Monday, 19 November 2007

proper injury :<(

After a bit of muscle strain last week, I've really done it now.

Supporting teenbeanz at his 10k race yesterday, I turned my knee in a pothole (I think) anyway it is now very swollen and sore. Sleeping was difficult.

The doc thinks it might be cartilage - and has said I'll be off work all week - its the stairs and the standing that are the problem.

And I have a physio appointment for tomorrow.

And rice rice rice ....



sue said...

Take care of that knee - as you say, rice, rice and more rice.

When you just bow the inevitable you'll relax about it rather than trying to fight the unfightable. This will help in the healing process and also give you some time to do your online Christmas shopping ;0)

womble said...

Oh poor thing :o( You make sure all those boy people in the house look after you.