Sunday, 7 January 2007


Back to work and immediately into the knackeredness, can't get my act together feeling.

Didn't do enough work in the 'holidays' so now am paying for it with having to work when I might be running. Lovely day out the window today but I am cooped up at my desk.

So didn't run Thursday - as blogged below.

Didn't run Friday because left early for an all day conference in Brum - but did walk lots.

Saturday should have been take runnerbeanz to County XC champs, but he has had a niggly achilles all week and decided not to run. Just as well because I didn't wake until 9.15 and was not much use then - went back to bed at lunch time for a couple of hours.
Wasted the rest of the day pootling on the computer and not doing much work.

So that brings us to today, when again I didn't get up and run but am trying to catch up on my slothfulness of the past month.

Why am I such a procrastinator?


sue said...

Procrastination is what I tend to do best as well Beanzie. In fact, my house is never cleaner than when I have an assignment to do!!!!

At least that used to be the case before I discovered RW and 'window shopping' on 'tinernet!

What I try to do, is to 'reward' myself for doing what I keep putting off. For instance, if I do a set task on my dissertation, I allow myself half hour or so doing things that I like to do. Doesn't always work, in fact it doesn't often work, but the idea is good ;0)

b-z said...

join the blimming club
ive had a whole WEEK of procrastinating

ah yes Sue-the housework/work avoidance thing

Sara said...

Hi, I have just come across your blog. I have been searching for some running blogs and found yours through the runner's world web site. It's nice to know there's other runners and bloggers out there.