Tuesday, 28 August 2007

not tri-ing

Some of my waister pals - and other forumites were doing Matlock Tri, so I went along to support - it would have been rude not to.
It is a seriously undulating course for the bike followed by a run up High Tor and down again - with a pause to admire the views at the top. Needless to say I stayed at the bottom to enocurage and take photos as they came through transition.
The three Waisters made it to the finish line in good style - and for Ellie, her first Tri, it was a great result - she enjoyed it and plans more!

And so today its back to a routine of sorts, the teenbeanzes are in school and MrBeanz goes back to work tomorrow.
So I was up reasonably early to explore another 4 mile route - one which should be ok to do when the mornings get earlier and darker. Turned out to be 4.3 miles, with a long downhill near the beginning and a long gentle drag back home. Unusually my quads felt the downhill section - usually my routes are more undulating so they have time to recover.
Trouble is I am incapable of doing that 'stand on one leg and stretch the quad behind your back' stretch.


womble said...

Well, if you haven't sorted the quad stretch by Amsterdam we'll get it sorted then. Fear not! Or, fear lots!!

womble said...

One way to start trying the quad stretch is to stand with a chair behind you and put your toe on the seat. Stand straight up, no bending at the hips. Then, when you feel ready, you can wrap a towel around the ankle and try to lift it off the chair, pulling towards your bottom.

[You vill get zere....]