Thursday, 26 October 2006

well at least I ran!

Monday I went to the gym and built a hill and then speed pyramids on the tready.

Tuesday I went to school and then later took runnerbeanz to his training session - and wished I had had my kit to run round the field.

Yesterday it rained all afternoon and well into the evening - did that stop we beanz runners going to the club?

certainly not!

we arrived to a dark wet car park with no runners in sight - but as the clock reached 7.00, people began to emerge reluctantly from their cars until we had a hard core of about a dozen people - most wearing their Aldi running jackets and gilets!

V69 was not there and I opted not to join the ladies group - as they were an amalgam of the slow and quick groups and I suspect that they were going to be a bit quick for me.

So it was on my own - not on the field which was somewhat wet as well as dark. Twice round the car park through the puddles and then I decided to go out onto the path. The club is at the brow of a 'hill' - inclines down in both directions. This meant my Run 3 Walk 2 was for the most part run down walk up!

So 30 minutes later I was thoroughly soaked, but feeling better and almost like a runner. [The ladies did say when they got back that I should have gone with them - and they are right - so next week if V69 isn't there I will be brave.]

Runnerbeanz did about 5 miles.

Then after a welcome hot shower it was into the bar for a drink and a sandwich.

I'd taken my laptop to show the club our new website that t'other teenbeanz has been working on - a great improvement on the last one.


coach said...

Well done on getting out there :o)

b-z said...

you ran
you are a runner-arent you

Outsidenow said...

Good to hear you managed out again. The other ladies are right you should go with them. What's the point of going to a running club to run yourself?