Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Crumbs no blog for 10 days

seems much longer actually

thanks to those who enquired - I just have not had the time or energy to blog or forum recently - I KNOW that it takes too much of my time in surfing around, so I decided I had to do without completely for a while

I have missed my friends having some ups and downs and I regret that - but I am sorry, I just didn't have any capacity at all to cope with anything outside my tiny little world

so on emerging today I suspect part of the problem was exhaustion, and part was TOTM - so much for that disapeparing as you get older - seems to be worth than ever both before and during

anyway, I did get to the club last night and we had two new recruits to our mini running group - both beginners, so I am back to R2W1! I will have to try for something more sustained at the weekend.

this is now officially my lowest mileage month ever - I really need to find a race to focus my training, if I had been doing FLM I would have gone out when I got home tonight and squeezed out a few miles but as it was I just gave in and cooked tea instead

but I can't actually face the idea of any kind of race at the moment, so inspiration is needed


Sunday, 21 January 2007

never write a positive blog

every time I write a positive optimistic blog something happens to blow it out of the water

a week ago I twisted my back, which was then sore for several days and although I went to the club in kit on Tuesday, a gentle shuffle across the carpark confirmed it was to be a walk not run evening.

This was followed by a current stinky cold - which feels sore across my chest - so no running for over a week :<(

Saturday, 13 January 2007

keeping it going

I didn't manage to run on Tuesday - I had a dentist appointment at the time we run and it left me with a rubber mouth.

Wednesday was the teenbeeanzes' 17th birthday so didn't go to the other club

Thursday's run with the club plodpals went well - we are up to R12:W1 x 2 and the one who hasn't run (NewRunner) before was not convinced she could do it - but she did:>) I hadn't realised she has never run before - she is slim and trim and MrNewRunner is a prize-winning vet whippet and her lad is the speediest in the training group all our boys belong to.

Saturday (today) is usually a training day for Runnerbeanz so I would run while he trains, but today he has the last of the league XC race series, so I needed to get out early if I was going to run.

I don't have any short term races planned so it is hard to keep the training going. But I am in discussion with Coach about an Autumn half or two - and one of them has a 3 hour time limit so I really do have to get some serious continuous running in place. I was lying in bed thinking about possible races and then it occurred to me that I'd better get out of bed and train!

Another W5 then R12:W1 x 2 done - in the park with an undulating route. I struggled on the first rep as I was not really warmd up, but by the second rep I was going better - timed it so that I had finished the session before the serious climb at the end!

I am not sure whether I have actually stuck to a RW schedule properly before but we are keeping ot this one pretty well and it does all seem possible at the moment. Next week is R15 W1 and after that it leaps to R30. NR said she thought that would be an impossible leap, but I said (and nearly believed myself) that the W1 is so small you could miss it and hardly notice.

Not sure what we do after that the next RW schedule has speed work and stuff but I think we need to consolidate first, maybe increasing the time of one of the runs each week.

Sunday, 7 January 2007


Back to work and immediately into the knackeredness, can't get my act together feeling.

Didn't do enough work in the 'holidays' so now am paying for it with having to work when I might be running. Lovely day out the window today but I am cooped up at my desk.

So didn't run Thursday - as blogged below.

Didn't run Friday because left early for an all day conference in Brum - but did walk lots.

Saturday should have been take runnerbeanz to County XC champs, but he has had a niggly achilles all week and decided not to run. Just as well because I didn't wake until 9.15 and was not much use then - went back to bed at lunch time for a couple of hours.
Wasted the rest of the day pootling on the computer and not doing much work.

So that brings us to today, when again I didn't get up and run but am trying to catch up on my slothfulness of the past month.

Why am I such a procrastinator?

Thursday, 4 January 2007

friends :>)

didn't manage to plod tonight after work - rushed to get there and instead of saying 'hang on can I just have five minutes to wind down before we go out', I said 'I'm too knackered, go without me'
so they did and when they got back, I'd had a mug of tea and relaxed, and I felt like I could go for a run

nice kind TP said 'next week we will wait for you to recover, cos it wasn't the same without you'

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Club night

Made it down to the club - and V69 was there ready to run, but he has begun to lose confidence in running the streets in the dark, so wanted to do a little minilap close to the club - which is fine, it has a little rise and fall to it, which is good for me.

And he goes a little quicker, which keeps me going, and I almost didn't walk for the two and a bit miles we did.

Tuesday, 2 January 2007

keeping to the schedule

Been out for a plod with A - and now we are four!

Our sons are all in the same training group so we are all hanging around together several times a week, and the two newbies have been persuaded to join us (both their husbands run quickly).

We are up to R8:W2 x 3 - was a bit anxious as I am really bad at keeping going but I did all three reps without walking and even up inclines - not quick but definitely not walking :>))

I think I am beginning to gain confidence in my ability to keep going when it hurts.

Monday, 1 January 2007

New Year, New Target

Now this is not a weight loss blog, but having weighed and measured myself this morning I know that I am officially obese - well I knew anyway but just had to confirm the figures for the start of the year!

So while trying not to obsess about food and weight and all that stuff, I DO have to lose weight for the sake of my health and longevity - heck there is too much I want to do to keel over now.

So the targets for the year are not an amount of weight to lose, but running targets which will not be acheived without weight loss, and working on the running targets should also help the weight loss. (Does that make sense?)

So targets:
  • run a 10k race without walking
  • run a cross country race next winter season