Sunday, 19 August 2007


Back from a good weekend with b-z and womble

It was great to put faces to a few more forumites and chat to some that I had only ever seen as a blur at races.

And b-z and I even managed a run this morning - womble couldn't come because she had to look after her other guests!

A plod of 1.75 miles to Richmond Park and then a 4.3 miles loop in the park where we came closer to deer than I had ever been - maybe too close as they were young stags. We also passed about a dozen female and young red deer. We were distracted by the noise from the local flock of parakeets. We couldn't see the bright green colour but their shape and noise gave them away.

Overall nearly 8 miles plodded and walked - the mile walking warm up seems to suit me and plodding with b-z kept me going and showed I can plod at a higher HR than I thought - I will up my range again for my next run.


b-z said...

horrible woman-making me do EIGHT miles with a hangover;0

womble said...

[Points at beanz]

Yes, she's terrible :o)

I bet she forced you to do all the drinking too...

Girish Mallya said...

nice to see you making some substantial progress on your miles since July, keep up the good work.