Saturday, 13 January 2007

keeping it going

I didn't manage to run on Tuesday - I had a dentist appointment at the time we run and it left me with a rubber mouth.

Wednesday was the teenbeeanzes' 17th birthday so didn't go to the other club

Thursday's run with the club plodpals went well - we are up to R12:W1 x 2 and the one who hasn't run (NewRunner) before was not convinced she could do it - but she did:>) I hadn't realised she has never run before - she is slim and trim and MrNewRunner is a prize-winning vet whippet and her lad is the speediest in the training group all our boys belong to.

Saturday (today) is usually a training day for Runnerbeanz so I would run while he trains, but today he has the last of the league XC race series, so I needed to get out early if I was going to run.

I don't have any short term races planned so it is hard to keep the training going. But I am in discussion with Coach about an Autumn half or two - and one of them has a 3 hour time limit so I really do have to get some serious continuous running in place. I was lying in bed thinking about possible races and then it occurred to me that I'd better get out of bed and train!

Another W5 then R12:W1 x 2 done - in the park with an undulating route. I struggled on the first rep as I was not really warmd up, but by the second rep I was going better - timed it so that I had finished the session before the serious climb at the end!

I am not sure whether I have actually stuck to a RW schedule properly before but we are keeping ot this one pretty well and it does all seem possible at the moment. Next week is R15 W1 and after that it leaps to R30. NR said she thought that would be an impossible leap, but I said (and nearly believed myself) that the W1 is so small you could miss it and hardly notice.

Not sure what we do after that the next RW schedule has speed work and stuff but I think we need to consolidate first, maybe increasing the time of one of the runs each week.


sue said...

Well done Beanzie, it's going good. If I were to give you any advice at all, it's to consolidate your 30 min run for a couple of weeks first. Then you could put in some short 'just outside your comfort zone' bursts. As for hill work, it's invaluable but hard, so you don't need a full 30 mins non stop. What I do with my beginners is to warm up slowly, then stop and light stretch then some hill reps (minimum of five, maximum of eight), then a gentle cool down. The hills can get progressively longer over the weeks.

Your coach may well have different ideas, which is ok, it all works out in the end. Keep up the good work.

Which halves are you thinking of for the autumn?

Sara said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. I was really glad of the encouragement. I will look up the RW forum.

b-z said...

sounding good to me

Bedders said...

You are doing so well without having a race planned. The only thing that keeps me going sometimes is knowing that I have to train to make a start line.