Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Hope I am here now!

Apart from existential angst earlier today not much to report!

Had a session with the phyzz this morning - she had a good dig with her elbow - which relieved my back enormously

then we did some core strength stuff with the swiss ball - so I can do those at home

this evening was the Club 4 mile handicap

20 ran - I was a timekeeper

tigerrunner was quickest and teenbeanz was third quickest - so well pleased

TR does the handicaps so he came 14th, TB was 6th

it absolutely poured with rain and half the run was off road, so everyone came back spattered with mud - especially TB who decided to hit every puddle hard on the way back!

a good evenign was had by all - my exlady sprinter running partner won the handicap, so she was well chuffed


Outsidenow said...

Sounds like great fun beanz.

C A D said...

Hi Beanz

Just catching up. Glad the Fizz has had a prod and poke and sorted things with your back. I get terrible back ache on long runs. Pix assures me it's core strength which I'm lacking (and she's right because I don't do any core work).

Glad to see the running is okay post-London.


Bedders said...

Hey Beanz, glad to hear the injury is clearing up. I have never run a handicap race. It sounds fun.