Friday, 29 September 2006

a not-running blog

No runnign this week - too tired to do anything at the moment - didn't even make it to club to walk this week

I will try and run this weekend - but the usual routine is knocked by TB running in the Road Relays in Manchester on Sunday, so our usual 'get each other out the door' stragegy will not be there.

Work is still ok mostly - the odd difficulty but nothing compared to some establishments I might be working in - and the rest of the time I do enjoy it

I was reflecting that for over 20 years I have not been in a job that did not have a finite end point - they have all been fixed length projects. But this one does not have a foreseeable end - I shall have to choose to leave (assuming they don't ask me to go of course!) or continue until retirement - adds a different dimension to the job.


sue said...

You are doing ok Beanzie - this is still early days. As long as you get out and do something not to lose the focus of doing something for yourself eh?

You say that you have always had 'fixed term' type jobs - well you are braver than I am. I need my secuirity me - I've been a nurse for over 35 years and in the place I am now for 15 of those years. I'm not brave enough to take the plunge now and move on (unless I get the teaching post that has been a promise for ages).

Anyway - out you go tomorrow for a walk/plod, which will give you the space to support TB on Sunday.

And get in training for 'Sherpa' duty next May :0)


sue said...

ooops - what awful spelling in front of a teacher!!!!

womble said...

I've only been doing contract work for just under three years. I'd really like to get back to 'proper' employment. Trouble is, I don't know that it's going to happen. Things change, don't they?

It'll take a while to settle in. You're more active in this job which is tiring, let alone the challenge of teaching and all the preparation that goes with it. Make the most of what there is at the moment - like striding up the stairs and eating healthy stuff from the school canteen. You'll work out how to get a new 'life' including running and other exercise all fitting together again.


b-z said...

Good sensible advice here

And I too would have thought that a long term contract takes some prerssure off9having done enough of the fixed term thing myself)

It IS early days yet-i actually think a omplete change takes 6-12 months to settle in to
Could you plod STRAIGHT after school??????

before you get home and get distracted i mean

Bedders said...

I have had the complete opposite and worked for the same company for 22 years now - not a fixed contract more of a life sentance.

Suffering like you with tiredness (and in my case general apathy)...