Sunday, 29 October 2006

another run done

blogger seems to be degenerating - yesterday it didn't seem to accept posts,

today no tool bar, no edit HTML - which makes tables difficult

another R4W2 run done yesterday - in the third rep I was all for giving up running completely as I really don't feel I have made any progress in the past 3 years

but you know how it is you pass that point and although it never feels good, it just doesn't seem that bad after all

Friday, 27 October 2006

what running again?

Planned to be up really early and plod out along the A6

but didn't wake until 8.00 by which time the A6 would be full of traffic and smelly

so took the sensible decision and went back to sleep ........................

no not really - I decided to go in the park - which is not possible early because its dark!

so up to R4 W2 now - first 3 reps were ok, fourth was tough, fifth impossible - up seriously killer hill through the woods

on a positive note I realised that the field I did two reps round (0.4 miles each) would be good for runnerbeanz's XC training, so we could use it together without having to stick together - in fact there is a second field which would make the rep longer for RB

so a good start tt he day

now off to visit studentbeanz at University - haven't seen her for nearly 2 months and haven't seen her flat at all

Thursday, 26 October 2006

well at least I ran!

Monday I went to the gym and built a hill and then speed pyramids on the tready.

Tuesday I went to school and then later took runnerbeanz to his training session - and wished I had had my kit to run round the field.

Yesterday it rained all afternoon and well into the evening - did that stop we beanz runners going to the club?

certainly not!

we arrived to a dark wet car park with no runners in sight - but as the clock reached 7.00, people began to emerge reluctantly from their cars until we had a hard core of about a dozen people - most wearing their Aldi running jackets and gilets!

V69 was not there and I opted not to join the ladies group - as they were an amalgam of the slow and quick groups and I suspect that they were going to be a bit quick for me.

So it was on my own - not on the field which was somewhat wet as well as dark. Twice round the car park through the puddles and then I decided to go out onto the path. The club is at the brow of a 'hill' - inclines down in both directions. This meant my Run 3 Walk 2 was for the most part run down walk up!

So 30 minutes later I was thoroughly soaked, but feeling better and almost like a runner. [The ladies did say when they got back that I should have gone with them - and they are right - so next week if V69 isn't there I will be brave.]

Runnerbeanz did about 5 miles.

Then after a welcome hot shower it was into the bar for a drink and a sandwich.

I'd taken my laptop to show the club our new website that t'other teenbeanz has been working on - a great improvement on the last one.

Sunday, 22 October 2006

A grand day out ...

I went for a little plod yesterday morning - just had to be done, though it was not very inspiring

but it occurred to me that I might have been running Abingdon today - and lots of my friends were going to be there so why didn't I go along and support?

it would be a day for me - no work, no family reponsibilities and lots of mental space between clappings

so I got up at 5.30 this morning and drove down there - it was great to see people who were not expecting me :>)

and here are some of my friends at Abingdon:

I had a fantastic day - starting near Mile 6 with LMH we had a great time spotting forumites - sometimes only realising after they had passed who they were! Then on to Mile 16 where we had a chance to sit out of the rain in a pub courtyard and have a coffee before they came back into town.
I hung around there until all the important people had passed and then to mile 19/24 where I had a chance to cheer people in two directions at once.
And then to the finish where much whooping and hollering greeted some of the later runners to a grandstand finish.
And then to the bar for more chat and catching up with yet more peeps - some of whom I had only known virtually, so good to put bodies to faces!!

Oh and I also managed to put a few miles of brisk walking in the bank too!

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

a little run-walk

the day began with a lie in - and a read in bed with a cup of tea (thanks MrBeanz) - for me the perfect start to a day

then I spent most of the day sorting out the club website - which ITbeanz has been revamping - it is all clever stuff, but needed me to re-enter lots of info from race results, and as that is the bit people like, I thought I'd better do it.

V69 wasn't there to run with tonight, so I plodded round the field, and did a very controlled run-walk, like someone just starting out

but at least I was doing something

and I'm going to try and do it again later in the week

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

some progress ....

went into work yesterday to find my lab full of workmen - they'd come to replace my ancient lighting with new bright fluroescent tubes

which I must not complain about as everyone tells me it is really dim in the winter, but it meant I couldn't get at my filing cabinet :<(

however I did do lots of other stuff, sorting past exam papers and copying them for the classes to use - just means I have a mountain of past questions to do now - shouldn't set questions I haven't tried, it's a good way to get caught out!

I went in again today and did a morning's work, but was then frustrated by lack of access to my lab, so I came home and went for a swim :>)

will have to go back next week and sort out my work space which is now piled high with stuff to be filed!

Sunday, 15 October 2006

lazy weekend

so it's the beginning of the two week 'break' but I have loads to do - both in school at home

so I haven't done any of them this weekend - just slept late(ish) and pottered

yesterday I went with Teenbeanz to the first cross country race of the season - a lovely day, autmnal sunshine, soft underfoot, but not muddy, and a chance to meet people and chat

it was a toughie - a new course this year and several folk came off from the men's race saying it was the toughest they'd done in the league

(TB's recce had suggested something similar)

there were long grinding inclines and short sharp inclines too - a proper XC course!

TB's training paid off and he ran much better than last season - very pleasing - and as the season goes on he should get stronger

there were four folk from our Wednesday night friendly club too, including tigerrunner, who ran well - so a grand day out!

so the next two weeks:

I need to:
  • visit my Mum and get in her loft
  • visit studentbeanz and see her flat
  • go into school and sort out the filing cabinet I have inherited - being ruthless in the process!
  • really get on top of the planning ahead - now that I have got to know the classes it easier to look further ahead at what I will be teaching
  • try out some new experiments
  • get out in the garden
  • get some exercise
  • do my tax return
  • bake the Christmas cake - I always used to do that at half term

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

not much to say really

job continues to dominate waking hours - at least at the moment I am not dreaming about it!

no more running since last week's 2 miles - but all being well I will do another plodette with V69 tomorrow

3 days to go to the half term holiday, I will manage a little more exercise then

would have been doing Abingdon in 10 days if I hadn't taken this job - good job I decided to drop out! I did think of going anyway and marshalling, but currently I think it would not be a very restful thing to do, though it would have been lovely to see some good friends there

ah well,

back to the preparation ......

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

I ran this evening!

Just that

a couple of miles with V69

thats all