Wednesday, 16 November 2005

it started well......


after not running in the relay I HAD to get out on Monday so went over to see TP - lots of nice cycle tracks and nothing too undulating

its going to be a matter of exploring the routes I think - we wanted about 4 miles - didn't do quite that far but an encouraging run:

Mile Pace AHR time
1 14:40 134 14:40
2 14:07 147 28:47
3 12:58 145 41:45
0.76 12:45 151 54:30
3.76 13:41 144 51:30

so I was getting faster - this is definitely a function of warming up - and calf was a lot less tight - just a little stretch after 1 mile and then it was ok

walked a little in the first couple of miles when HR went skyhigh, but from about 2 miles only slowed to cross the odd road

a good run

the fetcheveryone predictor says I should do the 10K in 85 minutes - but this first one on Sunday is HILLY and muddy so I am not getting too optimistic - last runner last year was about 85 minutes


travelled up to York on Monday afternoon ready to do some training on Tuesday

decided not to take my kit because I knew we'd be starting work at 8.00 and that would mean running in a strange place in the dark

however had plenty of exercise , my fell-running friend and I spent a lot of time carrying piles of paper up two flights of stairs


Wednesday is club night and after a good run last week, I was fully intending to go, but the cold that has been hanging over me for a few days took a turn for the worse, so I decided that running on a freezing cold evening was not the best way to look after it

of course it doesn't feel so bad this evening :<(

however it was probably for the best, as I have not been spending much time at home recently so an evening at home cooking and washing up with the teenbeanzes took the strain off mrbeanz a bit

off to London then Cambridge tomorrow - will take my kit and see how I feel on Friday morning

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