Tuesday, 28 August 2007

not tri-ing

Some of my waister pals - and other forumites were doing Matlock Tri, so I went along to support - it would have been rude not to.
It is a seriously undulating course for the bike followed by a run up High Tor and down again - with a pause to admire the views at the top. Needless to say I stayed at the bottom to enocurage and take photos as they came through transition.
The three Waisters made it to the finish line in good style - and for Ellie, her first Tri, it was a great result - she enjoyed it and plans more!

And so today its back to a routine of sorts, the teenbeanzes are in school and MrBeanz goes back to work tomorrow.
So I was up reasonably early to explore another 4 mile route - one which should be ok to do when the mornings get earlier and darker. Turned out to be 4.3 miles, with a long downhill near the beginning and a long gentle drag back home. Unusually my quads felt the downhill section - usually my routes are more undulating so they have time to recover.
Trouble is I am incapable of doing that 'stand on one leg and stretch the quad behind your back' stretch.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

long run

Its a club outing to Amsterdam and lots of folk are doing the half, including a few first timers. One of those, Y, is someone I used to run with when she started a couple of years ago, now she's a bit quicker than me. But she didn't seem to have a schedule for building up her distance, so I invited her to come out with me.
So we went out yesterday for a planned 8 miles. It went well - it was slow enough for her to talk almost all the way round - but quick enough that I could only answer in short phrases. Although there was an occasional pause for breath on my part, with a minute's power walk, I kept it going much better than I would have done alone.
It was overall a little slower than last week's run with b-z. I had done about half a mile walking warm up before Y arrived and an extra half a mile after I dropped her off at the end - so 9 miles for me.
I am still not confident of getting in in 3 hours though it is still 6 more long runs to the race.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

good run ... bad run

On Tuesday I had a good run - 4 miles of which the middle two (flat) miles were well within my target pace for Amsterdam - this warming up by walking the first mile seems to be hitting the spot :>). b-z commented when we were running on Sunday that it doesn't get easier as you get better - it hurts just as much, you just go quicker. I suppose that is what happened on Tuesday - I didn't feel those two miles were particularly 'good' I just suffered to better effect!

However today ....
MrBeanz's car needed to go for a service, I needed to run, but also to go to school for GCSE results. So the plan was take the car in and run home. I worked out how I could easily make the route nearly 4 miles, by incorporating one of my usual runs. But even after a mile or so of walking my right leg just did not want to know about running, and trying made my back ache, so I cut it short and just walked for 2.5 miles - but briskly (for me) 16 mm pace.

Ah well, you can't win them all.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Back from a good weekend with b-z and womble

It was great to put faces to a few more forumites and chat to some that I had only ever seen as a blur at races.

And b-z and I even managed a run this morning - womble couldn't come because she had to look after her other guests!

A plod of 1.75 miles to Richmond Park and then a 4.3 miles loop in the park where we came closer to deer than I had ever been - maybe too close as they were young stags. We also passed about a dozen female and young red deer. We were distracted by the noise from the local flock of parakeets. We couldn't see the bright green colour but their shape and noise gave them away.

Overall nearly 8 miles plodded and walked - the mile walking warm up seems to suit me and plodding with b-z kept me going and showed I can plod at a higher HR than I thought - I will up my range again for my next run.

Friday, 17 August 2007

not running

I'm going down south tomorrow, to a party - don't often do parties, but fortunately there will be at least two people I know and both are good friends.

But as I go through London I thought I should take the chance to see something.

I remember seeing a review of a play with Patrick Stewart, it turned out the play was at the Chichester Festival, so that's out. However in hunting for that I came across this , a fascinating insight into the mind of an actor.

Patrick Stewart is perhaps one of my favourite actors. I love his voice.

There was a picture of him in my form room last year (it is an English classroom and he's been at Stratford recently) the girls were amused that I preferred him to some of their heart throbs such as Johnny Depp.

A funny thing happened .....

It was going well, a mile walked; a mile run without ANY walking (and uphill at the end).

I was just struggling up a steep bit of road a little old lady was just standing at the top of her drive with her zimmer frame. She called out to me so I went up to her rather breathlessly and she asked if I was going to the shops - I am not sure where I was concealing my purse and shopping bag in my lycra, but I said I was passing, so she asked me to get her some fruit pastilles!

So an extra undulation 0.2 miles each way and my good deed done.

I am not sure how long she had been waiting for a passer by. She could have been there some time as not that many people walk, they all travel by car - I didn't see any other pedestrians along most of that road - maybe she was much younger when she first went out there!

Anyway 4 miles done.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Running in the rain

Yesterday I got up late and it was persisting. And I didn't run. I felt cross with myself all day, but still didn't run.

So this morning I had to get up earlyish to tidy up for the cleaners. But I dressed in my kit so I had no excuses. And went out in the rain - had forgotten that it is actually quite good running in the rain - once you've made it out the door.

While we were on holiday eBeanz spent a long time giggling over Guy Browning -who has a column in the Guardian How to .... As a non exerciser eBeanz particularly liked this article . And read this out to us runners:

After a strenuous work-out, you get a great feeling of wellbeing. This is due to the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, which are the body's natural smugness generators.

I was reminded of this as I ran in the rain - the smugness factor increases even further when you run in the rain, it makes you feel even better about having done it when all the couch potatoes wouldn't even go out to the bin 'cos it's raining'.

Oh and the run? I walked the first mile - briskly in just under 16 minutes. Then stretched my calves. Then ran - trying to keep the HR at 142 without going over. The first running mile was the quickest for a long time (12:42) at the time it felt horrid and now I know why!! Maybe it was too quick because the next one had a higher AHR but was slower. And then I was back up the hill and on the steep bits my HR was in the zone even without breaking into a run - though I did try to run.

Monday, 13 August 2007

and another thing

for those long distance people amongst you

You may have noticed girish who comments on here - he has recently completed this little run

Which should be enough of a challenge for you - you know who you are!

back home

Back home this morning and catching up with things. Although I could post while away I did not have the web - just email.

So reading Highway Kind today reminded me of something I read in this article while I was away.

'short and generally superficial blog posts are a commodity, and it's difficult to make yours any better than thousands of others. It's hard to build up any user loyalty that way. "One longer post beats many small pieces given superficial treatment, which will essentially be free, so maybe you can get people to pay for it - maybe not in money, but in a registration, or whatever."'

HK certainly provides us with thoughtful, longer, running blog posts- though I suspect he is not going to start charging us for our 'customer loyalty' - and even when I do not reply they have always provided food for thought - I think we must be of an age too as so often the post has resonances for me.

eBeanz ( nonrunningteenbeanz has decided that this should be his name as a chap who is determined to make a career in computing) comments that while much of what Nielsen says is sense, his site is in fact simply poorly designed - and that he should not make a virtue out of the poor design.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Recovery run?

After my 'long run' yesterday I wouldn't normally run today, but we pack up tomorrow morning so I decided it would make sense to run this morning and keep it steady.
A recovery run should be run at a lower HR, right? I've been trying to run at 135-142 recently so I needed to keep in that zone as a max. But every time I began to jog my HR zoomed up to 160+. After trying to slow down in line with my new approach, I found that the only way to get it back down was to walk - then it dropped fairly readily back to 125ish. Then a slow jog would send it shooting up again. This went on for the first two miles. Eventually I managed to keep it down while jogging slowly. And nearly 3 miles done.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Slowing down

In line with comments from Womble, I am trying to slow down! That may seem impossible but what I mean is that I am trying to keep running when my HR rises - trying to get it back down without having to walk. I have always said that I only have one running pace, so I am trying to find some variety.
Running here at CP is a good opportunity to try this out as it is not too undulating. So today's long run of 6 miles wasn't quick, bnt was enjoyable.
MrBeanz is improving gradually and hopes to be able to walk up to the restaurant tonight.
I am currently UNO champion, but languishing in third spot in the Scrabble league - after years of training them up the TeanBeanzes are providing real competition :))

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Ups and downs

The weather still holds so I am sitting outside writing this.
Unfortunatly MrBeanz has done something to his back (an intermittent problem) so he is almost immobile. Poor chap.
But that is no excuse not to run. We woke late this morning so I didn't go out to run until 11. I feared it might be too warm but there's plenty of shade in the forest. 3.4 miles done. While I don't think I am a slave to my Garmin, I do like to know the numbers - so being able to just wander somewhere new and know that you've done the required miles is great.

Not many books read, but crosswords completed and several games of UNO and Scrabble played.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


First full day of our holidays :))

We've only travelled an hour up the road to Center Parcs but it is far enough ro make the break.

I didn't run yesterday so I must be running today. I woke at 7.30 and could hear the birds singing so decided I didn't want to miss the chance for an early run. The area is a maze of roads and tracks but apart from arrivals and departures no cars are allowed - just bikes, and as you know I don't do bikes. Anyway very peaceful at 8 am.
It was a very slow plod overall as there were many pauses to check my position on the map. Next time I shall go out without the map and just enjoy the peace.
What to do with the rest of my day? Breakfast then a wander up to the village to buy a paper. Then there will be the crosswords and kakuro to do. And books to read ....-

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hot and hilly

I really should know better - I woke at 6 and thought about having some breakfast but couldn't quite make the effort to get out of bed

So slept until 7.30 and then had a bowl of cereal

which had not properly digested by the time I went out at 9 so I had an uncomfortable run, got too hot and a bit dehydrated

whereas if I had had breakfast at 6 and run at 8 all would have been much better

I went out along the undulating main road, cos that's the way Teenbeanz wanted to go, but it was as awful as ever and I remembered why I prefer my other long run route. Will go back to that next week when we are back from holiday.

Anyway 6 miles done.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Good run; bad run

On Tuesday I went down to the gym - but it was too good to run on the tready so I ran along the river path (nice and level) and followed that with a swim. It was hot for running, even at 9.00 but I managed to keep going reasonably. I worked hard on trying to keep a steady pace that I could maintain.

This morning it is ideal running conditions, overcast slightly damp and cool. So I had the worst run I have had for a long time - I didn't know what people meant by 'heavy legs' until today. I just could not get them warmed up, my calves were like solid blocks for most of the time, an awful lot of walking :<(

Ah well, at least I did the required 3 miles - I was tempted to turn off for home at 2.5, but managed to jog for a bit and get past the corner.

Must see phyzz.