Sunday, 20 November 2011

Walking in the City

Friday was a day trip to London. 'Work' of the networking kind - ie listening to a few speeches followed by lunch and catching up with folk. This included going all the way to London to meet the first time a near neighbour in York, who also works in the building up the hill from the office. I think we will get on well.

But by 2.30 everyone was drifting away and I had decided to take advantage of the sunny day to walk in the City, a part of London I do not usually go to.

Terry Pratchett's Ankh-Morpork is said to be built on 'black loam, broadly, mostly what it is built on is more Ankh-Morpork'. 

The same could be said for London. The bombing of London revealed parts of the Roman fort for the first time in a very long time. 

Parts of the London wall have been preserved and new buildings rise up around the remnants.

From here it is a short walk to the river and St Paul's.

Developers have preserved some excellent views of the cathedral, the dome suddenly appears unexpectedly.

I had not been to the Tate Modern before, so the camera was in constant use, on the way and inside

and coming put into the evening light.

And then I walked back to Kings Cross, amazing much more footsore I get walking in London than elsewhere.

More images, as usual, on Flickr.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

What I did at the weekend

I am back from a great weekend with knitty friends.
We met up at a friend's home, knitted, nattered, drank lots of tea, ate good food.
We even managed a walk round the village, including the churchyard, where many stones were so worn it was impossible to read the inscriptions. Other little angels had stood the test of time much better.

In common with many houses with children, there was  a trampoline in the back garden. Fit Friend couldn't resist checking out whether she could still do it. She can ->
 I have never been on a trampoline before. But with a great coach, I was soon flying! Well of the ground anyway.
Fit Friend says 10 minutes a day woudl be great exercise.
I can believe it!

Walking this week?
Monday x
Tuesday ü
Friday x
Saturday ü

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Walking not blogging

Well I have been walking - not every day but more than I would have done if I had not blogged my resolution.
I have been meaning to blog for ages, but last month I  was away a lot, including my first trip to the US.
I seem to have been catching up ever since.

I do like to blog with photos, but blogger has never made that easy, so it always takes me ages to get on with it.

So just a few from my trip (a bigger selection on flickr). I flew to Philadelphia and  took a train to Washington DC. With a little time to spare. I took a look outside the station - to an archetypal US view - skateboarder and skyscrapers!

Next day was Sunday in Washington, so I had to go to the Eastern Market - and what should I find there but wool! Christian Rathbone designs rugs which are made in Turkey using vegetable dyes and wool from local sheep.
I had to buy a skein of course - wound in the interesting manner you see on the stall.

The market has local producers selling vegetables as well as crafts, 'antiques' etc.

Then on to walk down the National Mall from Capitol Hill to Lincoln Monument.

Looking back from Lincoln to the Washington Monument
Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

The amazing National Museum of the American Indian