Sunday, 23 March 2008

Another Run

Over a month since my last outside run but I managed to get myself out this morning for a little R1W2 round the block.
I really miss my Garmin - I lent it to Tigerrunner as I wasn't running for his FLM training but I am such a data geek I need to know the numbers. My HRM has a flat battery and is away being replaced, so I don't even have a watch! So today I borrowed Runnerbeanz's 305 - and I managed to programme it to bleep appropriately, so it kept me going all the way round. Only couple of km but hey, its a start.

What got me out this morning was this community of runners - I decided that I was a fraud if I didn't get out there and do it. I can't claim to be a runner if I don't do it when I have the chance and fitness!

Studentbeanz is home for 2 weeks and we are having a concerted effort to lose some weight, if we can have two weeks of good habits maybe we can maintain it for longer and both get to somewhere more healthy.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

well a good start

First day of the hols yesterday and I managed to use it constructively.
  • Some gardening- digging is a bit of a strain on the back though.
  • Some exam board work.
  • Browsing various bits of software for teaching.
  • Another gym session, my back did not like th hill setting on the tready.
  • And a weigh in - 3 pounds lost this week :>))
So now I have no excuse of the stresses of the job I need to stay focused.

Rest day today - with plenty of non-physical things to do.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Hoping to make progress

Must try and get back to this running business now I am on holiday (again).

It has started well with a RW forum social. Nine of us gathered, the first social without Steady,
but June was there

and birthday boy Muzzy

And most of the other regulars - RichK, Mark, LMH, MrBeanz, KatieJane and Tigerrunner. Unfortunately most of the photos are rather fuzzy, so they will not be appearing in public!

So all the talk of running made me want to get out and do some!
Saturday was spent at Wollaton Park at the InterCounties XC . I did not run of course, but was Team Manager for the Derbyshire Senior Ladies and U15 girls.

This morning I have gymmed - including 20 minutes RW on the tready. I seem to have survived.

My plan is to really concentrate over the next three weeks on regular exercise and eating properly - I know, I know, I've said it before and always seem to have some excuse for falling off the wagon.