Saturday, 30 June 2007

struggling with target

I have struggled to get out twice a week before school - I seem to manage Tuesday but by Friday I've lost it.
I even set the alarm yesterday but then decided I needed the sleep more - I had had two long days at school and Friday turned out to be pretty grotty anyway, so just as well I had that extra hour.

I've spent today ferrying studentbeanz's stuff home from University - two car loads carried out to car, brought home and carried into house, plus some cleaning of the flat - now all that MUST be cross-training I think, certainly made me 'glow'.

Should manage to get out tomorrow morning - then there's only a week of school to go and I will have no excuses left.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

bugs and things

About four years ago we put a pond in the garden - it looked like this.

The pond has become somewhat overgrown since then.

A couple of weeks ago I had been pond dipping with the year 7s. We had found dragonfly nymphs and I knew we had them in our pond - they usually are found in the net when I am dredging the bottom.

Today I went to look at how things are since the storms of the last few days.
And the ugly nymphs have cast off their brown outer cases to reveal a beautiful new coat.

Oh and I went for a run this morning in the sunshine :>)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

getting older?

Well its my birthday and I've moved into a new age group :>))

But it will not make me any faster!

I haven't managed to run since Sunday - should have been Tuesday but I had to get up very early to take the teenbeanzes to the station - they've started the University visit series (is it really four years since I did it with studentbeanz?) - I drew the line at a 4.00 am run - not that desperate yet!

and what is today's excuse?

well it IS my birthday - actually that would be a reason for going for a run, but domestic stuff got in the way again

I will get out on Friday morning - its school sports day, weather permitting, so going for a plod should get me in the mood.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

plodding on

I missed Friday's run - it was persisting down - which wouldn't normally stop me, but I had reports to finish so decided to get up at run time and do an hour on reports instead.

So out this morning for a little plod and it was a lovely morning - bright blue sky and everything sparkly clean after the rain of the last three days.

I am trying new routes at the moment, investigating all the various side roads I don't normally need to go down, finding out what joins up to what - we've only lived here 15 years after all!

But I've come to the conclusion that another of the reasons (apart from slothfulness) I never seem to make much progress is that it is so undulating that I never manage to get into a rhythm, I plod along for a while quite happily and then here comes another hill.
Of course you can't read the scales so although it looks quite mountainous it isn't that bad really - but you can see what I mean about undulating!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

plod plodded

another short plod done - I do like this getting up and plodding - makes me feel good for the rest of the day :>))

I am going to have to make them a bit longer though.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

'long run'

Looking at my running log I realise that I have not run more than 4 miles since Christmas - that is a function of doing my long run with teenbeanz - I just don't get very far while he is doing a lot more!

Obviously this needs to change.

MrBeanz is going to try and do a Sunday run with TB and TB will also try and go to the other club on a Wednesday and do a long run then too.

This morning I went out early and did a short run - just trying to get back into it at the moment.

Then off to the Long Eaton 5 mile race where TB and BZ both ran PBs:

Now back to writing reports.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Much better!

That's more like it - up again early this morning and 30 minutes done.

I DO feel so much better for getting out early - but I do have to be disciplined about getting to bed at a sensible time the night before.

Anyway maybe a few weeks of running ahead :>O))

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Just testing

I've had enough of this not running

My coccyx is feelingmuch better - I can almost get out of a chair without thinking about it.

I had a bit of a problem with my 'normal' lower back pain at the weekend - maybe due to changed posture from the other pain, I don't know.

Tigerrunner suggsted trying to get back to it on grass, as I said although the tready was ok I couldn't face the road.

I keep forgetting that we have a recc just around the corner.

So up early this morning and out onto the grass. It was a lovely morning, a bit cool but dry and the birds make it worth it. There is a flattish expanse of grass for the football pitch and another area for the cricket ground. I plodded for 20 minutes by which time my lower back was beginning to object so I called it a day.

Will try again later in the week.