Friday, 1 February 2008

what was going on below?

I was a little cruel to you readers - at least I did tell the girls that the pump was removing air from the flask, before I asked them to predict what would happen.
Removing air from the flask reduced the air pressure in the space around the marshmallows, which allowed the air bubbles inside the mms to expand. When I let the air back in they contracted spectacularly and looked rather wizened as their skin 'stretched' during the expansion.

On the running front - there isn't any. My quads and ITB are still giving me grief when I drive. I am managing to do the exercises most days, but I suspect I need to stretch more often, especially before I drive home.


womble said...

You'll be making sure that you're nicely warmed up before you do your stretching.... won't you?


Thanks for the explanation! Did they get to eat the marshmallows afterwards?

beanz said...

If by warmed up you mean moving, then yes - by the time I drive home I've been on my feet for most of the previous 9 hours, walking, and up and down the proverbial 43 steps.

Revrunner said...

Ugh! Your writing about your difficulty driving reminded me of how I had to have someone drive me home today from the race. Tried to drive myself, but every time I depressed the accelerator--ouch! Not sure what I'll do if I can't drive to work myself Monday.

LadyB said...

Hope you are looking after yourself, Beanz. Revrunner, take a few days off!