Saturday, 29 December 2007

A decision made

I've made the decision not to attempt to do FLM this year.

Yet again Highway Kind provides the right words to help me come to the decision.

I have not run since 10th November and cannot see me doing so any time soon, so it would be foolish to think I could do myself justice on 13th April.

So when I go to see the phyzz next week, it will be for a long term programme of rehabilitation, rather than rushing back to running.

Meanwhile I shall try to work on the eating side of things - tricky with so much chocolate and cheese in the house , but hey I can only try my best.

Not sure who I am writing this for - maybe it is for me. In which case I must try saving it as it is my only training log really, apart from a spreadsheet and the Garmin log.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Gym at last

Made it to the and quite a good session:
10 min walk on treadmill
7 minutes rower
10 minutes bike
7 minutes cross trainer

then strength work

then I made the mistake going Christmas shopping - too much of a good thing I fear, by the time I made it home my leg really ached, like I'd done a very long run

A gentle day resting, until the evening when I had to take Runnerbeanz to his training session - I walked for about 20 minutes round the track while he was running - enough for today.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I'm trying - really

Yesterday I didn't make it to the gym, although I had intended to. I don't feel as though my knee is getting better - lots of aching still, perhaps partly because the house was cold - there is no point in having all the heating on when there is only me at home, and I let myself get cold - and then a kind of slump comes over me, I eat what I don't need .......

But today I've managed to go for a swim - only about 20 lengths, but it is hard work because I would normally do breaststroke, but can't do that because of the twisty knee action.

And then on to do a big shop, by the end of which I was limping somewhat - so now I am off to ice.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

This week I have ...........

Seen the phyzz

Been to the gym twice to do CV and strength work

Done some step-ups and walking whilst Runnerbeanz was tearing round the track on Saturday

Eaten rather more mince pies than intended

Feel as though there is no chance of me being fit to do London - I really don't want to do it unless I can acquit myself well. At the moment I can't believe I'll ever do a long run again. The phyzz suggests I might be doing some of the early runs as other CV for the time the schedule says to do the running.
I know that if, at this stage I throw in the towel for FLM, I will not do the exercises she has given me properly or try to eat properly, but I feel a fraud saying I hope to do it when I am not even running and its only 17 weeks away.
I do want to do exactly as she has told me and not risk further injury by getting back too soon. But I just feel so fed up

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Back to the phyzz

I saw the phyzz today and she is pleased with progress - I am about in the right place for three weeks from injury.
I now have a gym programme, to increase leg strength and also CV fitness, without running.

I am not sure about this CV work - whether I need to get my HR up to the same value - perceived effort on the static bike does not result in as high a HR as running at the same effort - presumably something to do with mot carrying my weight? Or maybe its just that I don't like the bike?

I also aim to get as much preparation for next term done as possible. If I am going to be training for a marathon I need to make time for the training. And if some of that training is in the gym rather than the road, it takes a bigger chunk of time to do and is logistically more difficult.

I've managed to keep off the sweet stuff - apart from (I confess) checking out the first batch of mince pies I've made this season.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

I'm in!

Well I have a place for FLM, assuming I am fit enough to train enough to do it justice.

I asked at the club tonight when they would be doing the draw.

But as there were only 3 names on the list, the Secretary gave me a form there and then!

So I have started training.

That is :
  • no more chocolate, biscuits, cake .....
  • do the exercises from the phyzz
  • do what CV work I can in the gym
  • hope that on 1st January I am able to run
If all these happen I will send the form off on January 1st - closing date 11th January.