Monday, 13 August 2007

back home

Back home this morning and catching up with things. Although I could post while away I did not have the web - just email.

So reading Highway Kind today reminded me of something I read in this article while I was away.

'short and generally superficial blog posts are a commodity, and it's difficult to make yours any better than thousands of others. It's hard to build up any user loyalty that way. "One longer post beats many small pieces given superficial treatment, which will essentially be free, so maybe you can get people to pay for it - maybe not in money, but in a registration, or whatever."'

HK certainly provides us with thoughtful, longer, running blog posts- though I suspect he is not going to start charging us for our 'customer loyalty' - and even when I do not reply they have always provided food for thought - I think we must be of an age too as so often the post has resonances for me.

eBeanz ( nonrunningteenbeanz has decided that this should be his name as a chap who is determined to make a career in computing) comments that while much of what Nielsen says is sense, his site is in fact simply poorly designed - and that he should not make a virtue out of the poor design.

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Highway Kind said...

Hey Beanz

Thanks for the post.

All I am trying to do work out my relationship to running.

Just the fact that one other person finds it interesting is good enough for me.

You have quite made my day