Saturday, 31 December 2005

keeping going

Woke up to torrential rain, which was washing away the snow nicely.

Had arranged to plod with TP - her return to running after weeks of virus and rotten chest (seems to be a lot of it around). Decided as she had not plodded for ages a tready session would be better than her not completing the route.

So tready it was, now this shoud have been an 'easy' session for me as I have my long run tomorrow. But I find it difficult to do easy on the tready.

However 4 miles done - some pyramids, some hill walking and some at around 145-150 HR.

Its long run day, but did not wake until 8.00 so up then for some porage and then back to bed for an hour to finish reading Going Postal the latest Pratchett in paperback, that I had for Christmas.

Then up and out - a new route, suggested by mrbeanz, which takes quieter roads out and then my usual main road back.

I have realised that all my runs are hard work - have been running at 145 HR, which is too hard to maintain, so I have dropped the max down to 140 on my Garmin.

This is the first outside run at this new rate. The consequence of this is I am having to learn to plod more slowly without dropping into a walk :>)

First mile is basically downhill to the river, so fairly easy. Then the route begins its undulating climb to a much higher point than my other out and back route.
Once past the toxic 15, I began to enjoy myself, especially as this part was on a road I rarely drive along, and part of it I have never even driven, so all new and different. As the Sun broke through I had fantastic views across the Derwent valley.

My HRM lost signal from time to time and occasionally registered signals of 230 bpm!!! but I am still here to to tell the tale and just kept plodding comfortably.

Reached the turn and found I had done about 5 miles - so it was going to be 9 miles not the planned 8. Keeping to HR140 seems to have been a good idea - the return plod was much more comfortable than the same 4 miles 10 days ago.

Phoned teenbeanz when I was 1.5 miles out and he came out to meet me and did some fartlek stuff looping round me for the last mile home.

Arrived home not feeling too knackered and like I could have gone further if necessary. :>))

So the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:59 139 downhill
2 13:43 139
3 14:03 143 rising
4 13:44 151 climbing
5 13:24 149 still undulating
6 13:31 140 coming home
7 13:32 139 nice and steady
8 13:54 138 this is uphill
0.98 15:02 137 killer hill warm down
9.98 13:48 142 2:03:55

Running on the flat I reckon I can plod along comfortably at 13:30 pace or even a bit quicker - which gives a half marathon time of 2:58 for Brass Monkey. Given my last two were over 3 hours, I would be pleased with that - although I did 2:43:27 last time, which is about 12:30 pace! No chance of that I suspect.

So that's 2005 running done - though there is a local 5km at midnight mmm?

Perhaps not, it is even more vertically 'undulating' than today's route I believe.

Anyway a happy beanz today.

Wednesday, 28 December 2005

snow and ice = treadmill

so very cold today, definitely the wrong conditions for a pavement run and did not feel like icy feet from running in the park

off to the gym this afternoon for the treadmill -

10 minutes cross trainer to warm up

then 4 miles on the tready - first two as [pyramids up to 8.0 km/hr and down again in 10m steps

the second half run at 70-80% HR, adjusting incline and pace to keep HR in that zone

4 miles 54 minutes AHR 145

Tuesday, 27 December 2005

Christmas is over

That's it then, Christmas is over, the relations have gone home and I'm back on my computer - stayed off for nearly 3 whole days!!

Furnace Inn 5k Boxing Day Race
Did this for the first time last year, with my brother. Unfortunately this year he had a bad back so he just came to carry the bag. But mrbeanz and teenbeanz were fit to run, so we gathered at the start - and this year I knew lots more of the other runners, which was good.

The course starts at a pub, runs through a lovely park (which some of the local runners use for hill training) and along the river - mostly along part of my 4 mile off road route. (Last year it missed a bit out down a steep road in the village, owing to the icy conditions.)

So off we go, I started with my V60 club running partner and another 'slow' lady, but the initial hills caused me to drop back from them, a few walks there I am afraid.

After the first mile or so I am at the back, apart from a couple of fancy dress 'Little Britain' runners who have a weheel chair which one of them rides in on the down hill bits, btut they push empty u the hills and across the grass. As we come back with about a quarter of a mile togo they decide they cannot go any further and drop staright down to the finish instead of completing the last killer loop! I wonder if they are the same two chaps who wore santa suits last year and dipped out of the last loop?

So I am definitely last now, tracking a couple of ladies about 100 metres ahead. I keep going but cannot quite catch them before the finish.

As usual I hated the first fifteen minutes, hated the hills, but enjoyed finishing.

So the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:02 152 uphill and on grass
2 11:47 147 downhill and level!
3 12:38 150 level and up
0.11 12:08 169 race for the finish!
3.11 12:28 150 38:51

So does this tell me anything for FLM?

Mainly that I must lose weight, and keep training of course!!

Oh, and teenbeanz beat mrbeanz - for the first time in a race!!

Disposed of all the relatives this morning, taking my Mum home and driving back through snow flurries, reminded me that there may be soem cold training runs ahead.

The plan is written and the rest of the week requires :
a couple of 4 milers and an 8 miler.
I must take the first opportunity of decent weather to do the 8 miler, as the 4 milers can always be done on the tready.

Saturday, 24 December 2005

Christmas Eve

Just to record run!

to the gym for the treadmill - trying to make my legs work hard once a week when I can get on a tready

so pyramids - ramping speed up a notch every 100 m and then down again and up again and ....

6.4 km - 4 miles done
max speed 8 km/hr
AHR - don't know - forgot to switch watch off at the end!!

and now its over to Christmas and family

must wrap the prezzies

Happy Christmas one and all

Thursday, 22 December 2005

FLM again!

after FLM this year I said I wouldn't do it again until I had lost weight and was running more quickly

wel I have not lost weight

and my last two half marathons have been my slowest

so I did not enter the ballot

but the club had a place spare - scandalously only 4 people put in for the five places!

so tonight I went down there and asked if the fifth place was still free

and it was

so I now have the forms .....

and a number

so I have to start NOW

Lessons learned from last time?

  • choose a plan and stick to it - last time I started on Hal Higdon's then tried to revert to base training - running every day, got injured and lost a lot of training time
  • don't miss the long runs - which means don't try doing them on a Sunday - it messes up the weekend for the family
  • don't think that just becasue I am running I can eat what I like - refuel properly

So this time

  • Follow Hal Higdon's novice schedule but do the long runs from the intermediate - as I am already ahead of where his long runs start from
  • Aim to run long runs on a Monday - it will mean running alone, but I will have to do that mostly anyway and it will not mess up family life - just have to book them in my diary NOW
  • Be flexible about the days I run - I have to be to fit in with the times I work away - and this schedule has 4 days running, 1 day cross traing and 2 rest days which is realistic I think
  • Eat properly and get the refuelling on long runs sorted

That will do for now .......................

all comments welcome!

especially from the professionals ( that's you, Womble)

Wednesday, 21 December 2005

"long" run done

no more procrastination I just had to do it

one of mrbeanz's routes to work takes himout along hte mian road i used to do my long runs along
so I decided the only way to do this was to get him to drop me 8 miles out and I would run back

So up at 6.30 for a banana and a drink

then dropped at 7.40 8 miles from home

and plodded back - taking energy drink and phone and emergency pound coin

now considering this route is along the Derwent Valley - following the river down, there always seem to be a lot of undulations, but at least runnign all one way, you don't end up thiking at every downwards stretch 'I'm going to have to go back up on the return'

anyway first couple of miles warming up, stiff calves needed a lto of stretching

then around about 4 miles my right foot feels strange - sort of numb/pins and needles/as though my sock is rucked up; pausew to take shoe oiff but no sign of trouble, now these are my older pair of shoes and not a perfect record of miles done in them (probably around 300), but maybe the cushioning is going considering how overweight I am

anyway, after a few pauses and concerns about this, about a mile later it seems ok again - strange though

next few miles tick away ok, and all of a sudden its the last mile and killer hill!

teenbeanz wanted to do a gentle recovery mile or so after his hard session last night, so I give him a call and suggest he plods to meet me, which he does - it is so good to run together

he does a bit of looping and I do some walking and we return home together

the numbers

Mile Pace AHR
1 14:23 140 stiff calves
2 13:51 137 more stretching
3 14:01 139 numb foot
4 13:37 138
5 13:54 140
6 14:04 139
7 14:20 138 uphill now
8 15:48 135 killer hill
0.09 15:50 120 walking!!
8.09 14:16 138 1:55:27

so now to plan next week's run!

club social evening tonight so maybe I'll ask my V70 running partner if he fancies a 9 miler at the end of next week


V70 doesn't want to do the long runs as he has races each weeekend!!

So its back to the solo runs until Pixie is back on form

but other news .... my first claim club has a spare place for FLM - eeek - I got a place with them last year in the draw - this year no draw, 4 takers for 5 places - wonder if I should phone and find out if it has been taken?

Sunday, 18 December 2005

the weekend

Friday evening
East Midlands Social - this all began to fall apart about a month ago when we realised we needed two - so part 1 was last week
June and Coz

Pixie and Steady

beanz and Pixie

Part 2 fell apart earlier in the week when fotoman cried off wit the lurgy - so that was Suzy Q out too - looking after fotoman
then Muzzy had a bad back and could not make it either
and finally Little Miss Happy - usually the life and soul of the soical was laid low and had to send mark and Robin without her

however Jars and Mr Jars made it - and Mrbeanz made one of his rare visits into forumland

Robin, mark*w, MrJars, MrBeanz, Jars

(teenbeanzes had to settle for Dominos Pizzzas, though running teenbeanz did point out as a forum runner he shoudl have been there)

and we had a good time :>)

supposed to be long run day, so up for breakfast at 8ish then dressed and off to the shops before getting changed for my run

But where to run 8 miles on my own and not on the horrid cambers of the A6?

I have to find another strategy for long slow plods - I just cannot get out the door on my own - too much to contemplate as I cannot find a local long safe route, without loops and thinking about carrying drinks etc - it all defeats me at the moment

So I chickened out again and settled for a 4 miler in the park - could have done that twice or the bottom two mile loop three times, but just could not face it - I knew I would not do the repeat loops

So the run down the hill in to the park and along the river, then back up the hill - steeper back up to start with and then a gradual climb home.

Mile Pace AHR
1 12:49 132 lots of downhill in this bit
2 13:14 139 down along the river here
3 15:00 141 back up the hill - some steep walking bits here
4 14:03 141 mostly a gradual climb
0.14 15:04 145 last climb home
4.14 13:49 139 under 14:00 pace - yee hah!

It WAS a lovely run and I did enjoy it but was cross with myself for droppping out of the 8 miler I promised myself.

But on Tuesday I am going to run 9 miles withPixie - so no chickening out of that one!


No running today - visitors for lunch, so up early for food prep not a run.

And then too stuffed to run later.

But 60 mince pies made (and some eaten) and the tree decorated at last.

well everyone's putting their trees in their blogs, so here's ours -not real I'm afraid

and here are our Christmas people amid the sheep and other animals

Friday, 16 December 2005

gym again

so I had that end of term feeling today

dropped the teenbeanzes at school and on to the gym

cross trainig was the plan - but I have decided to skip the squats as I hav espotted a pattern of injury after squat exercises in the past

so tready - bike - cross trainer-tready - 35 minutes altogether - no time for more and included 2.1 km on teready

then off for haircut

oops did not factor in breakfast, but manged to get a banana and a cereal bar at the gym

then shopping - now I am not your average female shopaholic - mainly cos I am oversized and just get depressed by not fitting into anything that I like and not liking seeing me in anythign that will fit :<(

but I do need some new black work trousers - so it has to be done

off to M&S two piars of trousers that fit JUST - a good incentive to keep the eating under control

on ot Debenhams lookign ofr Coloured tops for Christmas - cannot go on wearing back all the time - but what has happened to Debenhams??? It has lost all its decent clothes and its all tat for the young :<( :<((

so a couple of Maine t-shirty tops will have to do

a few pressies bought too and then back home for a sandwich and glass ofg milk and I feel knackered TOTM doing its stuff

so off for a snooze

then collect teenbeanzes

and shortly get ready for the East Midlands Social (Part 2)

so no work done, apart from a couple of emails replied to

and tax form not done yet eeek!

beginning to panic abotu things left undone

must get an ordered jobs list

Thursday, 15 December 2005


you don't normally read reports of wildlife when people do a run on the tready, but the gym has three treadmills that look out over the River Derwent to some wasteland, which I think is a former industrial site

you cannot actually see the river, but the trees along its banks mark its route

I always choose a tready there - back to the rest of the gym, no mirrors - although at night you can see yourself reflected in the windows

why am I telling you all this?

well normally I just put on the music, and watch the cyclists on the path by the river, telling myself I will not look at the numbers until the next person come into view - tready equivalent of running to the next lampost!

but today the sun was up and the birds were flying, first a cormorant (or was it a shag?) then a fleet of mallards

then a great grey heron - it was magnificent!

oh and the running?

well the schedule said 4.5 miles with TP - but she is still coughing and spluttering so it was me and the tready, so I decided to go for 'speed pyramids'

did 3.2 miles in 45 minutes - including warm up and cool down AHR 134

not the 4½ I was supposed to do, but just couldn't keep going any longer and needed to get on with the day

so I am wasting it here instead!

Tuesday, 13 December 2005


woke up yesterday to find soggy carpets and a leaky pipe

that meant moving lots of stuff so we could see how much damage has been done - bubbling wallpaper, soggy wool carpet

I did manage to do some core and glutes exercise and stretching - left leg still sore, so no run planned - in fact it was as Hal says - strength and stretch!

found difficulty in getting to sleep - finding a comfortable position with sore leg was difficult - eventually had ibuprofen and paracetomol, which seemed to sort it

not so stiff this morning

but lack of sleep, TOTM and niggly teenbeanzes meant a horrid start to the day

and I could not go out cos I had to wait for the plumber

and now he has been it is a bit late to go the gym as I have to go for a train to London soon - leg still too sore to run, but had hoped to get on the X-trainer and do some upper body stuff

ah well, maybe too tired anyway

will see phyzz if leg not better soon

plan for next few days

so training plan for the next week

Tuesday core strength, glutes and stretch
Wednesday working in London - not exactly rest but just some stretching
Thursday 4.5 miles with TP - are whatever she can manage
Friday gym
Saturday 8 miles
Sunday 4.5 miles by river
Monday rest day
Tuesday 9 miles with Pix - off road

Sunday, 11 December 2005

Sunday run

so I've been putting it off for over a week and now I have to do it

mrbeanz and teenbeanz went out and did 6 miles at 8.00 but I was going to take a lot longer for my 7 miles, so we could not go together and I needed to fuel up first

I have just read that Pixie fuels up on energy bars just before her long run, I tend to go for the porage two hours before - which means early morning long runs are not ideal

so breakfast at 10, off to church and then back to run by 1.00

after much debate about route I decided on my usual long run route up the main road, as I was running alone, I am not keen on the rather isolated off road route

a glorious day for a run - clear blue sky, December so sunny but not hot and not much of a breeze

so off I plodded, not too bad, but back begins to remind me its been aching after about a mile, but I am determined to keep going for at least 2 miles before listenig to any aches, as I know that once I am warmed up it will all be different

by 2 miles I am beginning to feel ok about this and plodding nicely

out to the end of the route, and it is not quite 3.5 miles, the first time I have done this run since my garmin days, and I always thought it WAS 3.5 miles to here, ah well

and back home, into the sun to begin with - pleased I brought my cap

seems to be going well until I hit killer hill - and then my back really begins to ache, and the last mile is hard, lots of walking, with little jogs in between

and home for a drink and stretch and a warm shower

and then my left leg began to ache - like it has not done for some time

I have not been doing my exercise prescribed by the phyzz as I should it did not ache like this after Leeds or any other runs recently

it occurs to me that there are some dodgy cambers on this run, and I notice them on the way out when my left leg is downhill, but not on the way back along the same path

maybe this route is the cause of the ache as I have not done more than a mile or so along this route for some months

the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:56 131
2 14:16 138
3 13:54 142
4 13:59 141
5 13:29 143
6 13:40 141
0.88 15:32 136
6.88 1:37:00 139

so looking for the half full glass, negative split over the 'running' miles!!

Saturday, 10 December 2005

cross training for Christmas

not much exercise - waiting in for deliveries I did a little core stuff

but then the Christmas East Midlands Social - part 1 - we need two, cos not everyone could make either date

so there was Steady and June (Mrs Steady), coz, Pixie and me. It was quite strange, because Steady had met mrbeanz and teenbeanz at the Sinfin 10k in the Summer so they refer to me as MrsBeanz! A small but select group.

We had a good meal and natter and finshed early - not quite the riotous assembly of a London Social!


with scoutbeanz off for a winter camp in Sherwood Forest (but in huts not tents) we have teenbeanz to ourselves

he wanted a haircut so we decided to get into town early and have a go at the shopping before it got too busy

a tiring 1½ hours later we were on our way home with heavy bags and I ahd an aching back from hard pavements

so the plan to run 7 miles did not seem so clever now, but I could not do NOTHING, so after a coffee and a banana it was off to the gym, where I did a good hour of upper body stuff and stretched out my back

and as teenbeanz is off to the AC disco tonight we may have a rare evening at home together :>))

a better day

Thursday, 8 December 2005

little runs

Club night, in London but arrived back in plenty of time. While I knew it was the AGM I sort of didn't twig we would be running early to be back to shower and meet.

So when I got there there almost everyone had gone.

Fortunately one of the V60s was around and he went out with me - looping the loop while I went round the block and then off for a longer run on his own - thanks N. So that was just 1.7 miles done.

Then the AGM - a friendly affair that lots of people came to - and a chance to learn a few more names.

Up to get the teenbeanzes off to school and out for a plod to make up some of the miles from last night but an achey back meant I did nto go as far as planned. 2.3 miles done and then home to stretch. A shame, becuase it was a lovely morning as the Sun came up.

Back still aches, so will not be running tomorrow - must get back to core exercises again.

Hope to do a 7 miler at the weekend, all being well.

Monday, 5 December 2005


so was planning a long run today

7 miles - ok not long but longer for me

but too long to do on no brekkie, so there I was eating porage at 6.30

then at 8.30 I was falling asleep at my desk, advantage of working from home is I go and lie down

next thing I know its 10.45 and I have not run and now I really don't want to take my fat body on the streets in broad day light

and I have work to do anyway

so I have not been

will try to go to the gym tonight

road to hell is paved with my good intentions

Later that day .................
Thanks for all the kind and supportive comments

I thought gymm plans were going to be sabotaged when the teenbeanzes came home and announced that we were needed at school for a parents evening at 7 an dthen scoutibenaz had to be transported to the other side of town for his meeting .......

however I managed to get my act together, cook and eat tea, go to the meeting take scoutbeanz, and then get the gym for 8.45 - much later than I am used to

so warm up on the cross-trainer - should have been 10 minutes but met a couple of peeps to chat to so it was 20 minutes ...

then on to the tready - heavy legs and fast beating heart, but I did a couple of km and then loads of stretching and the foam roller on the ITB - ouch!

and home to find out what else has been going on in the teenbeanzes' lives

and loggin my little plod revelas I have passed 500 miles for the year- and beaten last year's total with 4 weeks to go

so ending the day more postively than it began :>))

Saturday, 3 December 2005

back in Cambridge

I optimistically thought that Cambridge running meant flat running


Forgot that the hotel is close to Castle HILL


So my route this morning inevitably included the hill – it was that or running across the open spaces in the dark, alone – not such a good idea


Ah well it was a very slow climb so that to be honest I hardly noticed it


Anyway 3 miles done and now off to breakfast and then a full day meeting


And the same tomorrow

Wednesday, 30 November 2005

club run

out with the friendly club tonight

there is a chap, P, who is a vet of some considerable years who has decided he will look afterme - which is really nice, he is happy to plod round with me, chat adn encourage

so we repeated our run from 3 weeks ago, but I did not stop for stretching and only walked to cross roads and up the steep bridge over the island - much better than a week ago and about a minute quicker for 3.2 miles :>)

I really must make the effort to get there every week - it is so good to run with someone who keeps you going

in response to pixie's plans, I have nothing so structured

I have Hal Higdon's beginner schedule to work on - but trying to make my long runs build up a bit more than he does - he only goes to 10 miles the week before the race, I would like to get a bit closer to 13.

So I am trying to run 4 times a week - plus if possible, a session at the gym for core strength, plus my core stuff I can do at home or in a hotel room - asssuming there is enough floor to lie down on!

And eat properly too - that has been a real struggle recently.

Tuesday, 29 November 2005


Some numbers from Sunday

Mile Pace AHR time
1 12:58 150 12:58
2 14:07 148 27:05
3 12:59 151 40:04
4 13:12 153 53:16
5 13:05 152 1:06:21
6 13:48 147 1:20:09
6.2 12.25 154 1:23:24

I was looking back at the first six miles of Robin Hood, which was not a good run.

Mile Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Leeds AD

Leeds AD
1 12:59


2 13:59


3 13:08


4 13:38


5 13:12


13:05 152
6 14:08


13:48 147

The Leeds run was marginally quicker - but, more to the point, at a lower heart rate - so maybe I am getting fitter.

I knew all that data would come in handy sometime!


So today, I was originally going to run outside, needed to do 4 miles, but the teenbeanzes have rotten colds, so I offered to take them to school and then go on to the gym - have not been for ages.

I started off planning to do yassos - but setting my target time as 6 hours for a marathon gives 8 km/h on the tready - and that is very hard work. So after one 800m at 8km/h and recovery 200m at 6 km/h and then 200m at 7 km/h I decided to do a pyramid speed session.

It goes like this:

warm up to 7 km/h in first 400 m then increase by 0.1 km/h each 100 metres, up to 7.5 km/h (which is quicker than my average pace on Sunday, so first target) then back down in steps to 7 km/h, recovery at 6.o for 100 metres then up again. Repeat until 6.4 km (4 miles ) done.

next time I shall do the same thing but go up to 7.6 km/h

the thing is, I do find the tready hard going, so need to have some variety in there to keep me going, and 100m slots are short enough to do that

beautiful blue sky outside now - so I must go and do something in the garden, as this is supposed to be a day off

Sunday, 27 November 2005

Running again

So Leeds Abbey Dash
Up early to drive to Leeds - worried about getting lost or the roads being closed - so I arrived very early. Fortunately I was parking at RunnyBunny's office, so I had somewhere warm to wait and meet friends.
Eventually I met up with RB, XB, Ailsa, Jars and MrJars, Elephant Feet and Daffy.
Ailsa, Daffy and I started at the back and planned to plod round together.
It didn't start well when the paramedics and police bikes passed us within minutes of the start, releasing the traffic into our lane of the dual carriageway. This meant moving onto the pavement and lots of fumes - ugh.
Next hazard was being ignored by the marshals, who stood on the central reservation, watched us waiting to cross and then told us we didn't need to - wasted a minute or so there.
This is an out and back course so soon (about 3km) the front runners were coming back!
I thing this made me speed up because I drew away from Ailsa and Daffy (sorry pals). I was plodding ok and felt I had a demon to deal with - missed the last two races and messed up the two before that. So I didn't wait for them. (I do feel guilty about that but there were two of them.)
Saw Tracey Morris and BarnsleyRunner running well the other way and soon all the forum friends were coming back too.
Encouragement from fast peeps kept me going and soon I was at the Abbey and the turn round.
My target time was 85 minutes - predicted by fetcheveryone, based on training times. I seemed to be keeping to 8.5 minute kms so it was looking good, and at this point I remembered Trinity's tactic in ultras (ok I KNOW this isn't an ultra) - you run your mile (or in this case km) and if you arrive ahead of time you allow yourself to walk to the end of the time.
So I used this tactic on the return half. I gradually caught up with a few stragglers which is a good morale booster. I was then overtaken by faster bloke whose car had broken down!
Coming back into the city there was a nasty little hill just before the end. Then I could see the town hall and the finish!
Made it in 1:23:24 on the Garmin so very pleased. A pb of course as it was my first

Thursday, 24 November 2005


another train journey to London - with a chance to read papers for the meetign and then relax

a walk along the embankment to the meeting and then back 4 hours later

sitting on the train on the way home I realised that my cold seems to be easing - no longer bunging up my sinuses :>)

back to London tomorrow then to Brum for Friday evening and Saturday

then Leeds

feeling more positive now

thanks for the support, peeps

Wednesday, 23 November 2005


this is a non running beanz here - have not run for 10 days now - a combination of stinking cold, lots of travelling and tough days and TOTM has laid me very low

and now snow is forecast for Sunday :<(

and I have to drive up to North Yorkshire anyway on Sunday - planning to go on after a brunch with forum pals

but the prospect of getting up before dawn to drive north is not enthralling at the moment

Sunday, 20 November 2005

still no running

I have nto run since Monday

today was matthew walker Xmas Pud 10k was planning to do it but just could not imagine running with this cold



so I am rather fed up

however teenbeanz ran and did 45:49 - not quite a PB but a tougher course than his last couple of races so he was pleased.

really want to run Leeds next weekend with some forumite friends

so need to get rid of the cold

off to Gateshead tomorrow - want to arrive in time to see the Millenium Bridge

Wednesday, 16 November 2005

it started well......


after not running in the relay I HAD to get out on Monday so went over to see TP - lots of nice cycle tracks and nothing too undulating

its going to be a matter of exploring the routes I think - we wanted about 4 miles - didn't do quite that far but an encouraging run:

Mile Pace AHR time
1 14:40 134 14:40
2 14:07 147 28:47
3 12:58 145 41:45
0.76 12:45 151 54:30
3.76 13:41 144 51:30

so I was getting faster - this is definitely a function of warming up - and calf was a lot less tight - just a little stretch after 1 mile and then it was ok

walked a little in the first couple of miles when HR went skyhigh, but from about 2 miles only slowed to cross the odd road

a good run

the fetcheveryone predictor says I should do the 10K in 85 minutes - but this first one on Sunday is HILLY and muddy so I am not getting too optimistic - last runner last year was about 85 minutes


travelled up to York on Monday afternoon ready to do some training on Tuesday

decided not to take my kit because I knew we'd be starting work at 8.00 and that would mean running in a strange place in the dark

however had plenty of exercise , my fell-running friend and I spent a lot of time carrying piles of paper up two flights of stairs


Wednesday is club night and after a good run last week, I was fully intending to go, but the cold that has been hanging over me for a few days took a turn for the worse, so I decided that running on a freezing cold evening was not the best way to look after it

of course it doesn't feel so bad this evening :<(

however it was probably for the best, as I have not been spending much time at home recently so an evening at home cooking and washing up with the teenbeanzes took the strain off mrbeanz a bit

off to London then Cambridge tomorrow - will take my kit and see how I feel on Friday morning

Sunday, 13 November 2005

High Peak Relay 2005

scroll down for pics!

not blogging for just a few days seems to make it harder to get going again

but I met up with EvilPixie today, so back in blogiverse

life is just so hectic at the moment that I can't quite rememebr what I am supposed to be doing where and when - last week finished in Durham and then Bath - took my kit but didn't run on Friday mornign when the alarm went off I just decided I needed the sleep

back home Saturday evening and straight into organising for the High Peak Relay - while I was away I had texts and emails about team members were dropping out - injuries, incoperative wives, forgetting all about it ........

mrbeanz did sterling work in working out the logistics of how two drivers could get everyone to the start of their races and yet not leave anyone hanging around getting cold at the end of their run

I was busy making the usual batch of flapjack for refuelling

and worrying - especially for the newbies, would they enjoy it or hate the hanging around for just a few miles running?


The day dawned bright and beautiful and stayed that way - the drive up into the Peak was full of autumn colours, absolutely glorious

as we drove up the A6 past Belper I could not believe I used to run out along there in my FLM training - did I really run that far?

a phone call from Pix signalled that at least one runner was in place at the start - and we were nearly there

arriving in a car park heaving with whippets is always disconcerting, but we met up with our forum team mates - Little Miss Happy, mark*w, Muzzy, Suzy Q, Photoman (MrQ), Space Cadet, Robin and of course Pixie - final team member, teenbeanz had come with us, Mrbeanz was injured and not running but was going to drive a support car, as was MrQ

all present and all ready to run!
the next three hours were spent driving round the countryside dropping off and collecting runners - the master plan all worked out brilliantly - in spite of a major road closure we did not know about until we saw the diversion signs!

mrbeanz & suzyq check the logistics

Little Miss Happy warms up for leg 3

(left) Muzzy prepares for Leg 5 with a broad smile

Dave Denton, Mastermind of the whole thing briefs leg 7

at the start of leg 7 Dave Denton admires teenbeanz's Aldi gloves!

SuzyQ finishes leg 8 strongly

everyone enjoyed their runs,

people running the same leg as last year beat their previous times

and this year we were not last!!

in fact we came 44/48 - so well pleased

teenbeanz, mrbeanz, Robin, LMH, mark and Pixie after finishing off the flapjack

if you fancy this race next year is 12th November - get it in the diary!

yet more pics here

Tuesday, 8 November 2005

not a runner

after a couple of good runs last week I am now completely useless

dutifully went to the gym cos that was what I had decided - in spite of the fact that it was a LOVELY morning

went on the tready looking out over the nice flat riverside path (which I've just remembered I don't do on my own)

Aim to do 4 yassos (4x800m) at 8 km/h - managed 3 a couple of weeks 2 weeks ago so supposed to increase them
Did ONE and my legs were not liking it, so reduced the pace a bit and did 400s with 200 walking intervals instead - decided I needed to do 5.5 km - nearly 3.5 miles as that was one of my Hal Higdon targets for the week.

So managed 5.5 km of intervals, but the quick bits were only 7.5 km/h which is 8 minute km or 12.8 mm - I suppose it IS faster than I usually run, so will have done some good

TP's day off so yes we can do a run, but not from the gym cos she doesn't want to be called in and they are short staffed.

So from my house or hers? I have loads to do so she came here. But i cannot drag her out on teh main road at 10.00 am - too trafficy, so we go donw to the park. But that is even more 'undulating' and I wimp out almost cpmpletely and we walk back. I feel so sluggish this week.

And I've enetered my first 10k in less than 2 weeks and I will be last (really last runner last year was 85 minutes, which is what I am runnning on teh flat) and it is hilly and ........

but I must not moan about being last 'cos somebody has to and I tell teenbeanz it doesn't matter, but .....


High Peak Relay
Last year a crowd of forumites ran the High Peak Relay - reportand pics here .

The plan is to do it again this year - all seemed to be going smoothly until other things got in the way - injuries, XC leagues ....
So as of today we have 9 runners for 10 legs - the runners are of varying paces and it would be really good to do a quicker time than last year - and maybe even not come last - hence my reason for not running!
Pix has nobly offered to do two legs and even a longer one - we'll see what transpires.

I am going to see if I can persuade someone from the club who is not doing XC to do a leg.

Who'd be team manager eh?

Sunday, 6 November 2005

home for a few days and trying to catch up on family and work stuff

Sunday is long run day right?

but now my long run is getting longer (ok only up to 6 miles but it takes me a long time) it is getting harder to fit into Sundays

woke at 7, heard the rain hitting the window at about 90 degrees and decided I could not face going out for 6 miles withouth breakfast and no time ot eat, digest and then run before church, so went back to sleep

woke at 8.30 and then its a rush to get organised for Church

back from church, MrBeanz and teenbeanz went for their run and I didn't - excuse there is no time for me to do 6 miles before lunch

after lunch - need to digest, do a few other things and then get the evening meal in the oven and now its getting dark

so after a load of pathetic excuses, I have not run

what I should have done is gone out for a shorter run instead of nothing :<(( lesson learned - need to reschedule longer run away from Sunday - as I am working for the next five Saturdays its going to have to go on to Mondays most weeks I think so what happened while I was away?

I DID get to the club on Wednesday night and a couple of peeps plodded with me - pulling me round 3.6 miles in an average pace of 13:34 which is slow and not much faster than my power walking, but is the best pace I have done on the road for a while.

And I DID run on Friday morning 3.2 miles at 13:36

So what about this week?

TP wants to run on Tuesday, but it is forecast heavy rain, which she hates, so will she want to do 6 miles in the rain? Or shall I do 6 miles tomorrow on the grounds she will not want to go out? Maybe I can cope with two 6 milers on the trot, but its club on Wednesday, so tha would be three 'hard' days on the trot.


Monday gym - yassos 4 x 800 m at 8 km/h = 12 mm pace
Tuesday run with TP or alone
Wednesday club run 3.6 miles

day trip to Durham then on to Bath - no chance of a run

Friday hotel in Bath so find a run in the morning
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday High Peak Relay - may be running or just driving

Tuesday, 1 November 2005

From Durham

So one down one to go.

Yesterday I did the same presentation four times - it was difficult to be sure whether I included everything in the last one!

Did all my core stuff yesterday - crunches, sit-ups and various glute strengtheners.
And done them all again today :>)

I do still have races planned - 2 10ks in November, the first I will have done, and a good chance of being last in the first one.
The trouble is that most races are on a Sunday morning, which is not good from a family/church point of view.

Ah well home tonight :>)

Sunday, 30 October 2005

Back running

On the iron tablets now and the apricots too

Now on the road again (well rail actually) so blogging by email
teenbeanz needed to do a tempo run today so we went down to the river path, which is reasonably flat. 3 miles for me and 4 for him.

An extra hour in bed - still seem to need lots of sleep.
But looked out of the window and saw it wasn't raining so I got on my kit and out the door.

5 miles done average pace 13:45 which is good news given my hilly route.

Should have been doing Worksop half today. I was sorry to miss seeing loads of forumites including the quick peeps from the daily training thread and the derby social crowd too. But pleased I decided not to run.

Now in Manchester - stuff to do here tomorrow then up to Durham for Tuesday and then home for a day. I WILL run with club on Wednesday .

Thursday, 27 October 2005


not sure what is going on here, getting my act together to run is just hard

meet TP - it was absolutely pouring down and silly to go out in it when we were at the gym - so we did Yassos instead - for a 6 hour marathon that is 6 minutes for 80 m easy calculation - 8 km/h - not all that quick really, but we did them, maybe should go for a notch or two quicker next time. Total distance 5 km - so that's a 3 mile run out of the way this week.

planned to work at home (done) around some core stuff, but just didn't get round to it - so ZERO

teenbeanz has a training schedule from coach at club - which includes 25 minute recovery runs on Mondays and Wednesdays - so that was we set off to do - but did not plan a long enough route, but we need to make it a block and a half to fill his time
then off to see studentbeanz, so walkign but no more running

was going to get up and run first thing, but we all slept late and by the time I got up the traffic was full blast and I couldn't face running up the busy road and TOTM has kicked in
thought I might go to the gym this evening - then remembered I am giving blood this afternoon so will not be up to the gym after that

and I have work to do

and ....................................


edit later
blood rejected - low iron count, but not low enought to be anaemic

so does mean I could go out for a plod in the morning

watch this space

or not

Sunday, 23 October 2005

Good weekend

Friday social

A small but select group of forumites met on Friday night - LMH and mark, SuzyQ and MrSuzyQ (who has now become a forumite and has his own name - fotoman), Muzzy and Rory Coleman - famous mad ultra man and inventor of Marathon of Britain

I think I volunteered to crew at the MOB 2006 - subject to MrBeanz agreement - more of that later.

Off to visit friends in flattest Lincolnshire - had planned to plod a couple of miles early, but didn't make it - however we did walk a couple or three miles at Gibraltar Point - fantastic Nature Reserve - lots of geography - and birds too!

Good to meet up with old friends - mrbeanz's friends really and they were able to tell the teenbeanzes all sorts of tales of mrbeanz's mis-spent student days - so what they thought might be a boring trip turned out all right in the end!

Up fairly early for a four mile plod. Good clear autumnal morning, not too cold and little traffic on the main road I plod along.

Mile Pace AHR
1 13:32 131 includes 5 min warm up walk
2 14:40 140 includes lots of stretching at 1.5 miles and 1.9 miles
3 13:07 144 undulating return keeping HR under control
4 13:56 146 Killer Hill
4.0 13:49 140 a good plod I thought

Was contemplating why I want to go off for a week and crew for MOB - I don't even like camping!

I think it is some kind of mid-life thing - not exactly a crisis - but I have been a wife and mother for 22 years and not done anything away from all of that that is exciting or challenging until FLM this year. Decided not to enter FLM again until I know I have a chance of doing it significantly quicker.

So need something to look forward to and be involved in - and maybe this is it?

It will be the first week in September, the teenbeanzes' first week back in Sixth Form, mrbeanz's birthday at the end of the week - so not ideal timing but there is always something ...

I'll think some more....................

Friday, 21 October 2005

plodding on

had hoped to be back in time for runnigng club, but it was not to be, so just some walking in Cambridge - couple of miles maybe?

up early for a 3 mile plod - still not cold at 7.00, but must find my gloves because it will be soon

first run following the phyzz on Tuesday - hamstring fine, calves tight for first couple of miles, stretched lots, but by the third mile they were feeling easier, but back ached coming up the hill, slowing me down to a walk

not worth a table for 3 miles

what: 3.22 miles
where: up the road and back
time: 45:36
pace: 14:10
AHR: 136

meeting TP - should have been a 6 miler, but she has an injured foot, so we went into the gym instead and I tried out her new programme for the treadmill class - she is a PT too

pyramids - increasing incline from 5 to 10 - could not run at the steeper inclines - never been that high before!

still 2.2 miles done

now trying to get some work done and in the post this afternoon

read this article in the Guardian yesterday - must get the book - my working life needs sorting!

Tuesday, 18 October 2005

in between journeys

just a short day at home between work travels

yesterday Exeter - a long way to go for a meeting

but I stole an hour at the end of the day to go walk about before getting a later (but through) train

it seemed from brief acquaintance to be quite a pleasant place to live, not too large and with access to some stunning countryside

wandered round the cathedral, which is a sensible size too with some old Norman bits and then add ons - and a nice green space around it

back home last night

to the gym and phyzz this morning - another go at needling the trigger points - seems to have been effective on my hamstring that was sore earlier

we'll see how the calves stand up to running tomorrow - if I am back in time that is

I was planning to go out with the running club, but I've just had the agenda and it is a long one, so that is looking less likely - and the meeting is not quite what I thought it was, and the business I am concerned with is last item :<(

Sunday, 16 October 2005

short plod

Just a couple of miles - Killer Hill with Teenbeanz

slower overall than last week, though that is because the stretching time after the first mile was prolonged

looking forward to Abingdon reports later - but will be on my way to Exeter by then, so will have to read blogs when I get back tomorrow night

Saturday, 15 October 2005

autumn days


met up with a fell running colleague at my meeting this weekend - he ran in the Vets World Champs in the Lake District last month and had a great time

so we both agreed to go out for a plod this morning - but not together - I am soo conscious of being so slow

anyway up and out at 7, still dark, but not at all cold

and a plod along the streets of Coventry - at base pace with stops in the first couple of miles for stretching, I managed a 'quick' third mile as I did not stop to stretch but did walk when the HR rose too high - so was pleased with the numbers:

Mile Pace AHR time
1 14:29 129 14:29
2 14:11 144 28:40
3 12:50 146 41:30
0.14 12:29 148 43:17
3.14 13:46 140 43:17

Skipped off the end of the meeting to come home to watch teenbeanz run his first XC of the season. Added bonus of watching Tigerrunnner run too. He then walked round with me to support TB. TB struggled - he hadn't run since Tuesday and couldn't keep up with the field, so TR ran some of the second lap to support TB.

TB was fed up at the end but feeling more sanguine now - trouble is there are some talented runners in his age group - he has moved up an agegroup this season and there is not the range of standards there is in the men's race, so its a bit demoralising for him.

Ho Hum

Wednesday, 12 October 2005

Southampton in the rain


a couple of meetings in Southampton provided an opportunity to meet up with RobW :>) – no not for a run – he’s out of my class

but a meal, a natter about running, and a gossip about other bloggers (!) was something to look forward to

you know how it is when you are chatting away, driving round a strange town in the dark, in the rain, in a strange car?

well its really easy to take a wrong turning ………………..

or two!

eventually we found the car park and a space big enough for the tank

and a short walk took us to a restaurant where we had a good meal and chat

thanks Rob for a good evening

nothing like meeting up with a virtual friend and reality turning out to be just as good

oh and the gossip?

finishing time for Abingdon?

mmm poor race preparation by the runner – longest run????

but famous for just going out there and doing it …………………

we await the race report with baited breath ………………………

Monday, 10 October 2005

another good run

I have found treasure in my TP

we went out again today - is your longest run also supposed to be your fastest???

TP is quicker than me so she plods along and I work a bit harder and go a bit quicker than I would on my own

we both need lots of stretching in the early miles, so the pace we run at is quicker than the pace that shows as we stopped for a stretch at 1 mile, 2 miles and 3 miles

legs just began to feel good at 4 miles!!

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:22 130 12:59
2 13:54 138 26:53
3 14:37 141 41:30
4 12:49 144 54:19
5 13:10 144 1:07:29
.03 12:59 149 1:08:16
5.03 13:34 139 1:08:16

so thanks TP!

Sunday, 9 October 2005

killer hill

I was planning on 4 miles this morning, but then realised I ran yesterday, will go out tomorrow with TP and hope to do a short run on Tuesday cos I can, so decided to attack killer hill and just do the 2 miles.

Did it in 20 seconds quicker than last week and only 2 very short walks today - so I will beat it yet!

Its a hectic week this week, working away from home Tuesday to Saturday, with the odd return to get clean clothes and wave at the family, so will be trying ot fit exercise in where I can.

Saturday, 8 October 2005

a good start

Another light switched on by an item on the radio about diabetes - they are all there to get me to take this seriously.
It linked in with somehting the blessed Delia said years ago - about giving up added sugar competely - she said she did it for Lent each year, and that having given it up you get to the stage where you don't miss it too much and that you need less sweetness.
So - trying to avoid anything with added sugar - or artificial sweetners - will help withthe weightloss and also help my insulin levels andmaybe stave off the diabetes.

So starting as I mean to go on today I will start. Arriving at the training venue there are the biscuits - but also a basket of fruit and even mini packets of raisins. So a good start to the day.

And I managed to carry it on throughout the day.

A very tiring day's training - on the go from arriving at 8.30 until leaving at 4.00 - either formal sessions or answering questions.

Home and 'flop' and early night.

Lie in until 8.00 - real luxury and then out for a plod with teenbeanz. His XC season starts next week, so we decided to go in the park - very hilly and hard work but good for the legs.

Just a couple of miles with lots of stretching. Then back and I have done some core stuff - press ups, crunches and glutes :>))

Now breakfast and shower call.

Thursday, 6 October 2005

running again

I had promised myself I'd go out at lunchtime - but I failed to get out the door

I have to recognise that unless I have arranged to meet someone to run I HAVE to do it first thing, before I am awake - otherwise I can always find an excuse

I'd like to go out earlier, but on a school day I can't go out until I've seen the teenbeanzes out the door really

Arranged to meet TP today at the gym and go for a run.

One of the receptionists spoke to me and said she'd been out with the running club last night - and sorry not to see me. Explained about slow running - and she said I was NOT to let that stop me going - maybe I will give in and go back.

We debated how far to go, I didn't really have time for more than an hour, so we agreed on that, but will increase the time by about 15 minutes each week.
And it was good - drizzly and grey, but off we went along the river path, stopping at each mile to stretch the calves we chatted throughout - TP having more breath to chat than me, but I did manage to talk, so not too fast. Did not have HR alerts on, but chatting meant it was probably about right pace.

And when we got back I found I had been going quicker than I have for ages :>)

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:58 128 13:58
2 13:43 152 27:41
3 13:13 148 40:59
4 13:03 150 54:02
4.23 13:33 143 57:20

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

catching up

Out for a miniplod on Sunday morning - did not have time for as far as I had planned as I had to get back home for family stuff.
Off to London in the evenign for a meeting on Monday - need ot be at the venue for 8.00 am

Just a mile or so walking in London and a very heavy work day. Highlight of the day was Robert Winston talking about the importance of Science teachers :>)
Back home and collapse.

Gym first thing - programme 2 lots of CV and then squats, crunches and lunges

Then into the phyzz - after a once over and discussion of how things were she gave me some key exercise for the glutes. The good thing about these is that I can do them when away - assuming they give me a hotel room big enough to lie on the floor - not always the case!!
Then some soft tissue needling - an alternative way of dealing with my chewed up muscles. We'll see wheter it has worked - leg abit stiff now.

Off to lunch with LMH which was good - am pleased I am not doing Abingdon in 2 weeks!

And now I MUST work.

Saturday, 1 October 2005

running is good!

I emailed Tigerrunner to say I did not think I'd be coming to the club for a while, and explained why. He replied with a lovely email, encouraging me to come and saying they would sort out some one to run with me each week - and if not run, just come for the drink and chat! We'll see.

Went out for a short plod with teenbeanz this morning - he is running in the Northern Road Relays tomorrow in Liverpool, so just wanted a gentle run this morning.

It was good - as I didn't go far and wasn't too tired coming back, I tried to run all the way back up killer hill - didn't manage it but made it farther than usual.

As he does not go as far as me in his weekend run, it will be good to make it a get up this ***** hill challenge and he can do it twice if he isn't racing at the weekend.

Will have to do my longer run another day.

Hoping to go out with TP later in the week.

Friday, 30 September 2005

not running

stiff from yesterday's exploits in the gym - and working away, not managed to do anything today

when reading about Fraggle's knitting I was reminded of this the ultimate knitted toy!

there was an article in the Guardian about it

Thursday, 29 September 2005

tough gym session

well I asked for some serious work and the PT gave it me

she has devised two programmes to build up my core strength and some CV stuff as well

I must get to the gym twice a week - otherwise I forget what I am supposed to be doing!

For Pix:

Programme 1
warm up: X-trainer 5 minutes forward, 5 minutes reverse

[rower level 2½ minutes; 20 press ups] × 4

[single leg extension straight arm pull (weights) × 20 ; Swiss ball squat with dumbbells ×20] ×3

[resistance band lunge, tricep extension × 20; Swiss ball balance on forearms] ×3

Cool down on tready

Programme 2
warm up : 5 min treadmill

[Recumbent bike 2min; X-trainer 2 min; upright bike 2 min; staircase 2 min; arm bike 2 min;] × 2

[squats with weights × 20; crunches 8 × 2]×3

walking lunge with dumb bells × 4

Cool down on tready

Wednesday, 28 September 2005

not the running club

I realised that I didn't want to go to the running club tonight, because my pace is sooo slow at the moment that I would feel I was holding whoever ran with me back. I KNOW that they would not want me to think like that. But that is how I feel at the moment.

So I decided to go to the gym instead. Just for a little 'get the legs going 'session, warmed up on the cross trainer and then a little go on the tready - with loads of stretching. Didn't do too much because I have a session with the PT tomorrow morning to devise a new programme of core strength.

Hope my resolutions are not failing already.

Monday, 26 September 2005

Hilly & hot


Up early for the drive down to Windsor, arriving before 10 for a 1 o'clock start!

After a doze in the car it was off to the forum tent.
I shall probably forget to mention someone, but it was great to see XB,poddler,yumyum and family, Berry, Ailsa, Larry. Meldy.Sluggy and Mr Slug all WAISTers. And of course BB. and BD who organised the whole thing. And there was Fraggle and family and tinribs and XFR bear and ........

And the race?
I started at the back with More of a Tortoise and Bodjit with the original intention of run a mile walk a minute but I had not taken into account the HILLS and the HEAT.
I remembered XB saying he was planning to run it comfortably at a set HR as he is doing 2 more halves over the next 2 weeks. And Bodjit saying she was just going to base it. So I decided to run at 'base pace' around about 145 and walk up the hills if HR went above that.

I felt much more in control now and chugged along, passing a few people now and again, but going rather slowly - data will follow once I get home.

It now became a lovely jog in the park up to about 10 miles. After that I couldn't keep the running going even when the HRM said I should.

But I did see the scenery - including the deer, which the fast peeps missed.

Time? Another PW 3:09:22

Post mortem later.


Sorry for those reading a disappearing blog, I have discovered that if you edit a post it disappears and I had to save this as draft while I cooked tea!

So first of all the numbers from yesterday:

Mile Pace AHR time
1 14:25 147 14:25
2 14:01 149 28:26
3 13:22 147 41:48
4 14:07 149 55:55
5 13:53 147 1:09:48
6 14:13 147 1:24:01
7 14:15 147 1:38:16
8 13:55 145 1:52:11
9 15:01 144 2:07:12
10 14:47 142 2:21:59
11 15:31 141 2:37:30
12 14:34 139 2:52:04
13 14:22 136 3:06:26
13.1 3:09:19

stats are from garmin, final time is from chip time

So ...... what this says to me is that I need to do more longer runs before I venture onto the half marathon course again and that Worksop is DEFINITELY not a place for a longer run - I would be so far off the back with a sweeper ambulance chugging behind me it would be very miserable.


The Plan

Base train from now until Brass Monkey - 4 months - trying to get out 4 or 5 times a week, with a club run most Wednesdays and a longer run at the weekend with TP. I have to be realistic, I am not going to get out every day and so there is no point in aiming for something I will fail at.

Aiming to be doing at least 10 miles on the long run by November and then weekly.


to lose at least 1½ stone by Brass Monkey [after listening to yet another item on diabetes, I know I have all the prerequisites - except being totally sedentary- I HAVE to lose weight I am well obese - much more overweight than anyone else in our clan here].

I know I can count on your support in this - and I will need it!

Friday, 23 September 2005

taking this more seriously

I've been just 'going through the motions' recently - with running, work, eating heathily .......

just enough to get by

not even that on the eating front - some dreadful lapses :<(

really need to change all of that

  • two days of healthy eating before Windsor may make me feel less blobby and more like doing the business
  • two days of concentrated work before Windsor may help me get back on track and fulfil a few (late) deadlines
  • two days of relaxing at Windsor and on Monday with friends may make me feel more positive about all this stuff

then home on Monday and a sustained effort to keep things together for a bit

W i b b l e .........................................................................

Thursday, 22 September 2005

tapering and hydrating

Looks like it might be warm in Sunday so I am trying to get the water habit, don't want to falll into the same trap as last time.

Not entirely sure I shoudl be doing this Windsor Half, don't feel geared up for it at all, but will be good to meet a crowd of forumites and I am using the opportunity to visit a couple of friends while I am down south.

So :

Tried running at lunchtime - something I never normally do. I had porage at 7 and then a peanutbutter sandwich and a banana at 10, ran at 1.00. Felt a bit stuffed to start with, but no indigestion - mind you I only ran a couple of miles!

It was HOT.
Will be having porage earlier on Sunday, before I set off, and not eat so much later.

Been for a swim this morning followed by a haircut.
Trying to work but finding it difficult to get down to all the tasks in hand.
MUST get lots done tomorrow and also get a couple of goodnights' sleep.

Tuesday, 20 September 2005

ouch indeed

So off to the physio this morning

usually I go for a swim first, but an earlier appointment and horrrendous traffic meant I had to settle for a coffee and banana instead!

met up with PT, who I have not chatted to for ages - made an appointment for a session next week to sort out a new programme - based on two sessions a week to build up core strength

so to the physio ....

yes my calf IS rock solid

and we'll just do a bit of massage and then dig in

apparently I have a very high pain threshold - which enables her to dig in hard!!

then some poking around in my back

and some advice on stretching to do between now and Windsor

must do it!

she also suggested some 'soft tissue needling' - a kind of acupuncture to release the tight bits - anyone know anything about it?

she's going to try it out in a couple of weeks

the other senior physio came in while I was there - she is physio to the England Women's Cricket Team and was on the bus last week and went to the Downing Street reception. Interesting insights.

training schedule
I should not plan a week's schedule ahead, it never works out

I was planning to gym today but was lucky to get physio appointment instead, but I have to take teenbeanz to his athletics tonight, as mrbeanz has a meeting
so I could plod round the field for a couple of miles while teenbeanz is training

I was planning to go to club night tomorrow but mrbeanz has booked himself a gym appointment [he forgot I go to the other club on a Wednesday :<( ]
so I have to take other teenbeanz to archery and will not get to my club run
maybe I will try a lunchtime plod tomorrow in preparation for the Windsor start of 1.00 pm - I NEVER run at that time of day

Monday, 19 September 2005

plodding on


So up early(ish) for a plod - nothing significant done since Robin Hood last Sunday.

Only time for an hour or so so off I went up the road, boring route but don't need to think too much.

Its undulating, so difficult to get into a rhythm for any length of time, but trying to keep HR to 145 max.

Walekd for 5 minutes warm up and then ran below 145.

Decided on the way back the soul needed something other than road, so came back through the park, harder work but much prettier.

Walked up the hill at the end - hence the much slower pace for last section - but HR still high!!

Mile Pace AHR time
1 13:14 128 13:14
2 13:35 139 26:49
3 13:47 142 40:36
4 13:53 142 54:29
5 15:53 143 1:10:22
5.16 15:24 138 1:12:54
run 14:07 139 1:12:54

Off to London today, no chance to run first unless I get up too early - need to get the teenbeanzes up for school before I go for the train.

A 2 mile walk to the meeeting and then 2 miles back - back was much more pleasant as I knew where I was aiming for and was able to take the back street route.

As Leon remarked recently there is a lot to see in a city above eye level and I love to walk down the side roads in London and look at the fascinating mix of architectural styles, buildings names, blue plaques .....

Booked a session with the physio tomorrow - hope she will be able to give my calves a good going over before Windsor.

Saturday, 17 September 2005

working away

No after effects of running yesterday - in fact the stretching and jogging seems to have sorted out the sore calves. :>)

Off to deliver furniture to studentbeanz and take her to Sainsbury’s – stocking up on food again!
Pleased to see she is settling in to her rented house, with other housemates moving in too and BF around as well.

Then off to 2½ days of meetings in a hotel. An interesting mix of folk and lots of people watching to do as new teams are built. I am responsible for the building of one of the teams, and whilst I have some strong personalities in there, they are good people who want to do a professional job.

No time to run – its pretty intensive from arrival until midnight.

Up early for a little plod just a couple of miles with lots of stretching – uninspiring running territory – industrial estate or the dual carriageway? Tough choice – but it was a lovely morning with beautiful sunrise.

And then in to very full day of work – demanding stuff getting people to know each other and agree on new working patterns and roles.
Making sure the work is shared out equably as it is paid on a piece-work basis, but making sure some people are not overloaded as I know they have other commitments to the organisation.

A brief pause between work and dinner – relax or swim??
I am afraid I went for a phone call home with my feet up.

Left the bar at 11.30 and crashed out.

Alarm went off at 6.00 but I had prep to do for the meeting, so no plod :<( Good end to the work at lunch time – people seem happy with the way it has gone and nobody said it was a waste of time coming, so job done. Home, to find Windsor number has arrived and Brass Monkey cheque cleared – no more race entries to do for a while now unless I enter FLM to build up my rejections? or do I decide I’ve been there done that and settle for halves as more family friendly events? I’m sure you will tell me what you think!

later .......

I must plan ahead a bit with my training, rather than trying to fit it in and failing

so a plan:

Sunday W5:R60:W5
Monday London - walk 4 miles
Tuesday gym - strength and tready
Wednesday club night - 1 hour steady
Thursday swim
Friday Rest Day
Saturday Rest Day
Sunday Windsor Half

Wednesday, 14 September 2005



A swim and jacuzzi seemed just the thing for sore legs - with some stretching afterwards

Very tight calf muscles today, so did some stretching through the day.

Was unsure about club night tonight - knew I didn't want to run for an hour and work fairly hard, but LMH wanted to come and try it out, so I went anyway.

LMH went out with Tigerrunner and few others and I just jogged round the field a few times - just over a mile with lots of stretching - certainly feels better at the moment.

Away for the next three days - will try and do a little more each morning.

Sunday, 11 September 2005

Robin Hood Half


So the day arrived, up early for porridge and then off to pick up Little Miss Happy and mark.

Threats of repeats of last year's traffic congestion failed to materialise, so we arrived at the start way to early - plenty of time for loos and a retail opportunity.

Although lots of forumites had arranged to meet at the baggage tent ( a HUGE marquee), so had everyone else, so if you did not know what someone looked like, you were not about to find out!

We did meet micknphil, Mava, Trinity (great to meet her and she did a great marathon time too), another forumite whose name I did not catch, hammerite and Space Cadet, and then Red Haired Girl and Sam.

I also managed to meet up with TP and her friend and also an ex-colleague of LMH. We were all planning a slow run so congregated at the back of the pack.

So the race, started off steadily, forgetting how much up there was in this early part of the race - not hilly eveyone told me, but to an overweight slow peep they felt like hills to me!

I tried to stick with my run a mile walk a minute strategy, but the hills left me with no alternative but to walk a little - AHR still well above BT in these early miles.

S out of town and into Woollaton Park - a pleasant change from city streets. Coming out of the park we should begin to feel the benefit of all that climbing with some nice downhill bits, but the first twinges of cramp begin to arrive. Just a rippling through my calf muscles and ignored by me.

At this point (mile 8-9) I catch up with TP who has been run walking and now walking, not quickly, with someone she has met. TP says her HR went through the roof and stabbing pains in her head have slowed her to a walk. I find I am walking faster than her and we soon separate.

However when some real down arrives and I want to jog away, the cramp really kicks in, I try stretching but no difference, as soon as I go from walk to jog I cannot move at all.

So I settle for a brisk walk - and as you can see from mile 9 my pace drops a bit and my HR a lot!

Occasional attemps to jog bring back the pain, so its essentially a walk for the last 4 miles :<(

But my brisk walk is enough to give me the psychological boost of passing people :>)

I try to jog for the cameras in the last mile, but end up hopping - but not knowing which leg to hop on!

LMH and mark were in the home straight to greet me and encourage me to the end (thanks guys) - but I just couldn't run.

Lots of cheers as I came down the home straight - but not for me - the 3 hour marathoners were coming in too!

after the race
Collected my medal and goody bag - ate the sorreen bar immediately - and off to meet up with LMH, mark, RHG and Sam.

Off to the pub for lunch and a good natter - RHG and Sam go off to Australia in 10 days - we'll miss them.

As an added bonus Muzzy turned up at the pub - having marhsalled MOB for the week he then did a stint marshalling the marathon!

2 hours later, walking back to the car the marathoners were still coming in

so the numbers

Mile Pace AHR time
1 12:59 165 12:59
2 13:59 152 26:58
3 13:08 156 40:06
4 13:38 160 53:44
5 1312 159 1:06:56
6 14:08 150 1:21:04
7 14:34 152 1:35:38
8 13:08 157 1:48:46
9 15:13 140 2:03:59
10 13:35 146 2:17:34
11 14:46 140 2:32:20
12 15:23 133 2:47:43
13 15:07 134 3:02:50
13.1 3:06:25

stats are from garmin, final time is from chip time - forgot to switch it off at the end!!

Post mortem

So how to prevent cramp?

Several thoughts occur to me

the only other time I had it was from about mile 10 at Brass Monkey - there I used a gel for the first time and maybe not enough water

no problem with cramps at FLM - just ran out of steam then - drank plenty it was much hotter

I probably did not drink enough water yesterday or on Saturday - I really don't like the gels SiS Go - must try something different

I did not get enough sleep on Friday night or Saturday

and I had not put in the miles before hand

Windsor in 2 weeks


edit .....

is this the cause?

not sure how much credence to put on the garmin HRM - though I have been using it and sticking to 148 max in training - so maybe the cramps were the dreaded lactic acid??