Sunday, 24 February 2008

no running

Back at school after half term and the drive is kicking in again with my quads.

So I have wimped out of running, I have tried to do my quad strength and have remembered most mornings.
And I've stretched and taken the rolling pin or fingers to the ITB.

But no running.

However I did go and support at the National XC yesterday. It was at Alton Towers, which has lots of park land as well as scary rides.

This first picture shows part of the course which has gradually run downhill to the valley bottom.

There is then a rather steep climb up again:

Tigerrunner (in green) is attacking the hill!

Rather more scary than an Alton Towers ride.

Unfortunately RunnerBeanz had been missed off the club entry, so had to do without this particular thrill.

The Ladies did it twice, the Men and Junior Men three times, and everyone else just the once.

Sunday, 17 February 2008

another day, another run

Runnerbeanz was doing a hill session in the park yesterday, so I went down with him and plodded along in the sunshine - it was a glorious day, although there was a cold wind which made itself felt in the shade.
I did R1W2 again - but 7 reps this time, so progress :>)

This morning I have done all my exercises except the ITB rolling pin - must try to do that.

Now I am running again I shall have to make an effort with the sensible eating too, the pounds have crept on in the last few months.

Friday, 15 February 2008

back to it

I had a session with the sports therapist/torturer today. As I thought it's the ITB that is the problem - turns out that both legs are bad, though only one has been giving me trouble.
And ST has given me a whole new set of exercises to do, that put less pressure on the knee but will strengthen my quads and also my core (groan).

She is ordering me a ITB roller thing - meanwhile suggests I use a rolling pin (not to lie on but to rill up and down - like the stick) and lending me a wobble board - when someone returns one that has been lent!

I am seeing her again in 3 weeks, when she will check up how much progress I have made - so I'd better do them!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Running again!

This morning I went for a swim.

This evening I went for a run! Back to the beginning with run-walk so after a warm up walk I did R1W2 x 4 - just a little to test it out. So far no ill effects. The best bit was that I could do the 1 minute running ok - I had expected to struggle with my breathing but that side of it was fine, just don't want to overdo the legs.

Will try a few more reps on Thursday.

National XC is 23rd February at Alton Towers. Almost a home race, should be good and hilly.

English Schools XC is 8th March in Liverpool.

Friday, 8 February 2008

missing week

Last week I had an appointment at the hospital, to follow up a scan the previous week - all resulting in an unexpected follow-up this week - a girlie investigation involving a general anaesthetic - all went well, now to wait for the results. It has rather overshadowed the past week - both thinking about it and planning for the time off work.

So not much exercise at all - but I HAVE been trying to stretch before driving and that has helped - just the ITB to sort out now.

There was one happy note - last weekend runnerbeanz took part in the county schools XC championship for the last time - and qualified for English Schools - yippee!

Friday, 1 February 2008

what was going on below?

I was a little cruel to you readers - at least I did tell the girls that the pump was removing air from the flask, before I asked them to predict what would happen.
Removing air from the flask reduced the air pressure in the space around the marshmallows, which allowed the air bubbles inside the mms to expand. When I let the air back in they contracted spectacularly and looked rather wizened as their skin 'stretched' during the expansion.

On the running front - there isn't any. My quads and ITB are still giving me grief when I drive. I am managing to do the exercises most days, but I suspect I need to stretch more often, especially before I drive home.