Friday, 29 September 2006

a not-running blog

No runnign this week - too tired to do anything at the moment - didn't even make it to club to walk this week

I will try and run this weekend - but the usual routine is knocked by TB running in the Road Relays in Manchester on Sunday, so our usual 'get each other out the door' stragegy will not be there.

Work is still ok mostly - the odd difficulty but nothing compared to some establishments I might be working in - and the rest of the time I do enjoy it

I was reflecting that for over 20 years I have not been in a job that did not have a finite end point - they have all been fixed length projects. But this one does not have a foreseeable end - I shall have to choose to leave (assuming they don't ask me to go of course!) or continue until retirement - adds a different dimension to the job.

Sunday, 24 September 2006


another week goes by without a blog - life is just so busy and tiring

I've managed a brisk walk with V69 at the club, a short swim, and two run-walks in the park - the second aborted owing to feeling light headed.

so only 10 miles done this week, but it's so much better than nothing, I'll live with it for now.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

first week in the job

First full week in the job - so how was it from an exercise point of view?

I used to work from home so spent a lot of time sitting at a desk on the ground floor. I had the flexibility to plod when I pleased, and a lovely park to walk in - that I didn't take advantage of enough.

Now I am teaching, I am on my feet most of the day, and have 40 stairs between the staff room and my lab. So physically it is much more tiring than the old job. I need to be able to get up the stairs without my HR going sky high!

It is like being back at the beginning again - every lesson to prepare and homework to mark. So evenings are mostly taken with that and squeezing in exercise is tight. The best thing is to do it early evenign while the TB are doing there after school stuff - but I have felt so tired at that stage so far. But this is how the last week has gone:

Monday - nothing

Tuesday - went to the gym straight from school, but at the end of a long day I did not do much - probably dehydratedand hungry, but basically knackered - will try swimming next week, see if being off my feet is better than tready and X-trainer.

Wednesday - Club night - walked nearly 4 miles with V69 - but we managed 1mm quicker than last week. I may be walking this for some time - after all he ran slowly with me, so this is the least I can do.

Thursday - very late night at school - nothing

Friday - had thought we might swim, but too weary - next week we will try for an early tea and then go and swim

Saturday - Teenbeanz had a traning session in the park - hills up and down the river bank, so I plodded along the river

Sunday - TB was told to do a really easy run - so we went together and did 4 miles at R2 W1 - with the runs being his slow pace, but I was working.

And after I had put all this in the spreadsheet I discover this year's total mileage has no passed the mileage for 2005 :>)

I guess that shows some kind of progress.

Sunday, 10 September 2006

Robin Hood Half

it was HOT, it was HILLY (I am sure it was a hillier route than last year)
I ran with Coach - who acted as timekeeper, keeping me to run 2 walk 1 - part from serious hilly bits where we allowed ourselves to walk briskly because my HR was still at running rate. After about 9 miles I began to get cramp and I ended up running 45 seconds, walking a minute to try and keep some running going

finished in 3:00:43 - not a pb but pretty pleased

Just looked at the thread and found this:
Walking back to car, overheard guy who came in top five of half say that even the Kenyans he'd been speaking to (who won the race) had found it tough, adding a couple of minutes onto their expected times!!!

So I was right it was tough!

Thursday, 7 September 2006

running club

It's a good job teenbeanz goes to running club - I would not have gone at all in the last few weeks.

V69 broke his shoulder a month or so ago so hasn't been running - but last week he said we should walk this week - he is walking Mablethorpe 10k on Sunday - he walks loads at the moment, becuase he can't cycle either.

Anyway we both turned up this week and went for a walk - 3.8 miles around Rolls Royce - where he used to work - he always has stories to tell about what Derby used to be like and what buildings used to be where we are running past. So the distance flew by - and I noticed things I had pased many times without seeing them.

We may be walking for a few weeks yet - which is not a problem.

And then there was a challenge from Tigerrunner - I said he should go for 2:45 at FLM next year and get an elite place - he did 2:49 this year. he said he'd do that if I got quicker!

So my challenge for after RH is to aim to run a 10k without having to walk.

OK Coach?

Tuesday, 5 September 2006

started at last

It has been a long run up to starting the real job of teaching - but at last this afternoon I did it!

It has been a tale of admin and chaos - fortunately a small organisation so they can get away with it! Very nice people - but sometimes ..... Mrbeanz says I should keep a diary and write a 'Thank God it's Friday' column for the TES - teenbeanz says i shoudl blog it

but I shall do neither - just tell it all over tea at home!

anyway so far so good I think .....

It's difficult to tell with teenage girls whether they are engaged or not sometimes!

Not much time to run - I manage 25 minutes on the tready last night before my bunion decided a day on my feet was enough - I need some wider work shoes - difficult to find shoes that will accommodate said bunion - but maybe these will do.

Sam Murphy says they are designed for people with diabetes ( not yet but I will if I don't lose the weight) and come in a wide fitting - will have to see if the running shop can get some for me.

Prep for Robin Hood is not looking good at the moment - the trouble is when I don't do it I lose belief that I ever could - and R2 W1 is really pathertic anyway.

Friday, 1 September 2006

other things

It's Friday and I haven't run since my long run on Monday - life has put other things in the way

Wednesday was club night, but I was not sure that anyoen woudl be there to plod with and I just did not feel up to doing anything, so I took teenbeanz along and became keeper of the car keys

As it turned out I could have done the boundary again - or gone for a walk with our V69 witht eh broken shoulder

Then THursday and Friday have been a breaking in to the new job - induction for new staff on Thursday and a staff 'training day' today.

It probably has raised more questions than it has answered but has ben very tiring - a plan swim this evening has been postponed - the idea of driving back across town in the traffic with the teenbeanzes was to wearying. Instead I came home, had a cup of tea and crashed for half an hour while MrBeanz cooked a not very slimming fish and chips!

the TBs and I plan to swim tomorrow - I may even plod as well if I wake up early.

New job stops properly next week when pupils arrive - that will concentrate my mind!