Sunday, 23 March 2008

Another Run

Over a month since my last outside run but I managed to get myself out this morning for a little R1W2 round the block.
I really miss my Garmin - I lent it to Tigerrunner as I wasn't running for his FLM training but I am such a data geek I need to know the numbers. My HRM has a flat battery and is away being replaced, so I don't even have a watch! So today I borrowed Runnerbeanz's 305 - and I managed to programme it to bleep appropriately, so it kept me going all the way round. Only couple of km but hey, its a start.

What got me out this morning was this community of runners - I decided that I was a fraud if I didn't get out there and do it. I can't claim to be a runner if I don't do it when I have the chance and fitness!

Studentbeanz is home for 2 weeks and we are having a concerted effort to lose some weight, if we can have two weeks of good habits maybe we can maintain it for longer and both get to somewhere more healthy.


womble said...

Well done on getting out there. I haven't been out since doing one lap of four at Finchley 20 two weeks ago. Last week decided that 15 or 21 wasn't a good idea. Current excuse not to test knee is the carp weather :o(

womble said...

And 'hello' to studentbeanz, the beanz I haven't met!

Revrunner said...

What a coincidence! As it happens, today was the first day I've run outside since my hamstring injury. The course I take is definitely cross country and the hills did begin to wear on me; but, all the same, it really felt great!

Highway Kind said...

Odd how runners love their stats.

I think I must be lacking a vital running gene as I have stripped back my information to time and type of sesssion.

Anyway glad that you are out and about again.

womble said...

[prods blog]

Girish Mallya said...

Hey great going, welcome back. Keep the good work going.