Thursday, 4 January 2007

friends :>)

didn't manage to plod tonight after work - rushed to get there and instead of saying 'hang on can I just have five minutes to wind down before we go out', I said 'I'm too knackered, go without me'
so they did and when they got back, I'd had a mug of tea and relaxed, and I felt like I could go for a run

nice kind TP said 'next week we will wait for you to recover, cos it wasn't the same without you'


Bedders said...

It's often the way. But if you don't feel like it and go out, how often that run turns into an "injury" run

sue said...

At least they'll wait for you next week Beanz, that's nice of them and it'll get you out there.

Outsidenow said...

Plod pals are cool!