Thursday, 29 March 2007

from Italy ...

This is weird - blogger is in Italian and its an Italian keyboard too - so punctuation is tricky! And the mouse is on the left - something to do with RSI I think.

My sister works as a translator of technical documents, I am using her computer whilst she is at her gymnastics class - no chance of me doing that I am so uncoordinated and I wouldn't understand the instructions anyway.

I just thought I might blog as I have been exercising as well as eating and drinking well.

My sister tries to go for a 30 minute walk each day so we did that on Tuesday evening after supper and yesterday morning after our cappuccino (sp?)- including a hill!

I have been getting lots of sleep - this morning I had planned to get up at 7.30 to go for a run and set the alarm on my phone - but had forgotten to move it on an hour when I arrived- so did not wake until 8.15. But I still went for a run - just a couple of miles but there is a good fitness trail that is about a mile long, I only did it once today and my calves were SO tight. Maybe another day I will do it twice.

Tomorrow is swimming.

So I am feeling very rested and relaxed - doing lots of reading too.

Sunday, 25 March 2007

that's better

Finished school on Friday for three whole weeks - feel better already!

Its not that I don't like the job - no regrets about the change but it has been a tottering end of term - got worse last week, but I found I was not alone .... so some small consolation there that it may be them and not me!

So a plodette on Saturday whilst Runnerbeanz pounded the hills - and also some standing around in the fresh air - definitely made me feel better

And another plodette this morning and a couple of hours in teh garden this afetrnoon - we filled the brown bin and my back said 'no more' - will have another blast when I get back from Italy

And I have entered Amsterdam half - so had better get in the groove of running again.

Saturday, 17 March 2007

bleurgh - moan warning

I'm supposed to be entering Amsterdam Half - I've bought the air ticket and committed to the hotel room

but I'm fatter than I've ever been (truly - the scales do not lie) and seem to have no will power to do anything about it

I haven't run for a week and my sore back is morphing into an excuse not to run

its spring and I should be getting out in the garden - but said back is putting me off risking doing any bending or digging

I have almost no social life - the highlight of my week is chatting to A whilst our lads train and afterwards with the coach - the fact that we are parents and have running sons is about the limit of what we have in common

work is tough at the moment, there is a general feeling of lack of support from the top on discipline issues - and I am concerned that if I refer upwards and get no support I am in a worse situation than ever - it is sad how a few girls can spoil an otherwise pleasurable job

ok so all that is the tip of the iceberg moan - I can think of three good things, though they don't really keep me going very well:
  • I have a healthy family
  • I have some good friends out there in the ether
  • only a week to go to the end of term (sorry state school peeps) and then I am off to Italy to see my sister (wishing I was not so blobby)

PS I suspect all this is TOTM related so can be ignored really

Sunday, 11 March 2007

a week on ..

thanks for the support

Had a nice day out yesterday - went up to Sunderland to the National XC champs.

Very windy but at least it was dry.

TB ran well, despite a sore achilles he kept going and improved his relative time compared to last year in the same age group - shame there were 100 fewer runners in the group - all those soft southerners who couldn't make the journey.

He'll be moving up a group next year to Junior men so it will be a 10k race - which might suit him better if he can keep building the endurance between now and then.

Must have walked at least 5 km yesterday.

Got up this morning to run, but as I was getting dressed something went in my back and I am now walking and sitting as though my spine is a pile of bricks that might topple if I don't keep it straight. I really should do my core strength even though I am not finding much opportunity to run.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

what was there to say?

Haven't posted for a while - life has just been difficult

Work continues to be all consuming - I know it should get a bit better next year - but there will still be new stuff to be taught, so the preparation load will not ease that much

and I haven't done all that well recently - too much busking it to be comfortable

on other fronts, very little running of any description

not enough healthy eating to make a difference

so all that adds up to feeling low and not very sociable

so no blogging

no forumming

but thanks for the emails of concern

take this as a reply