Sunday, 26 August 2007

long run

Its a club outing to Amsterdam and lots of folk are doing the half, including a few first timers. One of those, Y, is someone I used to run with when she started a couple of years ago, now she's a bit quicker than me. But she didn't seem to have a schedule for building up her distance, so I invited her to come out with me.
So we went out yesterday for a planned 8 miles. It went well - it was slow enough for her to talk almost all the way round - but quick enough that I could only answer in short phrases. Although there was an occasional pause for breath on my part, with a minute's power walk, I kept it going much better than I would have done alone.
It was overall a little slower than last week's run with b-z. I had done about half a mile walking warm up before Y arrived and an extra half a mile after I dropped her off at the end - so 9 miles for me.
I am still not confident of getting in in 3 hours though it is still 6 more long runs to the race.


b-z said...

eight miles -AGAIN!

great stuff

womble said...

Good run! And remember, Amsterdam is F-L-A-T unlike the last half marathon you did.

sue said...

Well done. you are really building up the miles, as Womble says, Amsterdam is flat and you've loads of time!