a bit longer, but normally they are determined partly by RB's training needs.

Saturday, 30 December 2006

another run done

Out into the park again with A

RB was doing hills so we went along the river bank - and very muddy in places too - that slowed us down!

A has been having calf and achilles problems, so we stopped during each W2 to stretch, but did NOT stop at all during the R5 bits

last of the scheduled R5 W2 runs - though I plan to do another tomorrow - need to do 4 miles to bring my total for the year to 100 miles more than last year!

will we be able to do R8 W2 x 3 next week?

Thursday, 28 December 2006

more plodding

I think I am getting the hang of this running business

A, my new TP is quicker than me but happy to be slowed down by me cos every time she has tried running in recent years she has gone too fast and then been injured

We are now up to R5:W2 x 4 - and did it fairly comfortably this evening - even up the little grinding inclines
Having A to run with makes me keep plodding even when things begin to hurt, and I know that it is not for long, hopefully as we increase the R bits I will still be able to keep going


Wednesday, 27 December 2006

its all over then ...

well studentbeanz and BF have gone, so its back to normal life now - just a bit of turkey to eat tonight and the cake and the mince pies ........

it was our Boxing Day race yesterday - not an official race but lots of local club runners do it - about 200 turned up this year
runningbeanz and I decided to warm up by walking / jogging the 2 miles to the start; mrbeanz drove part of the way and then walked, he still has problems with his achilles so wasn't running but was willing to be bag carrier
met up with lots of clubmates from both clubs and we separated to take our starting positions near the front (RB) at the back (me)
I started off with V69 but he zoomed off too quickly and I knew it was no good me going to fast, I'd just be miserable, so I plodded along, the race starts off flat but soon reaches the bank where RB does his hills training, we were to go diagonally up the bank, and I managed most of the way before needing a short walk, passing various teenagers who were not runners, but had been inveigled into coming, including our minister's son, whose dad was way ahead somewhere

and then it's down into the village
after about a mile I am running with another lady of about my age (or maybe older) who tells me how she has been running for 20+ years but never gets any faster because she always takes the beginnners at her club (but maybe she wouldn't get faster anyway)
we chat and plod together intermittently for the rest of the race - this really helps me get round, with only a few paces of walking when an incline gets the better of me
as we come back into the park mrbeanz and RB are there to cheer me on and again after a final loop to make up to 5k we are nearly there and we decide to plod in together rather than go for the 'sprint' finish - so we are joint 190 with at least 5 behind us (I was last, last year) although my time was slightly slower than last year I enjoyed it more and felt better throughout - I suspect the warm up did help

Oh and teenbeanz is 20th in 19:30 ish, having been paced for part of the run by a quick chap from his club. An excellent result for him, especially when I think about the quality of some of the other runners there

Friday, 22 December 2006

after the fog .....

ran 2.4 miles with A in thick fog last night so I couldn't believe it when we woke to bright blue skies today, with the fog frozen out onto the plants:

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

good day overall

so starting with the good news - all clear at the hospital - benign calcification I believe the technical term was

routine recall in 3 years for another mammogram

after some shopping in a very crowded Sainsbury's I nearly made it home when I managed to bump the car in front - silly really, approaching the roundabout he set off to go, stopped because a motorbike was being indecisive about lane, I didn't stop :<(
nobody hurt, and not much done to his car but my front crumple zone took a suitable crumple and is going to take some fixing, so the logisitics of getting it into repair, hire car meanwhile .... to sort

ho hum

but a good evening followed up - met A at the club and went for a R3W1 x 6 session from the RW beginner's schedule - I was just warming up as we finished - perhaps should have jogged on but that seemed mean, 1.83 miles done

by the time we had finished it was very cold and quite foggy and the skinny lads in RB's squad all had very cold hands which were quite painful as they warmed up - even thought they had been wearing gloves (I think Santa needs to go shopping)

Monday, 18 December 2006

long run

a run with the ultra queen today - which was lovely - long for me but all in a days plodding for her

seriously, it was really good to run with someone who is willing to plod nice and slowly with me

the last mile or so was hard going but 9.34 miles completed - she's a hard taskmistress!

and it was off road along a canal so no serious inclines - just suited me well

I'm a bit stiff now but I am sure will be fine tomorrow

back to the hospital tomorrow - fingers crossed

Sunday, 17 December 2006

running weekend ....

Well no run, but it was the RW East Midlands Christmas social.

mrbeanz, Steady, LFV, Mr Jars, MrsJars, mark*w, Denmeg and LMH were there.

Much fun was had with the contents of the party boxes which included squeakers and 'rocket balloons' which when inflated would whizz round the room with much noise.
MrJars was the most accomplished inflater - something to do with keeping control of a workshop full of 14 year olds I suspect.

Runnerbeanz had Hill Reps, so after a lie-in (the first of the hols) and breakfast it is off to the park. I met up with one of the other Mums (A) who used to be a sprinter but has not run for a long time. She would like to get going again so we went for a run-walk, 2.3 miles done. We could have gone further but A's husband and younger son turned up and we stopped to talk to them and marvel at these lads who just ran up, along and down the hill in continuous reps. A is also overweight (but not as much as me I suspect) so we are going to try and support each other to a healthier 2007.

A beautiful morning for a run so off we went for our Sunday morning shared run - RB has 50 minutes on the schedule so its out for 25 and then turn. Up to 20 minutes I was hating it and thinking that there is no point in going down to b-z tomorrow - I will not make 2 miles let alone 10. However the third R4:W2 rep begain feel better (ok it was mostly downhill) and on the return I actually managed R6 cos I didn't want to walk after R4! I am afraid I did walk up the last hill with RB who had caught me up by then and had a sore lower calf - just hope its not a dreaded achilles problem. 3.6 miles done.
Still not sure about 10 miles tomorrow, though that slave driver might make me do it.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

the best laid plans ...............

early Doc's appointment to follow up blood tests - a low blood count - not anaemic but low iron reserves (not sure what that means?)
then Dentist for the usual scarpe and polish
then town to try and break the back of the pressie shopping, after a slow start I managed quite well - but was knackered when I got home

a recall appointment at the breast clinic to follow up the mammogram from last week, I was not too worried as they called me back 3 years ago too
but the little bits of 'very probably' calcium have got a bit bigger since last time and a few more of them, so they wanted to be sure
which meant a core biopsy - which I had not been expecting, so it was a bit of a shock

although the nurses were very good and the whole process was fascinating and can be added to my store of 'physics in action' stories it has left me a bit drained of energy - rather achey and not wanting to run

tomorrow I am on a course but hopefully by Friday I shall feel like going out for a shuffle

after all I am doing a long run with ultra runner extraordinaire b-z on Monday!

(results of biopsy appointment on Tuesday so fingers crossed)

Sunday, 10 December 2006

running ( and walking) again

A tiring day on Wednesday - teaching all morning, Christmas Lunch with the girls - very noisy - then crowd control during the staff panto.
When I got in the car to drive home the last thing I felt like was going to run at the club. But runnerbeanz was all changed ready to run when I arrived home (good for him) so I had to go.

When I got there V69, who I have not seen for a long time was there and suggested we went for a walk, since I was not dressed or shod for running. Of course after a couple of miles I wished I was in my kit and could run. Still, 3.8 brisk miles walked.

A tottering day at school, definitely no energy to run - and a really wild night too, but RB did his club session well.

End of term! At school until 7.00 though, for end of term staff do - rather hampered by no drinking as I had to drive home.

RB has a track session, so I took him down and went in my kit - walked at first with another Mum and her younger lad. After he had had enough I went for a little plod - another lap of the grounds. I had forgotten my garmin but 2-2.5 miles done.
Meanwhile RB was doing 1000m reps - hard.

Now that RB has a written down schedule from the coach he is more focussed onsticking to it. So for today it said 45-50 minutes easy. His original plan was to get up early for breakfast so we could go out at 8.00. (Sound familiar?)
However when I went in to his room at 7.30 he had not eaten. Now in the past he would have turned over and gone back to sleep. But he didn't - he got up and came out, sleepily and slowly to begin with.

And we used our new strategy of run out for 25 minutes and turn, and he caught up with me on the way back and then loped on home while I staggered up killer hill. So I did 3.5 miles at R4W2- he did rather more. (And agreed he could run without eating first.)

I now need to work out a plan for the next three weeks in this window of opportunity to run - as well as get ahead with the planning for next term, so that I am not so knackered and can face running in the week.

Monday, 4 December 2006

not running blog

So a hectic week at school (only 4 more working days to go now) which included:

Course on Wenesday after school - great to meet some other physcis teachers and be inspired again
Late night Thursday with Fair Trade group
runnerbeanz racing XC on Saturday 25 miles away
Christmas Concert on Sunday evening at school

and no running again - but I am not beating myself up about it, just telling you that as this is supposed to be a running blog - so I'll put in some running pics:

RB warming up,

tigerrunner, finishing well,

RB in the woods

Sunday, 26 November 2006

a good plod

It's been a hectic week again - finishing with parent's evening on Friday, school bazaar on Saturday morning with my Fair Trade stall, followed by my stint with the boarders on Saturday afternoon - making Christmas cards

runnerbeanz is trying to stick to his coach's schedule so was due to do 45 minutes 'long run' today

so we got up and went out the door together and then he plodded off into the distance while I did my R4:W2 bit

we both 'turned' at 22 minutes and then he caught me up (and passed me) on the way back - and was back before me of course

the advantage of the out and back route is that we could go out together and each do our own thing (if he does loops it is a little disatisfying as he will not know how far he has gone)

so 3 miles done for me and 4 for him - on a lovely fresh but sunny morning :>)

oh, RB points out that I didn't put his time on the race report - 41:29

Monday, 20 November 2006

worth it!

all the ferrrying runnerbeanz around for training is paying off - yesterday he ran a storming PB in a 10km - and not on a straightforward course - twists and turns, hills, mud ....

I was really proud of him!

Saturday, 18 November 2006

dress to impress..

no running this week

usual lame excuses - work work work

Children in Need day yesterday and the girls were asked to 'dress to impress' or dress to distress' i.e. it was dress up or dress down Friday

I dressed to impress and wore my usual blacks but an FLM fleece - just to remind myself I can do it (sometimes)

and now its the wrong day in the month for venturing far - typical ....

will go for a walk in the park when my M&S delivery of new black clothes for the winter has arrived

Later the same day ....................

Thanks for the suggestions on my last post below. I've also had a very supportive email from a WAISter pal - who is in the same position as me - juggling family and profession and trying it fit in the running.

I have decided that as it is only three weeks to the end of term (some compensation for the long working week), I am going to not worry about the running at all - do it if the opportunity arises and not worry about not doing it. And then when we break up I will have space to plod in daylight for a few weeks.

However in the mean time I will really concentrate on eating sensibly - however don't worry this is not going to turn into a dieting blog - mainly because I will not be dieting! Not running means no excuses for eating stuff in the hope of running it off later!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

when do I run?

I am writing this because I just can’t see what to do.

At the weekend I had a great run with b-z and I talked about how to fit in another run during the week.

But now I am back at the chalk face I just can’t see how to do it.

So this was my day yesterday – and it was typical of a weekday.

6.00 alarm rings and I get out of bed, shower and wash hair, dress. Come downstairs, complete packing of bag, print off something I forgot last night, breakfast, empty dishwasher, have brief conversation with emerging runnerbeanz about this evening clean teeth.

7.00 pack car, taking bottle of water, letters to post, scrape outside of car condensation

7.05 set off for school

7.45 arrive at school – up the stairs; mark books, talk with HoD about week ahead, sort out stuff for first lesson

8.25 registration of form

8.35 assembly but I chase around to try to find student who did not turn up to registration – discuss how we improve her timekeeping with Boarding mistress

8.50 up the stairs: teach Y9, discuss the class with PGCE student who will be teaching them next week; they have done a test – so now I have that to mark

10.00 down the stairs - ‘free period’ put in order for Traidcraft stuff for school Bazaar stall; sort out paper for mock exams for Y11;

11.10 morning break – have to go to this includes staff briefing

11.30 up the stairs; return to prep room to find chaos as men have come to take down cupboard and build shelves above my workspace – but no warning so I have not cleared space for them to work. Teach U6

12.45 lunch – down the stairs need to get in straightway as I have a lunch time meeting – but join the queue

1.00 up different stairs; meeting for new form tutors (only 9 weeks into term) to learn what the job is about – it is useful

1.40 sit down in staff room for 5 minutes with deputy head to discuss my late girl

1.45 afternoon registration – have words with girl I did not see this morning

1.55 up the stairs teach Y11 – they are a difficult class – mainly because they have not learned to stop talking!

3.05 send them on their way and breath sigh of relief; return to prep room to sort out chaos of stuff; at least shelves provide me with more storage space but it takes me all of my time to sort stuff out – including standing on chair to reach the top shelf!

5.20 down the stairs to sign out; up the stairs to collect bag and then up the hill to car park;

drive home through dark lanes

6.10 arrive home meet mrbeanz and discuss eating arrangements – no family meal on Mondays

6.30 drive back round Derby with runnerbeanz who has circuit training with his squad (I can’t join in) normally I sit on the floor outside the gym in the corridor and do some low level marking, but now some of the other Mums have realised I do this and have come in too so I can’t mark, have to chat inanely

8.45 arrive back home and get something to eat for RB and me

9.30 sit down to do lesson preparation after a brief visit to other blogs and forums

12.15 go to bed

Having written that, I realise that I don’t want anyone to suggest running at lunch time, I need the breathing space in my lab to sort out after morning session and set up afternoon session; or after school (very dark lanes) before I come home.

I think I just need to settle for a run or two at the weekends and with the club on a Wednesday and not keep apologising and making excuses for not running more.

Saturday, 11 November 2006

I ran today!

b-z came to the East Mids Social last night - a good evening at the curry house

she stayed the night and we were up early for a run

it was a good morning for running - cool and bright and we did my standard long run along the river to the gym and back - making it up the grinding hill by a kind of fartlek between lamp posts and passers-by

by the time we got home we hadn't quite done the required 8 miles so we went down into the park and ran until the Garmin beeped for 8 miles, and then we were allowed to make our way back - by which time we had done about 8.8 miles - the furthest I have done since Robin Hood.

There were some good bits in it and it was great to run with b-z - someone to natter to and I definitely walked less than I would have done if I had been on my own

I feel like maybe I will carry on with this running malarkey - and maybe even get up (very) early once a week to run before work

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

not much to report

Not much running to report unfortunately

Lots of good excuses though - but they are excuses, I should have got out there more

so just a little plod in the park on Sunday with runnerbeanz

but just to show you what a tough environment I work in these pics are taken from my lab window

Wednesday, 1 November 2006

one step forward ....

last night I made it onto the treadmill - I'd been debating as I drove home whether to go to the gym or just drop into the athletics club and sit and mark while runnerbeanz ran
but decided there was time to have a worthwhile plod, though with the traffic I only managed 35 minutes

So tried to work har on the tready - doing a speed pyramid but did not manage much of the down side of the pyramid, cos I was enjoying pushing myself to go (relatively) fast

so I didn't cool down nor stretch properly and unfortunately the outcome is that I now have an aching back, and there is no way I could have gone to the club and run this evening :<(

Sunday, 29 October 2006

another run done

blogger seems to be degenerating - yesterday it didn't seem to accept posts,

today no tool bar, no edit HTML - which makes tables difficult

another R4W2 run done yesterday - in the third rep I was all for giving up running completely as I really don't feel I have made any progress in the past 3 years

but you know how it is you pass that point and although it never feels good, it just doesn't seem that bad after all

Friday, 27 October 2006

what running again?

Planned to be up really early and plod out along the A6

but didn't wake until 8.00 by which time the A6 would be full of traffic and smelly

so took the sensible decision and went back to sleep ........................

no not really - I decided to go in the park - which is not possible early because its dark!

so up to R4 W2 now - first 3 reps were ok, fourth was tough, fifth impossible - up seriously killer hill through the woods

on a positive note I realised that the field I did two reps round (0.4 miles each) would be good for runnerbeanz's XC training, so we could use it together without having to stick together - in fact there is a second field which would make the rep longer for RB

so a good start tt he day

now off to visit studentbeanz at University - haven't seen her for nearly 2 months and haven't seen her flat at all

Thursday, 26 October 2006

well at least I ran!

Monday I went to the gym and built a hill and then speed pyramids on the tready.

Tuesday I went to school and then later took runnerbeanz to his training session - and wished I had had my kit to run round the field.

Yesterday it rained all afternoon and well into the evening - did that stop we beanz runners going to the club?

certainly not!

we arrived to a dark wet car park with no runners in sight - but as the clock reached 7.00, people began to emerge reluctantly from their cars until we had a hard core of about a dozen people - most wearing their Aldi running jackets and gilets!

V69 was not there and I opted not to join the ladies group - as they were an amalgam of the slow and quick groups and I suspect that they were going to be a bit quick for me.

So it was on my own - not on the field which was somewhat wet as well as dark. Twice round the car park through the puddles and then I decided to go out onto the path. The club is at the brow of a 'hill' - inclines down in both directions. This meant my Run 3 Walk 2 was for the most part run down walk up!

So 30 minutes later I was thoroughly soaked, but feeling better and almost like a runner. [The ladies did say when they got back that I should have gone with them - and they are right - so next week if V69 isn't there I will be brave.]

Runnerbeanz did about 5 miles.

Then after a welcome hot shower it was into the bar for a drink and a sandwich.

I'd taken my laptop to show the club our new website that t'other teenbeanz has been working on - a great improvement on the last one.

Sunday, 22 October 2006

A grand day out ...

I went for a little plod yesterday morning - just had to be done, though it was not very inspiring

but it occurred to me that I might have been running Abingdon today - and lots of my friends were going to be there so why didn't I go along and support?

it would be a day for me - no work, no family reponsibilities and lots of mental space between clappings

so I got up at 5.30 this morning and drove down there - it was great to see people who were not expecting me :>)

and here are some of my friends at Abingdon:

I had a fantastic day - starting near Mile 6 with LMH we had a great time spotting forumites - sometimes only realising after they had passed who they were! Then on to Mile 16 where we had a chance to sit out of the rain in a pub courtyard and have a coffee before they came back into town.
I hung around there until all the important people had passed and then to mile 19/24 where I had a chance to cheer people in two directions at once.
And then to the finish where much whooping and hollering greeted some of the later runners to a grandstand finish.
And then to the bar for more chat and catching up with yet more peeps - some of whom I had only known virtually, so good to put bodies to faces!!

Oh and I also managed to put a few miles of brisk walking in the bank too!

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

a little run-walk

the day began with a lie in - and a read in bed with a cup of tea (thanks MrBeanz) - for me the perfect start to a day

then I spent most of the day sorting out the club website - which ITbeanz has been revamping - it is all clever stuff, but needed me to re-enter lots of info from race results, and as that is the bit people like, I thought I'd better do it.

V69 wasn't there to run with tonight, so I plodded round the field, and did a very controlled run-walk, like someone just starting out

but at least I was doing something

and I'm going to try and do it again later in the week

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

some progress ....

went into work yesterday to find my lab full of workmen - they'd come to replace my ancient lighting with new bright fluroescent tubes

which I must not complain about as everyone tells me it is really dim in the winter, but it meant I couldn't get at my filing cabinet :<(

however I did do lots of other stuff, sorting past exam papers and copying them for the classes to use - just means I have a mountain of past questions to do now - shouldn't set questions I haven't tried, it's a good way to get caught out!

I went in again today and did a morning's work, but was then frustrated by lack of access to my lab, so I came home and went for a swim :>)

will have to go back next week and sort out my work space which is now piled high with stuff to be filed!

Sunday, 15 October 2006

lazy weekend

so it's the beginning of the two week 'break' but I have loads to do - both in school at home

so I haven't done any of them this weekend - just slept late(ish) and pottered

yesterday I went with Teenbeanz to the first cross country race of the season - a lovely day, autmnal sunshine, soft underfoot, but not muddy, and a chance to meet people and chat

it was a toughie - a new course this year and several folk came off from the men's race saying it was the toughest they'd done in the league

(TB's recce had suggested something similar)

there were long grinding inclines and short sharp inclines too - a proper XC course!

TB's training paid off and he ran much better than last season - very pleasing - and as the season goes on he should get stronger

there were four folk from our Wednesday night friendly club too, including tigerrunner, who ran well - so a grand day out!

so the next two weeks:

I need to:
  • visit my Mum and get in her loft
  • visit studentbeanz and see her flat
  • go into school and sort out the filing cabinet I have inherited - being ruthless in the process!
  • really get on top of the planning ahead - now that I have got to know the classes it easier to look further ahead at what I will be teaching
  • try out some new experiments
  • get out in the garden
  • get some exercise
  • do my tax return
  • bake the Christmas cake - I always used to do that at half term

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

not much to say really

job continues to dominate waking hours - at least at the moment I am not dreaming about it!

no more running since last week's 2 miles - but all being well I will do another plodette with V69 tomorrow

3 days to go to the half term holiday, I will manage a little more exercise then

would have been doing Abingdon in 10 days if I hadn't taken this job - good job I decided to drop out! I did think of going anyway and marshalling, but currently I think it would not be a very restful thing to do, though it would have been lovely to see some good friends there

ah well,

back to the preparation ......

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

I ran this evening!

Just that

a couple of miles with V69

thats all

Friday, 29 September 2006

a not-running blog

No runnign this week - too tired to do anything at the moment - didn't even make it to club to walk this week

I will try and run this weekend - but the usual routine is knocked by TB running in the Road Relays in Manchester on Sunday, so our usual 'get each other out the door' stragegy will not be there.

Work is still ok mostly - the odd difficulty but nothing compared to some establishments I might be working in - and the rest of the time I do enjoy it

I was reflecting that for over 20 years I have not been in a job that did not have a finite end point - they have all been fixed length projects. But this one does not have a foreseeable end - I shall have to choose to leave (assuming they don't ask me to go of course!) or continue until retirement - adds a different dimension to the job.

Sunday, 24 September 2006


another week goes by without a blog - life is just so busy and tiring

I've managed a brisk walk with V69 at the club, a short swim, and two run-walks in the park - the second aborted owing to feeling light headed.

so only 10 miles done this week, but it's so much better than nothing, I'll live with it for now.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

first week in the job

First full week in the job - so how was it from an exercise point of view?

I used to work from home so spent a lot of time sitting at a desk on the ground floor. I had the flexibility to plod when I pleased, and a lovely park to walk in - that I didn't take advantage of enough.

Now I am teaching, I am on my feet most of the day, and have 40 stairs between the staff room and my lab. So physically it is much more tiring than the old job. I need to be able to get up the stairs without my HR going sky high!

It is like being back at the beginning again - every lesson to prepare and homework to mark. So evenings are mostly taken with that and squeezing in exercise is tight. The best thing is to do it early evenign while the TB are doing there after school stuff - but I have felt so tired at that stage so far. But this is how the last week has gone:

Monday - nothing

Tuesday - went to the gym straight from school, but at the end of a long day I did not do much - probably dehydratedand hungry, but basically knackered - will try swimming next week, see if being off my feet is better than tready and X-trainer.

Wednesday - Club night - walked nearly 4 miles with V69 - but we managed 1mm quicker than last week. I may be walking this for some time - after all he ran slowly with me, so this is the least I can do.

Thursday - very late night at school - nothing

Friday - had thought we might swim, but too weary - next week we will try for an early tea and then go and swim

Saturday - Teenbeanz had a traning session in the park - hills up and down the river bank, so I plodded along the river

Sunday - TB was told to do a really easy run - so we went together and did 4 miles at R2 W1 - with the runs being his slow pace, but I was working.

And after I had put all this in the spreadsheet I discover this year's total mileage has no passed the mileage for 2005 :>)

I guess that shows some kind of progress.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Robin Hood Half

it was HOT, it was HILLY (I am sure it was a hillier route than last year)
I ran with Coach - who acted as timekeeper, keeping me to run 2 walk 1 - part from serious hilly bits where we allowed ourselves to walk briskly because my HR was still at running rate. After about 9 miles I began to get cramp and I ended up running 45 seconds, walking a minute to try and keep some running going

finished in 3:00:43 - not a pb but pretty pleased

Just looked at the thread and found this:
Walking back to car, overheard guy who came in top five of half say that even the Kenyans he'd been speaking to (who won the race) had found it tough, adding a couple of minutes onto their expected times!!!

So I was right it was tough!

Thursday, 7 September 2006

running club

It's a good job teenbeanz goes to running club - I would not have gone at all in the last few weeks.

V69 broke his shoulder a month or so ago so hasn't been running - but last week he said we should walk this week - he is walking Mablethorpe 10k on Sunday - he walks loads at the moment, becuase he can't cycle either.

Anyway we both turned up this week and went for a walk - 3.8 miles around Rolls Royce - where he used to work - he always has stories to tell about what Derby used to be like and what buildings used to be where we are running past. So the distance flew by - and I noticed things I had pased many times without seeing them.

We may be walking for a few weeks yet - which is not a problem.

And then there was a challenge from Tigerrunner - I said he should go for 2:45 at FLM next year and get an elite place - he did 2:49 this year. he said he'd do that if I got quicker!

So my challenge for after RH is to aim to run a 10k without having to walk.

OK Coach?

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

started at last

It has been a long run up to starting the real job of teaching - but at last this afternoon I did it!

It has been a tale of admin and chaos - fortunately a small organisation so they can get away with it! Very nice people - but sometimes ..... Mrbeanz says I should keep a diary and write a 'Thank God it's Friday' column for the TES - teenbeanz says i shoudl blog it

but I shall do neither - just tell it all over tea at home!

anyway so far so good I think .....

It's difficult to tell with teenage girls whether they are engaged or not sometimes!

Not much time to run - I manage 25 minutes on the tready last night before my bunion decided a day on my feet was enough - I need some wider work shoes - difficult to find shoes that will accommodate said bunion - but maybe these will do.

Sam Murphy says they are designed for people with diabetes ( not yet but I will if I don't lose the weight) and come in a wide fitting - will have to see if the running shop can get some for me.

Prep for Robin Hood is not looking good at the moment - the trouble is when I don't do it I lose belief that I ever could - and R2 W1 is really pathertic anyway.

Friday, 1 September 2006

other things

It's Friday and I haven't run since my long run on Monday - life has put other things in the way

Wednesday was club night, but I was not sure that anyoen woudl be there to plod with and I just did not feel up to doing anything, so I took teenbeanz along and became keeper of the car keys

As it turned out I could have done the boundary again - or gone for a walk with our V69 witht eh broken shoulder

Then THursday and Friday have been a breaking in to the new job - induction for new staff on Thursday and a staff 'training day' today.

It probably has raised more questions than it has answered but has ben very tiring - a plan swim this evening has been postponed - the idea of driving back across town in the traffic with the teenbeanzes was to wearying. Instead I came home, had a cup of tea and crashed for half an hour while MrBeanz cooked a not very slimming fish and chips!

the TBs and I plan to swim tomorrow - I may even plod as well if I wake up early.

New job stops properly next week when pupils arrive - that will concentrate my mind!

Monday, 28 August 2006


Taking on board the support and suggestions here, I took a look at Galloway and decided that I would aim to do Run 2 walk 1 at Robin Hood.

And if I am going to try to do that I'd better try it out first!

So Saturday morning I was up before the visitors were stirring and went out for four miles - starting with a warm up walk and then setting the garmin to beep at 2 minutes, 1 minute, ran walked it.

As Pixie has said elsewhere it is a bit strange walking when you don't need to but I stuck with it and it was much happier when i came home after 4 miles. [I did have to do run 1 walk2 on a particularly steep bit coming home.]

This morning, Monday, was to be my long run, as the visitors had gone. Initially I had planned to do 12 miles, but it is now too close to RH - less than 2 weeks - for that to actually have any effect on my fitness for the race, so I decided to go out for just 2 hours and do the RW again.

Warm up 10 minutes and then into the R2W1 again. I kept it going well, calling at the gym for a drink after an hour and then coming back.

It was more of a struggle to keep it going on the uphill bit coming home and became a bit unstructured for a couple of reps and while I switched to R1 walk 2, and then I was home. I felt a much happier bunny than a week ago and 8 miles done (under 2 hours as it turned out).

I did this without my usual get up 2 hours earlier and eat. Juts some juice before I set off. Rather hungry after 1.5 hours -maybe that affected my struggle up the hill too.

Thursday, 24 August 2006

more structure

under the guidance of SuperCoach I have done a structured session on the treadmill - hills and walking very rapidly!

4.6 km done

now to wait for the teenbeanzes to come back from school with their results


Edit later

GCSE results ok :>)

my blood was rejected for donation - low iron count again - the've raised the bar apparently under an EEU directive!

12.4 whatevers per whatsit needed to be 12.5

Wednesday, 23 August 2006

around the field again

very depleted numbers at the club, so I did 'speed work' round the field - structured stuff folks!

run a minute walk a minute - it felt ok

and I have looked at Jeff Galloway he recommends run 2 minutes (or 1): walk 1 minute for my pace - I reckon that is very doable.

Not sure I want my Garmin bleeping throughout a race - and would want it to log miles as laps anyway. But at least 2:1 would be easy to track as it is only the three times table!!

I am now committed to giving two people lifts to RH so I guess I may as well run it.

Monday, 21 August 2006

away from running

I am having a couple of days with grandma beanz (my Mum) - we've ben to London - on the Eye and round the Houses of Parliament.
And lots of time on feet - London pavements are SO hard.

Now back at Mum's and sneaking a go on her computer (which she acquired at teh grand age of 82!).

Thanks for all the suportive comments - I Do appreciate them.

The trouble is I haven't RUN 9 miles or 13 miles or 26 miles ever.

I stumble round with an unstructured run-walk session where the walks have happenend because I can't push myself to run anymore. It is usually not very long before that happens - as those who have kindly plodded with me know.

Ho hum - home tomorrow. We'll see what happens next.

Saturday, 19 August 2006

13 miles? No Chance!

I've been out for my 'long run' this morning and it was awful. I am incapable of sustaining a run without having to drop down to a walk. I think this is as much in my head as my legs – I find myself running along for a while thinking about something else so I can do it – but as soon as I think about it, it becomes too hard.

I have NEVER been able to run continuously on my own –the only time I have ever done it is at the club when I plod along with my V69 running partner – but now he has broken his shoulder I don’t even have that to look forward to.

The most depressing part of this run was that after 8 miles I just could not even run-walk any longer – and walked the mile and a half home, feeling thoroughly miserable.

How could I possibly ‘run’ 13 miles in three weeks time?

I just cannot do with another heroic failure at this stage.

I think Robin Hood might be another DNS.

Thursday, 17 August 2006

running round in circles

How does anyone do track work?

None of my running partners were at the club last night so I stayed close to base with the walking wounded and plodded round the cricket field - exactly a quarter of a mile round, but after 8 loops I'd had enough!

I guess it would have been better if I had know I was doing it and given some thought to some structure to the session but I was too easily distracted by the injured peeps who wanted to chat.

And I feel a bit of a fraud doing 'speed work' when everyone knows I can barely run.

Tuesday, 15 August 2006

Back home

So back home and intent on keeping the running going while I have time - fortunately the first week of term will be a taper for Robin Hood!

So up this morning and out for a plod in the drizzle - almost thought I needed gloves when I set off, but it was not really that cold once I was moving.

Usual slow first mile, but the second mile seemed to be going ok - I looked at my HRM and it was well above the required 135 - but still I was running and it didn't feel too bad - so I kept going and realised I could actually run a mile without pausing to walk!! Have not done that for a while - so was well pleased.

4.6 miles done.

I have clocked up some miles while away, because although I didn't do all that many runs, I did lots of 'power walking' around the village. I think it must have done some good because I lost a bit of weight too :>))

On a totally different note, owing to the serendipitous nature of the web I came across this this morning. I think I'll get the girls to deconstruct it to check out the physics.

Sunday, 13 August 2006

Sunday run

Well it poured with rain most of Saturday so we mostly played games and read.
It was still pouring down at 7 this morning so I turned over and went back to sleep for an hour. At 8 it had nearly stopped so I went out.
I need to get a few longer runs in before Robin Hood so thought I'd try to do 2 laps of my earlier runs. I took a drink and hid it at the end of the first lap so that I wouldn't have to go back in the house.
As before I started with a walking mile then a low HR mile before getting into my stride. So the first couple of miles are not enjoyable, but at least I feel in control. By about 2.5 miles I am beginning to enjoy it and the idea of a second lap is good rather than to be avoided (which it was at 2 miles).
So a drink and then round again - 7 miles done.
4 deer, numerous rabbits and squirrels and a cluster of jays (I think there's a collective noun for jays but can't think of it - a laughter?).
A great off- road run.

Followed later by 3 course Sunday lunch!

Wednesday, 9 August 2006


Thanks for all the supportive comments - which I've just picked up.
Centre Parcs certainly intend you to relax - the only place I can get a phone signal is the upstairs outdoor coffee bar!
So I picked up messages today and will just have to go back tomorrow for another coffee and to send this.
It is really peaceful apart from the sound of the planes at the Lakenheath airbase.
I've cycled and conclude that I can never learn to love the bike until the weight comes off.
Another incentive to lose the weight is an article in the Guardian about holidays in Denmark - for which cycling seems to be essential.

Anyway this morning I ran - just explored the off road paths in the woods and was out for 3.5 miles of pleasure - will try and do it again.

Sunday, 6 August 2006

Holidays at last!

So here I am sitting in the garden in Cambridge knowing that I am not going to think about work for more than a week :>))

Saturday was the first day of the holiday and I slept until 11 so no morning run. A slow brunch and then off to Ely - the Cathedral is as fantastic as I remember it from years ago. I'm emailing this so the pics will have to wait.

I woke earlier this morning so teenbeanz and I went out for a plod. Bud (Buldaro) says TB should aim to do about 15-20 minutes every morning just to turn the legs over. So went round the block 1.5 miles and then I went on for another 4 miles.

This week I have run 10 miles and power - walked 10 miles - so a better week than I thought l'd have :>)

Off to Center Parc tomorrow so it should be a week of plodding and swimming. And we'll see if I can learn to love the bike.

Tuesday, 1 August 2006

going backwards

I just don't seem to be making much progress at the moment.

OK so I hadn't been out for a week what with insect bites and blister.

I went out for my normal 4 miler today - adding a bit on the front walking to try and get a better run my warming up effectively.

But it was still a struggle - I think I am just lazy basically - even when it is pretty flat I don't seem to be able to keep running for even a mile without slowing down to walk - and the run isn't exactly fast anyway.

Still, 4.5 miles done, maybe it will be better next time.

Friday, 28 July 2006

walking in the rain

I was caught by torrential rain yesterday and was literally soaked to the skin by the time I made it back 'home'.

It was quite exhilerating once I had made the decision to walk and not hang around in a bus shelter until it had stopped or a bus arrived.

The thunder and lightening were exciting - though a bit scary when they arrived together and were clearly overhead - but I told myself there were enough tall people with umbrellas to make me safe!

The downside was that my sandals rapidly became soaked and I now have a raw blister on a toe, to add to the insect bite on the same leg - so no running again :<(

Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Running with friends

An advantage of the current job is that I get to travel around the country and meet friends and run with them.

So yesterday I ran with Coach and she saw the reality of my running .

We plodded slowly for 3 miles and came to the stunning conclusion that losing weight is the best way for my running to improve!

So no miracle cure, just got to eat better!

It was really great to run with Coach (and have a good natter) and I have been sent away to Cambridge to eat sensibly and get in some base training.

Need to plan in some long runs - 7 weeks to Robin Hood!

Early Wednesday
Set the alarm for early to get in a run before breakfast.
But Cambridge mozzies seem to have other ideas - a bite has become alarmingly red overnight and a swollen ankle is the result. A couple of years ago I ended up on antibiotics after a similar bite.

So I shall be keeping an eye on this. Meanwhile antihistamine rules.

And I'll settle for a brisk walk to and from the meeting.

Thursday, 20 July 2006


It doesn't get any better does it?

An early 3 mile plod this morning plus 2 x 1.5 miles walking to and from meetings.

Another 2 days here before a brief trip home.

Tuesday, 18 July 2006

Another hot day ahead

Last night we went to a retirement do for 4 people I worked with 23 years ago.
It's amazing how some folk have not changed a bit whilst I needed several minutes conversation with others before I could match a name to a face.
It was a late night and I decided I didn't need a run this morning - will be walking a few miles between meetings though.

You may have noticed that Abingdon has disappeared from the list of races to come. I cannot see how I could fit in the miles alongside the new job - and a heroic 'failure' wasn't to be contemplated.

Those with children and jobs will understand the decision , I am sure.

Monday, 17 July 2006


Up early to run in Cambridge this morning. There are fewer cycle paths off road in this part of town, but there is Stickless’s Kingfisher stream to enjoy.


So off I went for a plod, trying to warm up gradually – that is slowly. HRM was very intermittent, so a run based on feel was called for.

And as usual the first mile felt horrid, but I just went with the flow – fartlekking between lampposts and trees.

Off the road and along Stickless’s path and disaster!



They have gravelled what was previously a fairly rough muddy path and now there is little chance on creeping up on any wild life – it can hear me coming miles away!


Last summer when I ran along here I saw a small deer (muntjac?) I couldn’t believe it was a deer, but S assured me it could have been. Today a couple of herons took flight as I clomped up and sundry coots and moorhens pottered in the stream.

It would be difficult to see a kingfisher at this time of year as it so overgrown. The trouble is that in the winter when I am here it is too dark to run along there at the time of say I am able to run.


Anyway after two miles of fartlek at last I fel like a runner and I did the third mile in 12:15 – I was determined not to slow down to a walk :>)) I think that is probably the best training mile I have ever done on my own with nobody to keep me going!


Not sure if I will run tomorrow morning. MrBeanz is coming down this evening and we are going to a retirement do for four colleagues who we worked with 20+ years ago. Unfortunately MrB has to go back this evening as he has unavoidable meetings tomorrow.


So it depends how good the party is!

Saturday, 15 July 2006

A PB to report!

Not much plodding this week.

A power walk on Wednesday left me with chafing from my rucksack on bare arm :<(
I did have a plodette on Thursday morning in Cambridge - but only enough to remind my legs that they have to work.

Friday was the Tara Kinder 10k. This is an evening race put on by the local running shop all traffic free, which is great for a slow plodder, and mostly through trees, so garmins are a bit wary of it but we love it on a warm sunny evening!

Teenbeanz came to support - and was roped into time keeping!
I went for a warm up jog - but then stood around chatting to clubmates, so the effect had worn off a little at the start.
And off we went.

I was immediately at the back and plodded along trying to keep HR under some kind of control - but first mile was still quickest!!

I forgot to switch to lapping at km markers, so had to do most of sums in miles.

The course is a little loop, including part of the main loop route, two big loops and then half the little loop to the finish - so the opportunity to be lapped many times!!

But at least it is fairly flat!

After 3.5 km a caught up with a lady who only ever done one RFL before - so not much triumph in passin gher!

But lots of people passed me and many gave words of encouragement - and also helped me to keep running and not walk too much.

Once the first couple of miles were out the way, as usual I felt much better and did not want to crawl away and marshall instead.

And then it was over and teenbeanz was there to record my time. - 1:22:22 (?) on my watch, 1:22:45 on the clock.

Either way a PB :>))

Ok I know very slow - but .................

Monday, 10 July 2006

More of a walk .....

.....than a run

It is such a beautiful morning I decided I had to go in the park than on the tarmac, so I did. The only trouble is it is a bit vertical:

The first mile is down - but I am warming up in that mile, trying to get the legs to accept the fact theyhave to work.
The next mile is UP and my HR was working well just walking up.
Finally an opportunity to run!

But it was lovely just walking - birds, rabbits, squirrels and the odd dog walker.

Friday, 7 July 2006

anything is better than nothing

Rather than feel miserable that I can't fit in the training I'd like to do I decided just to get out and do what I can - and match my racing to what is possible.

So I got up and did 4 miles before going off to Sheffield for the day.

And felt much better for having done it :>))

Thursday, 6 July 2006

lost the plot .....

I seem to have lost the plot this week. I haven't run since Monday and can't get my act together now either.

I could blame it on work - I have loads to do and find difficulty in justifying taking time out in the day to run.

Not only is early morning the best time for running for me, it is also the most productive time for getting on with marking. So today marking is taking priority.

The week
Tuesday - I didn't get back from a meeting in York until gone 8
Wednesday - Governor's during the day and then a do at my new school - a lovely evening with music and food and a chance to get to chat to a few more folk - but no time to run an dno club night
Thursday - only day at home all day so I must break the back of the marking today and this evening a presentation at the teenbeanz's school and a fundraising do for a friend going to teach in Ethiopia with CAFOD
Friday - being trained in Sheffield all day and a teenbenaz taxi service in the evening
Saturday - speech day at new school

So fitting in plodding is going to be difficult - can't see where this week's long run is going to go either

and I didn't do enough runs last week

and the week before that was a write-off

Ho Hum - if all I've got toworry about is when to fit in a run I can't be too badly off can I??

Monday, 3 July 2006

still hot!

I managed 4 slow miles this morning with teenbeanz jogging along by my side - and occasionally persuaded to zoom a bit.

Then spent the rest of the day walking up and down stairs in my new school - moving equipment around - with the help of both the TBs :>)

Saturday, 1 July 2006

friends .....

several people have posted about friends recently

I just want to talk about very concrete experiences

In Cambridge for a week and in a different hotel from colleagues - which is fine - I am close to the river for running and the other peeps are all colleagues rather than friends

So Tuesday evening I went to eat with some long time friends - they supported me when I was in the early years of teaching 30 years ago - I taught one of their boys. It was really good to catch up with them - it didn't feel like 30 years though!

A friend and colleague is in town for a different meeting - and he quite understands when I can't face trekking across town in the evening to meet for a meal with him and his team.

Home at last! Great to see the family and student beanz, home for a month.
And then a forum night out - collecting PH from the station and on to the pub. There were 17 of us from across the East Midlands - including LMH and mark*w - the first forumites I ever met in the flesh. The forums may have their problems - but I have made some good friends there.
PH came back home with us, met the teenbeanzes en masse and survived - great to have her to stay.

Up early for a plod with PH - coach said I should do 11 miles - PH wanted a few more for her weekly total!
Suffice to say we had a compromise on 12.6 - but walking the last mile or so whilst exploring a new bit of route.
It was HOT.
And there was quite a lot of walking to keep the HR under control.
But it was a lovely morning - we nattered and plodded and I barely noticed the toxic two!

Running with friends is just the best :>)

Thursday, 29 June 2006

No run today

Another lovely morning but I needed to be in work early and with my brain functioning so getting up even earlier to run was not really an option.

Same applies to Friday - but this time I also have a long drive home at the end. Followed by a Forum Social - to which the lovely PH is coming :))

And we WILL be running on Saturday morning too!

Wednesday, 28 June 2006


I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning at 6.30 to run. But I am so pleased I did!

It was a lovely morning - sunny but not hot. I took longer over warming up slowly and it felt better.

3.4 miles done before breakfast :)

Monday, 26 June 2006

Back to it!

I managed to get up and out this morning. I really have to remember that the first two miles are always horrible.

I am exploring new routes in Cambridge - staying in a different hotel and lots of cycle routes to try.

Anyway, recently I have struggled with my running and blamed it all on the fact that it is all uphill coming home. Which means that if I go out for 4 miles, the first two are awful anyway and most of the return is awful because it is uphill.

Well today I was running on the flat so no excuses there. And the first two WERE difficult - tight calves, breathing difficult ....

But mile three was a revelation - I felt like a runner! OK a slow runner but I remembered why I do this.

So tomorrow I'll go a bit further and get more pleasure for the additional pain.

Friday, 23 June 2006

still haven't run ........

I should have run again today

and again I didn't

but I did have a gentle swim with the teenbeanzes

I have not really got my act together on work either - too much surfing

but a few interesting websites on the way

this one was mentioned in the Guardian - a fascinating insight into what you can do with a bit of processing and a lot of data - the Guardian is campaigning to make publicly owned data - such as that from Ordnance Survey - available for public use

this is one for all us runners, especially when coach is looking

and a couple to try and put things into perspective - the small and the large

Thursday, 22 June 2006


birthday tiring and uneventful - mrbeanz was off collecting some of studentbeanz's stuff from Uni before we get rid of the BIG car today

so it was just teenbeanzes and me at home

pressies? - DVD from SB, long handled loppers from one TB and a book from the other

MrB had been going to buy loppers - but TB thought of it first! So it was flowers from him.

What I really want is a man ............................. come and dig up the brambles and concrete path

Very long governor's meeting in the afternoon, where they tried to persuade me to stay on the Education Committee when I start my new job. I have resigned but they find it hard to accept, even though I have told them I shall not be able to come to meetings (they are during the day). They even offered to make the meetings in the evenings so I could come!!

I could not face running club after that - nothing to eat for 6 hours, brain numbed and a dash in and out the house was too much - so I wimped out.

TB offered back the words I give to him when he wimps out of a session -

'well you'll never improve if you don't put in the training'.

And he's right of course.

And today I'm waiting in for parcels of exam scripts to be marked, collecting a new (for us) car and trying to get some work done.

Will try to do some core stuff at some stage.

TOTM looms I suspect ......

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

another year goes by ........

another double done yesterday - I rather like the morning plod outside and the evening on the tready, it's a routine I could get used to - I don't think it is as good as one long plod, but I just can't find time for that in one chunk in the week

today is not a running day- which is just as well as I was up early to drive to Manchester, do some teacher training and then drive home, do the teenbeanz taxi service, make tea and watch the footy

and age another year :>)

not a very exciting birthday, but that may come later when studentbeanz comes home and we can all go out for a meal together

actually I really do not feel my age - I certainly don't feel 10-20 years older than you lot - this running lark has a lot to answer for!

Saturday, 17 June 2006

sizzling struggling Saturday slog

up early again to run - out at 7.15 and it is already hot

the plod down the river is so much better than my old run along the main road - if only because it is mostly on cycle track and traffic free

as last week I ran as far as the gym and picked up a bottle of sports drink, drank some, diluted it and carried it with me for the next 4 miles before dumping it in the recycling bin

total distance plodded 11 miles - but I walked the last mile

too hot and tired and too uphill for anything else

how on Earth anyone manages a marathon on this heat I can't imagine

Friday, 16 June 2006

feeling weary

I have not posted for a day or so - not sure why

but did run on Wednesday at the club

and gymmed on Thursday

and had a deeep massage today

so am still a runner(ish)

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

study day

today is what is euphemistically knwnn as a study day for the teenbeanzes - which means to say they don't need to go to school as they have no exams today

however they will not be spending the day revising for the remainder of their exams so I bribed them to come to for a swim with the promise of lunch afterwards

we swam

and lunched

and now they are back glued to their computers, not revising

at least I got the blood rushing through their veins for a while

I need to digest and then do those core exercises before Coach catches up with me

Monday, 12 June 2006

hot and humid

a hot and humid plod in the park this morning in which I decided to enjoy the park and not worry about the pace but 3 miles done

nice undulations though:

then this evening a tready hills session to make up the miles for the day to 7

and lots of stretching too!

Saturday, 10 June 2006

even hotter

yesterday I met up with the sports therapist, Anna, who usually inflcits her masssage on me

this time she decided it was time to look at how I run and work out why I get the pain in the side of my back

it was a useful session and she has given me even more exercises to do and suggested I concentrate on not leaning forward so much when I run - I tend ot look at the ground a lot

so today I tried to put that into practice

the forecast was for it to be hot, so I decided I wanted to go out about 7.00 am which meant if I was going to breakfast i woudl need ot get u at 5 for that

so breakfast at 5 and then back to bed for a couple of hours - I kept dreaming about triathlons - I wonder why??

It was pleasant at 5 and I was tempted to go out without breakfast, but I have never tried runnign longer than about an hour without breakfast

so out at 7.15 and down the river path, drink at David Lloryd, on another mile and then home

I took a slightly different route home, to get more shade and ended up doing 9.8 miles - pretty slowly but done.

Highlights of the run?
  • a goldfinch that fluttered from bush to bush along side the path as I plodded
  • a dark irridiescent green dragon fly/damsel fly (?) by the river - I need to look it up
  • seeing the peregrine falcons that nest on the cathedral tower - through a twitcher's telescope!

Thursday, 8 June 2006


Not about running

Many moons ago Mrbeanz and I taught in the same school - my first teaching post, he'd been there a year

Now we have an invitaiton to a retirement do - 4 people retiring who we taught with - ok they had been there a few years when I started, but not many

and now they are retiring and I am planning to go BACK to teaching

am I MAD????

club run

"How far did I want to go?" I was asked.

About 5 miles I said.

So off we went - Ex Lady Sprinter leading the way - she is getting quicker every week I reckon. V69 started off with XLS and I tried not to go off too quickly to give my legs a chance to get used to the idea of a (slightly) quicker run.

Boy, was it warm.

After a while V69 dropped back to run with me and we plodded along, him telling me how much I have improved since I began running with him- and how proud he is of XLS - who has improved even more!

And so we trogged along, me struggling to keep going without walking (but managing it because V69 told me that I used to stop and now I don't!).

XLS took a slightly longer loop round the lake, which meant we ended up ahead of her and paused for a while. And then off again and plod back to the club.

4.8 miles done.

Tuesday, 6 June 2006

'rest' day

no running today

but I have done my core stuff

and am about to sit in the garden with a coffee before getting back to work

as other people are posting garden pics I thought I would too

Monday, 5 June 2006

not much fun

some days it just has to be done

the plan says 7 miles, but no time to do it all in one go - so time for a double

this morning I went on my tedious out and back undulating route and did not enjoy it - too trafficy, back ached,

and I only managed 3.6 instead of the planned 4 miles

no way I was goin back out there this evenign

and mynicer down to the river route is off road and less secure in the evenings I feel, so off the gym - and maybe setting a precendent that this is what Mum does on a Monday evening

and on to the tready where I managed 5 km before I had had enough - back ached but I think that is my boredom threshold!

so only 6.7 miles done

and it has shown me the result of not doing my core stuff

so there will be more of that tomorrow

Saturday, 3 June 2006

hot, hot, hot!

I have to have a new tactic for long runs - I am going to try to do them on Saturdays, but not let them hog all the day,

also I don't do hot weather running (so why am i doing an autumn marathon I hear you cry) so need to do them early

so set the alarm for 6, got up and had some breakfast - the new pre-run breakfast is fruity meusli left to soak in skimmed milk overnihgt - very tasty this morning :>)

and back to bed until 8

then off out to run

(I didn't sleep very well last night - I think I was thinking about the getting up and the long run and .....)

4 miles down river, mostly traffic free, arriving at the gym (after a slight detour to get to 4 miles)
into the gym to use the facilities, buy a lucoazade sport and have a bit of a stretch

and then 4 miles back home again

8 miles done - first 'long' run ticked off and the furthest since FLM :>)

the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:45 123 downhill - walked first 5 min
2 13:16 138
3 14:18 137
4 12:56 139
5 12:45 138
6 14:08 140
7 13:44141
8 16:05 135 walked mostly up the steep bits
0.2 14:55 138
8.2 13:49 136 1:53:29
the undulations

by the time I got home the sun was really quite hot - so I was pleased to have got the run out of the way

Oh and I did enjoy it !

Friday, 2 June 2006

running early (well not very early)

sun shining through the curtains at 6.00 am did not tempt me out of bed!

but at 7.00 I did get up and go out for my 3 miler

it was a beautiful morning - getting warm by the time I got home

and then I went for the torture with the phyzz

and because I confessed to not doing my core exercises as much as I should have done, she decided to have a go at my muscles instead of moving on with new core stuff!


Wednesday, 31 May 2006

club run

a lovely evenig for a run - sunny, warm with a light breeze

a good turnout and everyoen set off in the same direction - across the fields for varying length runs

I was soon at the back of course

but had a good run - best ever mile outside a race - and another 3.7 miles to add to the tally

May has been my lowest mileage month since June last year - but recovery from FLM is now done and its onwards and upwards

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

oh what a beautiful morning!

I woke up early and the sun was shining in - given the last few days, I thought this would never last ...

... so on with the kit and off out the door

I decided to switch of the HRM meep and just see how it goes - into the park and taking a different route to the way we always go, usually it is steep downhill to the lake, this time I decided to do the running uphill at the start:

I just ran a couple of miles and walked some steep bits - should have stayed out for longer but needed to get back for a shower before the heating engineer came and shut off the water!

but 2 miles done

and then I got home and Coach had sent me a proper schedule to get me to Abingdon


I should be quicker this time - if I survive the schedule of course!

Sunday, 28 May 2006


Woke up in time to run before church - and it wasn't raining!

So this is the beginning of Abingdon training - and a very slow beginning it was just a 4 mile plod, keeping HR to 140.

anyway it was done

and then this afternoon I went for a swim with the teenbeanzes - it was not very busy so we each had a lane to ourselves - which kept the boys apart an so everyone managed to swim without physical contact!

after 20 lengths it was time for some games - who can sit on the bottom the longest, who can walk on their hands, who can maintain a handstand the longest, and who can swim the furthest on one breath - I only competed in the last one (I won!!) - I was judge for the others and fortunately honours were shared, though I think scoutbeanz should take up synchronised swimming he is so good at the handstands and walking on his hands - and no nose clip either!

Friday, 26 May 2006

new beginnings

as regular readers know, I have spent the last few years travelling rather a lot - meetings, training teachers .....

it had all begun to get very wearing

so when a teaching job came up at a (fairly) local school, after some thought and discussion with colleagues, I decided to lob in an application

I haven't taught for a long time but have kept up to date with developments - and even worked on them

and this work had made me want to try out the new ideas I was talking to teachers about

so yesterday I had an interview - which included teaching a lesson to a class of 14 yo girls - and I think I can still do it

and they offered me the job!

nothing in writing yet - but that is not an issue

a whole new life is around the corner

leaving the house before 7.30, doing a day's work and coming home to prepare for tomorrow

NOT travelling away and eating in hotels

will have to find a new way to fit the tranining in!

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

returning slowly

club run this evening

two new ladies turned up - they did the Derby 10k in 1:05 and 1:10 - my running partner XLS did 1:15 - so they are all quicker than me

but good old V60 was there too

we set off together and the ladies edged away, leaving V60 and me to chat

we ran out to 1.6 miles where I stopped for a stretch and he ran a little loop, picking me after 10 minutes and we ran back together, so 3.4 miles done - the quickest and furthest I've run since London and it felt ok

Sunday, 21 May 2006

running again

I haven't run for nearly two weeks - whch as you allknow is really frustrating

I have been doing my core stuff and stretching and that togetehr with the elbow digging on Wednesday seems ot have made a great difference

I realised today that I wasn't aching at all

so this afternoon it was off to the gym - I decided that was the place to try the running - could always stop if it was painful and no hills on the walk back

after warming up and stretching a ventured over to the tready, and just plodded for a couple of km - enough to get my HR up, but not wanitng to overdo it, I decided that would do for today and I will come back for a longer plod tomorrow

I am working at home for the next four weeks, so need to make the most of the time with the family, fitting in the exercise and eating well - a month could make a big difference!

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Hope I am here now!

Apart from existential angst earlier today not much to report!

Had a session with the phyzz this morning - she had a good dig with her elbow - which relieved my back enormously

then we did some core strength stuff with the swiss ball - so I can do those at home

this evening was the Club 4 mile handicap

20 ran - I was a timekeeper

tigerrunner was quickest and teenbeanz was third quickest - so well pleased

TR does the handicaps so he came 14th, TB was 6th

it absolutely poured with rain and half the run was off road, so everyone came back spattered with mud - especially TB who decided to hit every puddle hard on the way back!

a good evenign was had by all - my exlady sprinter running partner won the handicap, so she was well chuffed

not much to say but testing ....

I seem to be writing blogs that appear in my list - and I get the email confirmation but they don't actually appear here!!

so does this one work?

later ....

well b-z can see it but I can't - weirder!

and later still .....

I've cleared my history ( which I shall probably regret) is that the same as the cache?
I've refeshed

but still this post is not visible when I go from my favourties to the blog

what next?

tried it in Firefox

and first it came with theold page and then I refreshed and it included this posting

and now its visible in IE too!


and the edit just above was not visiblew in IE until ihad refreshed it in Firefox????

I updated my Norton software yesterday

is Norton tryingto drive me to Firefox?

Saturday, 13 May 2006

More bluebells

Well here I am in Peterborough again - with lots of great offroad routes and I am not running :(

But yesterday a colleague told me of a bluebell wood close to the hotel.

So I've been for a wall lovely bluebells and also wild garlic - I didn't even know the path was there and it will add nicely to my other runs from this hotel.

And I came back and stretched (my back did ache) and I tried to recruit those elusive transverse abdominus (?) muscles too - they're difficult to find under the flab :(

later at home ......

pain in the butt is more noticeable

not helped by sitting in chairs and car all day - did kneel to type at laptop at one stage to straighten out!

need to lay off the walking and running for a bit I think

must concentrate on stretching and strengthening

Derby 10k tomorrow - I'm marshalling mrbeanz andteenbeanz are running

Friday, 12 May 2006


So a short swim this monring - but I am not convinced that breast stroke is the best thing for this to much of hte opening the hip movement - so just 400m and then the jacuzzi

and then the pain

Anna is a dab hand at finding the spot!

and she showed me some good stretches

and she gave me a strong talk about core exercises and recruiting the transverse abdominus (?)

so lots to do before I see her again on Wednesday!

Thursday, 11 May 2006


achey back has not gone away - and 6 hours on trains yesterday didn't help

so as suggested by coach, it was a swim today

not being in the class of some of the people here, I settled for 750m in about 30 minutes (I can't see the clock very well without my glasses!)

its a shame really because it is a glorious day

but driving back from the gym I could feel my back and also an ache in my bum - I think it is my piriformis (?)

so have a session with the masseuse tomorrow - that should sort me out!


I want to RUN

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

bad run.......... good walk

well that was pretty awful

I had planned a little 3 mile plod in the sunshine

but my legs weren't having any of it

after a mile my leg had tightened up and my back ached :<( so I cut it short and walked back through the woods - which was lovely :>))

bluebells in full colour, trees with new bright green buds, birds singing, squirrels leaping around ....

can't be down for long on a day like this

and still 2 miles in the pot!

Sunday, 7 May 2006

back home again

I had planned to swim, but there wasn't time before I went off to give blood.
Then on the road again - working with a friend until late then on to the hotel.
So no exercise :-(

Should have done some core strength in the morning but the hotel room was too small - not enough floor space!!

On to another industrial estate beside a motorway and another hotel.
Managed to do a short plod in the evening - might have gone further but I was aware that I was off road and no one had any idea where I was.
2 miles done

At least this hotel has a pool so a swim this morning

520 metres 20 minutes

No time for an evening plod - the meeting went on so there would be less to do on Sunday and an early escape on Sunday

Did not sleep well (ate too late?) and when alarm went off I turned over and went back to sleep - back ached from the day in teh meeting too.
DID do core strength exercises though.

And it still went on into the afternoon.

But home now :>)

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

getting back to it

Wednesday is club night, so as I was at home it seemed a good idea to go along

great to see people again and have a chat

and a plod

went off in my usual group - and decided I would run steady, not rush to keep up with ladyexsprinter, and kept my HR below 140 - which is my LSR pace usually

I let them go ahead and they fitted in an extra little loop - while I stretched after about 1.6 miles and then picked me up again and we came back together - until LXS pushed on at the end

so 3.3 miles done 45:12 AHR 140 - pushed it a bit up the last 0.3 up the hill!

its good to be back

off on my travels again tomorrow - so running in the flat lands again for a few days :>)

Saturday, 29 April 2006

plodding again :>))

legs really have not suffered after FLM - maybe I could have done more?

apart from some walking I have not done any exercise this week - a plan to swim failed to materialise

I woke to glorious sunshine and had to go out and run - no time for much as the teentaxi is required on a Saturday morning

however t shirt and shorts weather and off I went into the park in my new Saucony omni trail shoes (that's another column in the spreadsheet!)

just a little plod enjoying the air - 2½ miles in 32 minutes

and next?

new plan is forming to get me round Abingdon with a new PB

looking back at my training for FLM, in spite of promising myself I would, I didn't do anywhere near enough long runs - so more of those need to be factored in - Mondays have been blocked off in the diary from now until October!

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

FLM 2006

Where to begin?
[Sorry this is so long, but it will probably be my only record of the weekend so I have to get it all down while it is in my head.]

Travelled down to London on Friday - train diversion via Birmingham to Euston, which meant I wouldn’t meet RunnyBunny at Kings Cross and travel to the expo together – were all my nightmares of disastrous train journeys about to come true?

Five of us from the running club had booked into a hotel close the expo, so I went there to drop my bags before registering and meeting RB –we decided that the pasta party was required, so off we went, but while standing in the queue I realised I couldn’t find my purse – a small panic, RB paid for my meal and then I scooted back to the hotel – and there it was on the table in my room! Phew! While dashing out to the hotel I was spotted by RichK andTrinity – so I stopped for a chat on my way back. Poor Trinity had withdrawn that morning, her leg having given her clear messages that it was NOT going to run 26 miles :<( Difficult to see all these excited people at the expo when you know you will not be running.

It is soo good to see people you know at such a huge event! Also met jog*jog*jog while chatting to Rich.

I went back into the expo for a mooch, buying a RW goody rucksack and a reject’s fleece on my way round and then back to the hotel for Spaghetti Napolitano and an early night.

I met Keith Anderson at breakfast and we chatted – he told me to let him know how the day goes and he’ll suggest what next for Abingdon – nice man :>)
Lots more people expected at the expo today, it was going to be crowded and but should be a chance to meet up with some more friends.

First things first – I take my Oxfam vest to have beanz printed across the top – an essential aspect of running this race is having your name on your shirt.
And where shall I go next? Now, various people have suggested that it is a good idea to have shoes from different brands, giving a slightly different ride and strengthening leg muscles better - and you can't have too many runnign shoes can you? So off to the Saucony stand – a combination of Hippo’s recommendation and the free draw on the RW site I suspect!!

I decide that I really can’t justify another pair of road shoes, but a pair of trail shoes is a different matter. After some misunderstandings about sizing – whether we are talking US or UK sizes, eventually we find a pair that is a good fit – and a test run on the tready shows that they are doing the job - apparently. So that’s £70 for the shoes plus a ‘free’ ‘goody bag’ containing a long sleeve saucony top, some gloves and a beanie hat.

I hear from Tigerrunner, the Sinfin boys are in town and registering! We meet up, have a wander round, two of the lads go for a massage, we mooch some more and then its time for pasta – again. Legs are getting weary, boys are getting thirsty so they adjourn to the pub. I manage to meet up with both SpeedyG and Hippo for chats before going to the pub too, where a couple more club mates are hanging out – they are off to Cuba in the morning, but call into have a jar or two and wish us good luck.

I meet Bud Baldaro in the hotel and thank him for inspiring teenbeanz at last year’s Trailplus – he asks how he is going now and says he shouldn’t worry about not liking track racing! He’ll be at TP again this summer, as will teenbeanz.

And now a chance to rest our legs before the evening pasta hunt. Initially we had not planned to go far from the hotel, but there did not seem to be much around, so on the advice of the concierge in the hotel we took the DLR to Canary Wharf – after the next stage in the train nightmare came true when we got on a train in the wrong direction!! Close to the station we found
Carluccio’s which sold pasta, didn’t have too long a queue and looked good.
We had pasta all round – they didn’t have a simple tomato sauce on the menu but they came up trumps with a great sauce as well as some fantastic bread.
An uneventful journey back and to bed – but not before I had pinned my number on my vest, packed my bag, debated the long sleeves/short sleeves issue to myself with the help of the weather forecast (and got it wrong).

Up early for breakfast – yes there is ‘porridge’ but not as I know it – more like milk with a few oatflakes floating in it. I settle for cereal and toast.

7.30 and we begin to make our way to the start – the first DLR train is pretty full before we get on, but we are on, then there is a convoluted story about what we have to do when we change trains – nightmare reawakens – and TR has been having similar dreams! We are advised to get the train to Greenwich rather than Cutty Sark as CS is already filling up with spectators and is very congested.
A bonus of walking from Greenwich is that we walk up to the start with the RFG crowd – seeing most of the runners, plus Sally Gunnel and the doc – we guess Crammy is copped up in a box somewhere with Brendan Foster. I chat to Michelle who is very nervous and we talk a little about Anna and what star she is. Chris takes a pic of Michelle and me!

Arrive at the start in time for the loo queue, then sort out clothes and drop the bag off, keeping an old cagoule that is probably not very waterproof, but will do for the hanging around at the start as there is a light drizzle.

And so to the run- it’s not really a race is it?

Had hoped to meet up with SpeedyG at the start to try to run-walk together – but it was not to be.
We set off and cross the start about 8 minutes after the gun, but about 500 metres further on we grind to a halt – and it seems to be the loo queue at 600m that is causing the delay!!
My target time is 6 hours – which is 13:44 minute/mile, so the plan is to run a mile and then walk until the 13:44 is up at this start of the next mile. I’ve been doing this with 14 minute miling in training and seemed to manage it – up to 14 miles anyway.
I use the mile markers to give me the lap times on the Garmin, rather than rely on the GPS as I know it will be unreliable in the City amongst the tall buildings and the two tunnels. So I’ve set the custom screen to give me HR, lap time and overall time. I decide that I WILL walk if my HR goes too high – but what is too high? I decided that 148 was too high, but looking at how I faded I think maybe I should have gone for 145 – I used 140 in most long runs – and I was probably going too fast in the first half of the run.

I can’t do a mile by mile report of scenery etc – so the highlights are really looking forward to seeing people at particular places – and that will not be possible at Abingdon, so I’ll need a different strategy by then.
Mile 11 – Nicko on his bollard – a big hug.
Mile 11 and a bit – Meldy – another hug and ‘you’ll see the others soon’
Mile 13.5 – my brother and nieces and the first of three great bear hugs of the day – what stars to chase round London in the rain!! It kept me going along the Highway just looking out for them!
As can be seen from the data, the AHR has dropped, I am slowing now and walking more– I made a decision to walk if it went over 140 at this stage – too late I suspect
Mile 17 - Mudchute and the forum supporters – more stars! – Stickless, VRap, Evil Pixie, CdK and MrCdK, Berry, and more I am sure – all a bit of a blur – some hugs and kisses and a couple of mini mars bars for my bum bag and on I go.
I make a decision now that I am probably more effective walking briskly than trying to run walk and feeling horrible about it. So my brisk walk comes into its own again and I manage sub 16 mm walking, if you discount stops for hugs!!
Mile 22ish and my brother pops up again :>) and I tell him it is going to be more than 6 hours to finish as I am walking more now.

Mile 23ish(??) I spot Trinity standing alone watching the crowds I run over to her and we have a big hug – not sure who needed it most.
Somewhere around this stage it is raining heavily and I am wishing I had worn my long sleeved helly and my gilet – I am getting quite cold now and when I spot a St John’s person with space blankets I go for one.

And again I see my brother - not sure where – Embankment or Birdcage Walk??

Soon I am near to the finish, I throw away the blanket and manage to jog the last 100 m or so on the encouragement of the commentator!

Time: 6:13:42 – an improvement of over 18 minutes on last year’s time – so maybe next year I can get under 6 hours!

and afterwards
I made my way to the Oxfam reception, which was up the top of the Duke of York steps – how on Earth was I going to climb those steps with my very heavy goody bag (loads to drink in there) as well as my kit? A lovely lady from Oxfam came dashing down the steps to meet me and carried my bags, as I entered the reception area there was a great cheer - more tears welling up – they were all so kind, I showered, was massaged, and met my family listening to some good music. I couldn’t eat the wonderful food though as my digestion system was still shut down.

And at last I retrieved my phone, which had soo many messages asking how I had done, where I was, was I ok – by now it was an hour after I had finished and I had not checked in with anyone (tsk) – but lovely that so many people wanted to know :>)

I wended my way over to the Thistle, where there was a lovely welcome from so many friends (sadly I had missed some because they had been and gone).

It was lovely to see Meldy and Nicko again and especially to see RichK, and Leon and Karen, and Hippo of course. And there were my great Sinfin clubmates who had finished AGES before me but had hung around drinking beer until I turned up.

Eventually hunger got the better of the lads, the football had finished on the telly, so we Sinfin runners wandered off to find food. And another Italian restaurant – this time for Pizzas or Lasagne. But I couldn’t do the lasagne justice – my digestion still had not recovered from the hammering of gels and lucozade. So just a small glass of wine, and loads of water.

Back to the hotel and crash out to sleep – after hanging all my kit up to dry out before packing in the morning.

the morning after ….
after waking starving at 1 am and a feast of muesli bars and pretzels (and water), I was not up too early, breakfast and then off to the train into Tower Hill. We went for a good look at Tower Bridge, as no one remembered much from yesterday. Then we walked along the embankment to Blackfriars, taking a tube to Kings Cross for some lunch in a cafĂ© – all day breakfasts for the boys and a delicious bacon bap for me – the first food I had actually enjoyed since the run.

On to the train, a good read with music in the ears and a return to reality at home.

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:19 142 includes 2 minutes stopped!
2 12:44 148
3 12:05 146
4 12:24 147
5 12:21 145
6 12:52 146
10km 1:18:38 a pb by 5 minutes - oops!
7 12:54 146
8 12:48 143
9 12:53 142
10 13:30 143
11 13:32 140
12 13:55 141
13 13:52 143
13.1 2:50:45
14 14:21 140 hugs from brother
15 missed the marker
16 28:50 137
17 15:43 135 Mudchute
18 14:30 136
19 15:38 132
20 15:12 129
21 15:30 126
22 16:22 122 more hugs
23 15:53 122
24 15:58 119
25 17:14 118 hugs and slowing
26.2 17:14 120
26.2 14:39 135 6:13:42

How could I forget - Tigerrunner didn't quite make his PB - but he WAS 15th in his age group :>))))