Thursday, 23 August 2007

good run ... bad run

On Tuesday I had a good run - 4 miles of which the middle two (flat) miles were well within my target pace for Amsterdam - this warming up by walking the first mile seems to be hitting the spot :>). b-z commented when we were running on Sunday that it doesn't get easier as you get better - it hurts just as much, you just go quicker. I suppose that is what happened on Tuesday - I didn't feel those two miles were particularly 'good' I just suffered to better effect!

However today ....
MrBeanz's car needed to go for a service, I needed to run, but also to go to school for GCSE results. So the plan was take the car in and run home. I worked out how I could easily make the route nearly 4 miles, by incorporating one of my usual runs. But even after a mile or so of walking my right leg just did not want to know about running, and trying made my back ache, so I cut it short and just walked for 2.5 miles - but briskly (for me) 16 mm pace.

Ah well, you can't win them all.

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sue said...

I suppose it's the not so good runs that make the wayhay runs all the better! A brisk walk can sometimes be more rewarding than trying to push yourself further than you should really go in the circumstances.

It seems that you are determined to get this running lark back again, keep at it and it'll all suddenly click together. I would qualify what b-z has said - your 'easy' runs will get easier and more enjoyable the fitter you get. The 'training for speed and distance' ones don't necessarily get easier, but it's these that allow you to zone out on the easy days and just run for the hell of it.