Wednesday, 31 May 2006

club run

a lovely evenig for a run - sunny, warm with a light breeze

a good turnout and everyoen set off in the same direction - across the fields for varying length runs

I was soon at the back of course

but had a good run - best ever mile outside a race - and another 3.7 miles to add to the tally

May has been my lowest mileage month since June last year - but recovery from FLM is now done and its onwards and upwards

Tuesday, 30 May 2006

oh what a beautiful morning!

I woke up early and the sun was shining in - given the last few days, I thought this would never last ...

... so on with the kit and off out the door

I decided to switch of the HRM meep and just see how it goes - into the park and taking a different route to the way we always go, usually it is steep downhill to the lake, this time I decided to do the running uphill at the start:

I just ran a couple of miles and walked some steep bits - should have stayed out for longer but needed to get back for a shower before the heating engineer came and shut off the water!

but 2 miles done

and then I got home and Coach had sent me a proper schedule to get me to Abingdon


I should be quicker this time - if I survive the schedule of course!

Sunday, 28 May 2006


Woke up in time to run before church - and it wasn't raining!

So this is the beginning of Abingdon training - and a very slow beginning it was just a 4 mile plod, keeping HR to 140.

anyway it was done

and then this afternoon I went for a swim with the teenbeanzes - it was not very busy so we each had a lane to ourselves - which kept the boys apart an so everyone managed to swim without physical contact!

after 20 lengths it was time for some games - who can sit on the bottom the longest, who can walk on their hands, who can maintain a handstand the longest, and who can swim the furthest on one breath - I only competed in the last one (I won!!) - I was judge for the others and fortunately honours were shared, though I think scoutbeanz should take up synchronised swimming he is so good at the handstands and walking on his hands - and no nose clip either!

Friday, 26 May 2006

new beginnings

as regular readers know, I have spent the last few years travelling rather a lot - meetings, training teachers .....

it had all begun to get very wearing

so when a teaching job came up at a (fairly) local school, after some thought and discussion with colleagues, I decided to lob in an application

I haven't taught for a long time but have kept up to date with developments - and even worked on them

and this work had made me want to try out the new ideas I was talking to teachers about

so yesterday I had an interview - which included teaching a lesson to a class of 14 yo girls - and I think I can still do it

and they offered me the job!

nothing in writing yet - but that is not an issue

a whole new life is around the corner

leaving the house before 7.30, doing a day's work and coming home to prepare for tomorrow

NOT travelling away and eating in hotels

will have to find a new way to fit the tranining in!

Wednesday, 24 May 2006

returning slowly

club run this evening

two new ladies turned up - they did the Derby 10k in 1:05 and 1:10 - my running partner XLS did 1:15 - so they are all quicker than me

but good old V60 was there too

we set off together and the ladies edged away, leaving V60 and me to chat

we ran out to 1.6 miles where I stopped for a stretch and he ran a little loop, picking me after 10 minutes and we ran back together, so 3.4 miles done - the quickest and furthest I've run since London and it felt ok

Sunday, 21 May 2006

running again

I haven't run for nearly two weeks - whch as you allknow is really frustrating

I have been doing my core stuff and stretching and that togetehr with the elbow digging on Wednesday seems ot have made a great difference

I realised today that I wasn't aching at all

so this afternoon it was off to the gym - I decided that was the place to try the running - could always stop if it was painful and no hills on the walk back

after warming up and stretching a ventured over to the tready, and just plodded for a couple of km - enough to get my HR up, but not wanitng to overdo it, I decided that would do for today and I will come back for a longer plod tomorrow

I am working at home for the next four weeks, so need to make the most of the time with the family, fitting in the exercise and eating well - a month could make a big difference!

Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Hope I am here now!

Apart from existential angst earlier today not much to report!

Had a session with the phyzz this morning - she had a good dig with her elbow - which relieved my back enormously

then we did some core strength stuff with the swiss ball - so I can do those at home

this evening was the Club 4 mile handicap

20 ran - I was a timekeeper

tigerrunner was quickest and teenbeanz was third quickest - so well pleased

TR does the handicaps so he came 14th, TB was 6th

it absolutely poured with rain and half the run was off road, so everyone came back spattered with mud - especially TB who decided to hit every puddle hard on the way back!

a good evenign was had by all - my exlady sprinter running partner won the handicap, so she was well chuffed

not much to say but testing ....

I seem to be writing blogs that appear in my list - and I get the email confirmation but they don't actually appear here!!

so does this one work?

later ....

well b-z can see it but I can't - weirder!

and later still .....

I've cleared my history ( which I shall probably regret) is that the same as the cache?
I've refeshed

but still this post is not visible when I go from my favourties to the blog

what next?

tried it in Firefox

and first it came with theold page and then I refreshed and it included this posting

and now its visible in IE too!


and the edit just above was not visiblew in IE until ihad refreshed it in Firefox????

I updated my Norton software yesterday

is Norton tryingto drive me to Firefox?

Saturday, 13 May 2006

More bluebells

Well here I am in Peterborough again - with lots of great offroad routes and I am not running :(

But yesterday a colleague told me of a bluebell wood close to the hotel.

So I've been for a wall lovely bluebells and also wild garlic - I didn't even know the path was there and it will add nicely to my other runs from this hotel.

And I came back and stretched (my back did ache) and I tried to recruit those elusive transverse abdominus (?) muscles too - they're difficult to find under the flab :(

later at home ......

pain in the butt is more noticeable

not helped by sitting in chairs and car all day - did kneel to type at laptop at one stage to straighten out!

need to lay off the walking and running for a bit I think

must concentrate on stretching and strengthening

Derby 10k tomorrow - I'm marshalling mrbeanz andteenbeanz are running

Friday, 12 May 2006


So a short swim this monring - but I am not convinced that breast stroke is the best thing for this to much of hte opening the hip movement - so just 400m and then the jacuzzi

and then the pain

Anna is a dab hand at finding the spot!

and she showed me some good stretches

and she gave me a strong talk about core exercises and recruiting the transverse abdominus (?)

so lots to do before I see her again on Wednesday!

Thursday, 11 May 2006


achey back has not gone away - and 6 hours on trains yesterday didn't help

so as suggested by coach, it was a swim today

not being in the class of some of the people here, I settled for 750m in about 30 minutes (I can't see the clock very well without my glasses!)

its a shame really because it is a glorious day

but driving back from the gym I could feel my back and also an ache in my bum - I think it is my piriformis (?)

so have a session with the masseuse tomorrow - that should sort me out!


I want to RUN

Tuesday, 9 May 2006

bad run.......... good walk

well that was pretty awful

I had planned a little 3 mile plod in the sunshine

but my legs weren't having any of it

after a mile my leg had tightened up and my back ached :<( so I cut it short and walked back through the woods - which was lovely :>))

bluebells in full colour, trees with new bright green buds, birds singing, squirrels leaping around ....

can't be down for long on a day like this

and still 2 miles in the pot!

Sunday, 7 May 2006

back home again

I had planned to swim, but there wasn't time before I went off to give blood.
Then on the road again - working with a friend until late then on to the hotel.
So no exercise :-(

Should have done some core strength in the morning but the hotel room was too small - not enough floor space!!

On to another industrial estate beside a motorway and another hotel.
Managed to do a short plod in the evening - might have gone further but I was aware that I was off road and no one had any idea where I was.
2 miles done

At least this hotel has a pool so a swim this morning

520 metres 20 minutes

No time for an evening plod - the meeting went on so there would be less to do on Sunday and an early escape on Sunday

Did not sleep well (ate too late?) and when alarm went off I turned over and went back to sleep - back ached from the day in teh meeting too.
DID do core strength exercises though.

And it still went on into the afternoon.

But home now :>)

Wednesday, 3 May 2006

getting back to it

Wednesday is club night, so as I was at home it seemed a good idea to go along

great to see people again and have a chat

and a plod

went off in my usual group - and decided I would run steady, not rush to keep up with ladyexsprinter, and kept my HR below 140 - which is my LSR pace usually

I let them go ahead and they fitted in an extra little loop - while I stretched after about 1.6 miles and then picked me up again and we came back together - until LXS pushed on at the end

so 3.3 miles done 45:12 AHR 140 - pushed it a bit up the last 0.3 up the hill!

its good to be back

off on my travels again tomorrow - so running in the flat lands again for a few days :>)