Sunday, 10 September 2006

Robin Hood Half

it was HOT, it was HILLY (I am sure it was a hillier route than last year)
I ran with Coach - who acted as timekeeper, keeping me to run 2 walk 1 - part from serious hilly bits where we allowed ourselves to walk briskly because my HR was still at running rate. After about 9 miles I began to get cramp and I ended up running 45 seconds, walking a minute to try and keep some running going

finished in 3:00:43 - not a pb but pretty pleased

Just looked at the thread and found this:
Walking back to car, overheard guy who came in top five of half say that even the Kenyans he'd been speaking to (who won the race) had found it tough, adding a couple of minutes onto their expected times!!!

So I was right it was tough!


Coach said...

I've been thinking about that Kenyan 2 minutes ..... if they added 2 minutes on then we should add about 5, pro-rata to the amount of time we were out there. So, we were well under 3 hours :o)))

Well done!!


womble said...
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coach said...

More race analysis:

Places: 6770 & 6771 out of 6843
So there were loads of people behind us.

Last finisher: 4.10.00 hahahahaha

Our pace: 13.47m/m.

Leon said...

Well done you

Evil Pixie said...

Well Done!
'twas indeed hot yesterday!
You should be well pleased with yourself

fraggle said...

phew, it was indeed hot and hilly - nice quote from the kenyans there, it's defintiely made me feel better!!

b-z said...

well done beanz
it was indded bloody hot yesterday

b-z said...

what an original comment!

But it WAS hot

HappyasLarry said...

Well done Beanzie. I think you have done great, you have had so many other things to get in the way of this.
And the heat makes a tough course so much harder.

Bedders said...

Hot, hilly and cramped up? Great effort and well done.