Sunday, 25 March 2007

that's better

Finished school on Friday for three whole weeks - feel better already!

Its not that I don't like the job - no regrets about the change but it has been a tottering end of term - got worse last week, but I found I was not alone .... so some small consolation there that it may be them and not me!

So a plodette on Saturday whilst Runnerbeanz pounded the hills - and also some standing around in the fresh air - definitely made me feel better

And another plodette this morning and a couple of hours in teh garden this afetrnoon - we filled the brown bin and my back said 'no more' - will have another blast when I get back from Italy

And I have entered Amsterdam half - so had better get in the groove of running again.


b-z said...

ah-nice postive post;))

sue said...

enjoy Italy :0)


Bedders said...

can't wait to meet up in October. Have you sorted out hotels, travel etc? if you need any help just email me. Enjoy Italy.

coach said...

WooHoo for Amsterdam!!! You'll beat your Robin Hood time no worries :D

Sara said...

Hope you have a lovely relaxing time. Glad you're feeling happier.