Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Running in the rain

Yesterday I got up late and it was persisting. And I didn't run. I felt cross with myself all day, but still didn't run.

So this morning I had to get up earlyish to tidy up for the cleaners. But I dressed in my kit so I had no excuses. And went out in the rain - had forgotten that it is actually quite good running in the rain - once you've made it out the door.

While we were on holiday eBeanz spent a long time giggling over Guy Browning -who has a column in the Guardian How to .... As a non exerciser eBeanz particularly liked this article . And read this out to us runners:

After a strenuous work-out, you get a great feeling of wellbeing. This is due to the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, which are the body's natural smugness generators.

I was reminded of this as I ran in the rain - the smugness factor increases even further when you run in the rain, it makes you feel even better about having done it when all the couch potatoes wouldn't even go out to the bin 'cos it's raining'.

Oh and the run? I walked the first mile - briskly in just under 16 minutes. Then stretched my calves. Then ran - trying to keep the HR at 142 without going over. The first running mile was the quickest for a long time (12:42) at the time it felt horrid and now I know why!! Maybe it was too quick because the next one had a higher AHR but was slower. And then I was back up the hill and on the steep bits my HR was in the zone even without breaking into a run - though I did try to run.

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sue said...

I love that article!

I also love running in the rain - it's nice and cooling! When it's persistantly raining, it's also peaceful 'cos everyone else is indoors!

The last couple of runs I've had have been hot with a threat of rain. The rain arrived just as I finished my run - typical!

Keep runnin'