Sunday, 12 August 2007

Recovery run?

After my 'long run' yesterday I wouldn't normally run today, but we pack up tomorrow morning so I decided it would make sense to run this morning and keep it steady.
A recovery run should be run at a lower HR, right? I've been trying to run at 135-142 recently so I needed to keep in that zone as a max. But every time I began to jog my HR zoomed up to 160+. After trying to slow down in line with my new approach, I found that the only way to get it back down was to walk - then it dropped fairly readily back to 125ish. Then a slow jog would send it shooting up again. This went on for the first two miles. Eventually I managed to keep it down while jogging slowly. And nearly 3 miles done.


womble said...

How long do you spend on your 'warm up'? It should be up to 15 minutes. Perhaps you're getting into it all too quickly so then you're fighting a losing battle for the rest of your run? Walking the first mile of a three mile run might seem like you're hardly running, but it might be worth trying to see if it helps. I know that when we ran together at the club once, we started off too quickly and your hr zoomed up.

I've got my book down off the shelf - will try to look through a bit more before the weekend :o)

beanz said...

Thanks, Womble, I'll try walking longer tomorrow.