Tuesday, 26 May 2009

No more running

After some real pain with my knee over the past week I have decided to give up on trying to run until some serious weight has disappeared. Although the last straw was not running but sitting on a train and driving to and from school, I have to do something.

So resting, icing and exercising the joint at the moment. To be followed by seeing the phyzz and and another hospital appointment.

To lose weight I have to find some new exercise to do that I can fit in to life while still at school. The school pool has opened for use after refurbishment, so I think that will be the way forward for the next few weeks to the end of term.

Meanwhile feet up and more knitting:

Amongst other things:

A breast to help breastfeeding counsellors teach expectant mothers about latching on.

And a couple of squares for the p/hop blanket

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Back to plodding (a little)

Plodded twice this week. Only 20 minutes of RW each time - but I have to start somewhere. After all I have put in for the VLM ballot - like zillions of others. So its base building until October when we know the result of the ballot.

A little knitting too.

Some more squares for the blanket - I love this one:

And another dishcloth - this is based on a much larger version called 'Curve of Pursuit' designed some clever mathematical knitters called "Woolly Thoughts". One day I'll do the full blanket.