Wednesday, 28 November 2007

back from Phyzz

Phyzz is pleased with progress- less swelling, more flexibility, no long term damage

hopefully running in January

so that's my mileage done for the year

She says I can leave my name in the hat for a club FLM place and when I get back from Switzerland she'll put together a gym programme to strengthen the leg and improve CV ahead of beginning training in January

If I get a place, I'll need a marathon in 15 weeks on three runs a week from scratch schedule - ideally with no longer than an hour for the shorter runs.

Any offers?

Friday, 23 November 2007


I am feeling proper fed up.

I have never had a 'proper injury before and in the old days of the old job I'd have just have got on with it at a slower pace but now I feel guilty.
I don't feel ill just not very mobile. I am feeling guilty about my exam classes and need to be back in school.
And part of me thinks I could probably go back, but the rest of me is listening to all the people saying don't go back too soon.

I expect to go back on Monday, really can't take any more time off.

Phyzz agrees with the doctor that it is meniscus damage. She thinks not too bad - 2-4 weeks to heal. I guess that means I will not be running for that length of time. She says I should start back with the bike (yuck) and swimming - not breast stroke.

I have not been out of the house since the phyzz on Tuesday, it didn't matter until today which is glorious.

Ho Hum

whinge over

Monday, 19 November 2007

proper injury :<(

After a bit of muscle strain last week, I've really done it now.

Supporting teenbeanz at his 10k race yesterday, I turned my knee in a pothole (I think) anyway it is now very swollen and sore. Sleeping was difficult.

The doc thinks it might be cartilage - and has said I'll be off work all week - its the stairs and the standing that are the problem.

And I have a physio appointment for tomorrow.

And rice rice rice ....


Thursday, 15 November 2007


No running this week - a very stiff upper leg - probably from all the stairs last weekend :<( For the last couple of weeks I have been meaning to take my camera to school - the low morning sun has been giving the autumn leaves such colour. But now its too late - the recent rain and wind have brought most of the leaves down. But I did take my camera today and took a few pics on the way there

and on the way home:

This last one is going in my physics collection as a nice illustration of the fact that the Moon is illuminated by the Sun - and as we are doing the Solar system at the moment it will probably come out for use soon!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

keeping at it

Took the sixth form to a lecture at Brum University. It was excellent - the only problem was went to MacD's for something to eat - convenient but not appetising - I hadn't been for years. It doesn't seem any better!
This meant I didn't get home until 10.30. Which was why I didn't do my early mornign on Tuesday.

'Speedwork' with TP - it was good to go to the club and do something constructive without messing up someone else's run. Runnerbeanz has stopped going because they don't really train 'properly' - no warm up - just set off and blast it at whatever pace they can do. So a steady 4 miles run doesn't fit into it - those doing the pace he wants, want to go further. Those only doing 4 miles would not like his pace.

Another late night at school - parent's evening. So too late to get an early night and run in the morning.

A 2 mile brisk walk with a colleague - including a few hills. It was good, the Sun shone, the views were great and it didn't rain until we were coming in the school gate :>)

Out with TP for 7 miles - building back up. We have agreed that if one of us get sin to London in the club draw, we will do the long runs together - and if I get in and she doesn't she will do an autumn marathon and I'll do the long runs with her then.
Today we seemed to be getting a bit quicker - she isn't talking as much (less breath) and I am keeping going without having to think about it after the first couple of miles :>)

And then out to help at the XC where RB ran well.

Tomorrow I am off to help studentteacherbeanz move into a new place as she has split with the long term BF. That shoudl be good cross training carrying boxes.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Teaching and running

I am trying to discipline the time I spend surfing - forumming, reading blogs ...... because work is pretty hectic at the moment.

I teach until 5.30 two afternoons (the other days go on until 4.15) one parents evening this last week, two in the coming week, and then there is the admin, preparation and marking to do .......

And I need to keep on top of the (not small) garden.

And I do I need my sleep - even more so if I am going to get out and run early.

OK I know we get the holidays, but that means an uneven spread of 'free time'. Just training in the holidays is not a feasible way to do it, I at least need to tick over three times a week in term time. At the moment I am only managing two runs, so something has to give if I am ever going to get out from being at the back in everything but London.

Having written that down I think that is why I want to do London again and again - because I know I will not be last.

I managed to get out and run on Tuesday morning but only a couple of miles - although I was up early enough to run further I also had some books to mark.

Saturday was the first 'long run' with TP since Amsterdam. She is still recovering from that, so we just went out for 6 miles. It was good, slow but good. We have not really chatted since the Amsterdam debacle, so she talked a lot about that - and seems more indignant than me! She did really well - she reckons she was so cross about me being pulled that it made her work hard to complete her race in good time and show the muppets what we are capable of!

She aid that she is having trouble finding someone to run with a the friendly club - the next slowest group want to run about a minute a mile quicker than she can sustain for 5 miles. On Wednesday she ran on her own, just doing speed reps along the stretch of road near the car park where we meet. So I have committed myself to going on Wednesday - and we will each do our own speed rep session then - it means we are together but not having to run together.

I have plotted out a schedule to take me to Brass Monkey, which happens to be a 12 mile weekend in Shades' 'Marathon on 3-4 runs a week schedule' so should I be running a marathon on 13th April, it will fit!

The long day on Friday finished with a parent's evenign followed by an East Midlands Curry Night - a dozen there, the usual suspects plus Plum, Rich and Trin and Tigerrunner and Mrs TR. So a good old natter. RunningTeenBeanz's coach lives in the village where we met, and was eating there too - so forumites dine alongside an international athlete!