Sunday, 10 June 2007

'long run'

Looking at my running log I realise that I have not run more than 4 miles since Christmas - that is a function of doing my long run with teenbeanz - I just don't get very far while he is doing a lot more!

Obviously this needs to change.

MrBeanz is going to try and do a Sunday run with TB and TB will also try and go to the other club on a Wednesday and do a long run then too.

This morning I went out early and did a short run - just trying to get back into it at the moment.

Then off to the Long Eaton 5 mile race where TB and BZ both ran PBs:

Now back to writing reports.


b-z said...


whos the bird in the black
she looks ROUGH!

beanz said...

well I think she looks fantastic - smiling too :>)

sue said...

I was just about to say how good that lady in black is looking!!

Well done both!