Thursday, 7 September 2006

running club

It's a good job teenbeanz goes to running club - I would not have gone at all in the last few weeks.

V69 broke his shoulder a month or so ago so hasn't been running - but last week he said we should walk this week - he is walking Mablethorpe 10k on Sunday - he walks loads at the moment, becuase he can't cycle either.

Anyway we both turned up this week and went for a walk - 3.8 miles around Rolls Royce - where he used to work - he always has stories to tell about what Derby used to be like and what buildings used to be where we are running past. So the distance flew by - and I noticed things I had pased many times without seeing them.

We may be walking for a few weeks yet - which is not a problem.

And then there was a challenge from Tigerrunner - I said he should go for 2:45 at FLM next year and get an elite place - he did 2:49 this year. he said he'd do that if I got quicker!

So my challenge for after RH is to aim to run a 10k without having to walk.

OK Coach?


b-z said...

you know
I have only twice run all the way in a 10k

coach said...

But of course, hehehe. The first 10k, the last 10k or one somewhere in the middle? We can decide on Saturday evening!

Probably the 10k that starts at about mile 3, thinking about it? Nice amount of time to warm up and let the crowds sort themselves out. This is sounding better and better :o)

Oh, race pack arrived yesterday!

Highway Kind said...

This is sounding good - like you are finding the enjoyment again

beanz said...

er I think I said aim for 10k after Robin Hood.

Like target next year's Tara Kinder

Outsidenow said...

Sounds to me like you are enjoying it too. It's good to hear.

I reckon you'll manage your 10K run. Just clear the decks as it were (in respect of your running). Give yourself some space and just home in on it. Forget about speeding up. It might even be wise to slow down a little to help your spread your running time out further.

Best of luck!