Saturday, 29 December 2007

A decision made

I've made the decision not to attempt to do FLM this year.

Yet again Highway Kind provides the right words to help me come to the decision.

I have not run since 10th November and cannot see me doing so any time soon, so it would be foolish to think I could do myself justice on 13th April.

So when I go to see the phyzz next week, it will be for a long term programme of rehabilitation, rather than rushing back to running.

Meanwhile I shall try to work on the eating side of things - tricky with so much chocolate and cheese in the house , but hey I can only try my best.

Not sure who I am writing this for - maybe it is for me. In which case I must try saving it as it is my only training log really, apart from a spreadsheet and the Garmin log.

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Gym at last

Made it to the and quite a good session:
10 min walk on treadmill
7 minutes rower
10 minutes bike
7 minutes cross trainer

then strength work

then I made the mistake going Christmas shopping - too much of a good thing I fear, by the time I made it home my leg really ached, like I'd done a very long run

A gentle day resting, until the evening when I had to take Runnerbeanz to his training session - I walked for about 20 minutes round the track while he was running - enough for today.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I'm trying - really

Yesterday I didn't make it to the gym, although I had intended to. I don't feel as though my knee is getting better - lots of aching still, perhaps partly because the house was cold - there is no point in having all the heating on when there is only me at home, and I let myself get cold - and then a kind of slump comes over me, I eat what I don't need .......

But today I've managed to go for a swim - only about 20 lengths, but it is hard work because I would normally do breaststroke, but can't do that because of the twisty knee action.

And then on to do a big shop, by the end of which I was limping somewhat - so now I am off to ice.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

This week I have ...........

Seen the phyzz

Been to the gym twice to do CV and strength work

Done some step-ups and walking whilst Runnerbeanz was tearing round the track on Saturday

Eaten rather more mince pies than intended

Feel as though there is no chance of me being fit to do London - I really don't want to do it unless I can acquit myself well. At the moment I can't believe I'll ever do a long run again. The phyzz suggests I might be doing some of the early runs as other CV for the time the schedule says to do the running.
I know that if, at this stage I throw in the towel for FLM, I will not do the exercises she has given me properly or try to eat properly, but I feel a fraud saying I hope to do it when I am not even running and its only 17 weeks away.
I do want to do exactly as she has told me and not risk further injury by getting back too soon. But I just feel so fed up

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Back to the phyzz

I saw the phyzz today and she is pleased with progress - I am about in the right place for three weeks from injury.
I now have a gym programme, to increase leg strength and also CV fitness, without running.

I am not sure about this CV work - whether I need to get my HR up to the same value - perceived effort on the static bike does not result in as high a HR as running at the same effort - presumably something to do with mot carrying my weight? Or maybe its just that I don't like the bike?

I also aim to get as much preparation for next term done as possible. If I am going to be training for a marathon I need to make time for the training. And if some of that training is in the gym rather than the road, it takes a bigger chunk of time to do and is logistically more difficult.

I've managed to keep off the sweet stuff - apart from (I confess) checking out the first batch of mince pies I've made this season.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

I'm in!

Well I have a place for FLM, assuming I am fit enough to train enough to do it justice.

I asked at the club tonight when they would be doing the draw.

But as there were only 3 names on the list, the Secretary gave me a form there and then!

So I have started training.

That is :
  • no more chocolate, biscuits, cake .....
  • do the exercises from the phyzz
  • do what CV work I can in the gym
  • hope that on 1st January I am able to run
If all these happen I will send the form off on January 1st - closing date 11th January.


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

back from Phyzz

Phyzz is pleased with progress- less swelling, more flexibility, no long term damage

hopefully running in January

so that's my mileage done for the year

She says I can leave my name in the hat for a club FLM place and when I get back from Switzerland she'll put together a gym programme to strengthen the leg and improve CV ahead of beginning training in January

If I get a place, I'll need a marathon in 15 weeks on three runs a week from scratch schedule - ideally with no longer than an hour for the shorter runs.

Any offers?

Friday, 23 November 2007


I am feeling proper fed up.

I have never had a 'proper injury before and in the old days of the old job I'd have just have got on with it at a slower pace but now I feel guilty.
I don't feel ill just not very mobile. I am feeling guilty about my exam classes and need to be back in school.
And part of me thinks I could probably go back, but the rest of me is listening to all the people saying don't go back too soon.

I expect to go back on Monday, really can't take any more time off.

Phyzz agrees with the doctor that it is meniscus damage. She thinks not too bad - 2-4 weeks to heal. I guess that means I will not be running for that length of time. She says I should start back with the bike (yuck) and swimming - not breast stroke.

I have not been out of the house since the phyzz on Tuesday, it didn't matter until today which is glorious.

Ho Hum

whinge over

Monday, 19 November 2007

proper injury :<(

After a bit of muscle strain last week, I've really done it now.

Supporting teenbeanz at his 10k race yesterday, I turned my knee in a pothole (I think) anyway it is now very swollen and sore. Sleeping was difficult.

The doc thinks it might be cartilage - and has said I'll be off work all week - its the stairs and the standing that are the problem.

And I have a physio appointment for tomorrow.

And rice rice rice ....


Thursday, 15 November 2007


No running this week - a very stiff upper leg - probably from all the stairs last weekend :<( For the last couple of weeks I have been meaning to take my camera to school - the low morning sun has been giving the autumn leaves such colour. But now its too late - the recent rain and wind have brought most of the leaves down. But I did take my camera today and took a few pics on the way there

and on the way home:

This last one is going in my physics collection as a nice illustration of the fact that the Moon is illuminated by the Sun - and as we are doing the Solar system at the moment it will probably come out for use soon!

Saturday, 10 November 2007

keeping at it

Took the sixth form to a lecture at Brum University. It was excellent - the only problem was went to MacD's for something to eat - convenient but not appetising - I hadn't been for years. It doesn't seem any better!
This meant I didn't get home until 10.30. Which was why I didn't do my early mornign on Tuesday.

'Speedwork' with TP - it was good to go to the club and do something constructive without messing up someone else's run. Runnerbeanz has stopped going because they don't really train 'properly' - no warm up - just set off and blast it at whatever pace they can do. So a steady 4 miles run doesn't fit into it - those doing the pace he wants, want to go further. Those only doing 4 miles would not like his pace.

Another late night at school - parent's evening. So too late to get an early night and run in the morning.

A 2 mile brisk walk with a colleague - including a few hills. It was good, the Sun shone, the views were great and it didn't rain until we were coming in the school gate :>)

Out with TP for 7 miles - building back up. We have agreed that if one of us get sin to London in the club draw, we will do the long runs together - and if I get in and she doesn't she will do an autumn marathon and I'll do the long runs with her then.
Today we seemed to be getting a bit quicker - she isn't talking as much (less breath) and I am keeping going without having to think about it after the first couple of miles :>)

And then out to help at the XC where RB ran well.

Tomorrow I am off to help studentteacherbeanz move into a new place as she has split with the long term BF. That shoudl be good cross training carrying boxes.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Teaching and running

I am trying to discipline the time I spend surfing - forumming, reading blogs ...... because work is pretty hectic at the moment.

I teach until 5.30 two afternoons (the other days go on until 4.15) one parents evening this last week, two in the coming week, and then there is the admin, preparation and marking to do .......

And I need to keep on top of the (not small) garden.

And I do I need my sleep - even more so if I am going to get out and run early.

OK I know we get the holidays, but that means an uneven spread of 'free time'. Just training in the holidays is not a feasible way to do it, I at least need to tick over three times a week in term time. At the moment I am only managing two runs, so something has to give if I am ever going to get out from being at the back in everything but London.

Having written that down I think that is why I want to do London again and again - because I know I will not be last.

I managed to get out and run on Tuesday morning but only a couple of miles - although I was up early enough to run further I also had some books to mark.

Saturday was the first 'long run' with TP since Amsterdam. She is still recovering from that, so we just went out for 6 miles. It was good, slow but good. We have not really chatted since the Amsterdam debacle, so she talked a lot about that - and seems more indignant than me! She did really well - she reckons she was so cross about me being pulled that it made her work hard to complete her race in good time and show the muppets what we are capable of!

She aid that she is having trouble finding someone to run with a the friendly club - the next slowest group want to run about a minute a mile quicker than she can sustain for 5 miles. On Wednesday she ran on her own, just doing speed reps along the stretch of road near the car park where we meet. So I have committed myself to going on Wednesday - and we will each do our own speed rep session then - it means we are together but not having to run together.

I have plotted out a schedule to take me to Brass Monkey, which happens to be a 12 mile weekend in Shades' 'Marathon on 3-4 runs a week schedule' so should I be running a marathon on 13th April, it will fit!

The long day on Friday finished with a parent's evenign followed by an East Midlands Curry Night - a dozen there, the usual suspects plus Plum, Rich and Trin and Tigerrunner and Mrs TR. So a good old natter. RunningTeenBeanz's coach lives in the village where we met, and was eating there too - so forumites dine alongside an international athlete!

Sunday, 28 October 2007

wet and windy

I have a lovely park over the road, which I don't run in enough, on account of its vertical nature.

I decided I should run there this morning in the wind and the rain.

Foolishly I went off too 'fast' up hill and ended up with a sore back and not much running.

Ah well I went out.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Getting faster

Teenbeanz reckons I need to do 'speedwork'. Today he had a session at the track, so I decided I'd go and do some reps on the field.

I tried to remember what we had been told about threshold sessions at TrailPlus all that time ago (can't find my notes, surprise, surprise).

Decided it was all about pushing harder then recovering - so I set up my Garmin to do some reps of hard running with recoveries in between.

Just 1 minute reps to start with and I did 5.

Overall 3.5 miles done and I certainly felt I had worked. Will need to do it again for the next few weeks and see whether I get some improvement.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

DNF and other things

It all began with a club outing last year – I didn’t go, but many of the club went to Mablethorpe, where there was a marathon, a half and a 10km. Amsterdam had the same set of races, so it seemed a good idea for the next outing. I though a 10k was doable, so I was up for it. I asked Womble to come too – with the enticement of a marathon to draw her in. In fact this year the short race was a 5km - so I decided on the half.

Womble had arrived on Thursday evening and at the crack of dawn (well, before actually) we were off to the airport to fly to Amsterdam. Once there I had a couple of appointments with virtual friends.

First coffee with a fellow blogger who I had not met. We had a good natter about life, the Universe and running (and we also mentioned the Tri word from time to time – not for me you understand). It was so good to meet and chat.

And then to lunch with fellow WAISTer, Chuggie. She is an outstanding member of the WAISTer family – just the sort of person you need, she keeps track of what everyone is doing, knows who needs the hugs, who needs the cheers and pompoms. We really miss her when she goes on holiday. Anyway I went to her work place (and was very impressed, she had the biggest office in the corridor!). We had a lovely lunch, a walk through the Hague, coffee and cake and some shopping. As you may imagine we didn’t stop talking – families, the trials of being a working mother, fellow waisters and even running. Too soon it was time to catch the train into Amsterdam.
Womble is a seasoned traveller and many-time visitor to Amsterdam – what a great choice for a holiday companion! We ventured into town for food – finding an Italian restaurant that did suitable pizzas for hungry runners.

The hotel was pretty good – breakfast went on until 10.30 so no urgent need to get up early – which was good after our early rising the day before. And a good spread for breakfast – only downside no proper muesli – but otherwise lots of choice.

And then to registration. Jules and Mik from the club had booked the hotel and it was ideal, close to the tram route into town and only 25 minutes walk to the Olympic Stadium, which is close to all the starts, finish and registration.

Registration was not quite a slick as FLM, and the expo considerable smaller. But after collecting my bits we met up with Highway Kind – another blogger. HK is in a different class of blogging though, as he commented, we all do our blogs in different ways; his being more philosophy than everyday life, always a read to look forward to.
After a tram ride into town we wandered around before settling on a great café, overlooking the Amstel river although the only non veggie at the table I opted for the vegetable lasagne, which was really tasty. More chat which included getting to know each other better and finding out a bit more about families etc. Eventually it was time to move on.

We went on a wander to look for the botanical gardens – which were worth the walk, particularly the glass houses – the butterflies and moths (?) were fantastic.

And the company even better.

It also had a great cafe – so we had coffee and cake of course.
And then back to the hotel. Where we found more of the club crowd. Some of whom had been drinking since the airport first thing in the morning! We decided not to join the club on a jolly back into town for food – after all Womble had a marathon to run!

So we tried the snack bar in the hotel – panino and pizza were the two choices. We made do.

For reasons of logistics, the Amsterdam marathon and half marathon are not run concurrently – the marathon starts at 10.30, the half not until 2.00. So Womble went off early to her race and I tried to chill the morning away, watching the fast runners on TV.

There were dark warnings in all the bumf about the cut off times – 3 hours for the half, 6 hours for the full. I knew that that meant I had to run at an average of 13:44 pace to beat the cut-off. I also knew that in training I had been running well within that pace on my 6 mile runs, although our long runs had been slower.

So we set off to cross the line at the back of about 8500 runners. I was soon last with my TP not far ahead. The first mile passed - 12:52 – a bit fast but inevitable really, the following mile was 13:28 and the third 13:11. At 5 km my first encounter with the race referee, who told me I had to run quicker – my Garmin said average pace was 13:16 so I found it hard to believe that he was saying this. I also pointed out to him that it took me about 10 minutes to cross the start line (I now know that it took us 9 minutes). He just said, you have to run faster. After that I had a motorbike on my tail for the next 3 km. The referee was back – he told me if I didn’t run faster I would not beat the cutoff and he’d have to pull me out of the race. I said I couldn’t run faster– but that I was running fast enough (average pace still 13:16) and could complete. He refused to let me continue and took my number from me. The policeman who was also there said he understood how I felt but the referee’s word was final. I could continue to run and follow the route on the path, but the road would be opening gradually. The referee also said that if I finished in the time I would get my medal – but he didn’t believe I would do it.
I was distraught by now and turned down the offer of the bus and tried to continue. But I had lost time arguing and struggled to get going again. Although I continue for another mile or so I realised I was not going to get inside the time as I had lost so much. So I asked a marshal if there was a shorter way back to the stadium – but at this point I was almost exactly half way round and as far away as I could get. She gave me a map and I began to walk back – not using the route which would have been too depressing. Eventually I found a taxi who said he would take me as close as he could. So ended my Amsterdam Half marathon – in tears and my first ever DNF.

Another fairly leisurely breakfast and into town to the flower market – so colourful and lots of interesting plants. Actually the cacti specimens were better than at the botanic gardens! I managed to buy a few bulbs to bring home.

And other stuff which I didn't buy!

We found an opportunity for another take on coffee and cake before going back to the hotel to collect our luggage and make our way to the airport. Where we discovered the plane was delayed, first by an hour and then finally by two hours. Eventually we arrived at East Midlands where MrBeanz was waiting to take us home at last.

Everyone (and especially Womble) have been so kind and supportive. In fact I think I am fairly philosophical about it – nobody died.

And reading Steve Cram today, writing about all the English sporting ‘disasters’ this weekend:
Worst feeling in the world . . . until the next chance
......................But, for goodness sake, let us remember it is only sport. Life does go on, even though for the athlete those moments of defeat seem to encompass the world's end, at least for a while. Sportsmen and women grow up with defeat and learn how to use it to move on to the next success.

I look forward to my next chance at Brass Monkey and working out how to improve between now and then.

Thursday, 18 October 2007


I've been trying to get on top of the garden this autumn - I used to think it was FLM that got in the way but it is obviously just idleness.

So Tuesday morning I went out and dug the ex herb bed to rid it of marjoram which had taken over. I did not do more than about 90 minutes of work -not all digging - but since then I have had a slightly sore back.

So fingers crossed for Sunday please.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

at last!

I managed to get out and run this morning - 6 miles only, but the middle four flattish miles averaged 13:26 mm which is fast enough for next Sunday - question is how long can I keep it up for?

Will all be over this time next week.

And we'll have the rest of the 'holiday' to recover.

Mmm what is there to do in Amsterdam I wonder?

Sunday, 7 October 2007

no run for over a week :<(

I did not get out during the week at all - a sore throat has been threatening to turn into something worse and I have been up to my eyes in work.

However I did post my Brass Monkey entry and FLM - but they are probably lost in the post office strike chaos and will both miss the deadlines.

I should have run this weekend but Grandmabeanz seemed to need a visit - several plaintive phone calls in the week. So after a long open morning at school I tripped over to see GB, and forgot my running shoes, I had planned to go out this morning. Ah well a lie in instead.

Now back home and I need to get on with work so I can fit in a run in the week.

Two weeks from now it will all be happening and I'll be worrying about the cut off.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

another long run

After a couple of weeks trying to do long runs without the TP we got together again today for 12 miles.

We do most of the run off-road, round a country park, with a variety of routes to give different length loops. We reckon that if we get into FLM we'll be able to do quite a lot of long runs here before we get bored - just going the 'long way round' to get there from TP's house, and back!

After a warm up three quarters of a mile we ran the rest - rather slowly but without walking :>)

The trouble is it was nearly a minute a mile slower than we'll need to do in three weeks time. And the cut-off looks pretty serious from the website.

The good thing is that TP seems to enjoy the runs as much as I do - and she is talking about continuing after Amsterdam, ticking over until FLM training starts.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

quicker :>)

Only managed a little plod inthe week.

Out today on my own - TP was racing again.

Didn't really plan route properly so did not go as far as I should have done.

It felt hard - but it turns out I was running a bit quicker than I have done recently. I did 7 miles and five miles in the middle were all at a pace quicker than I need to do in Amsterdam :>)
I found it hard to keep going on my own without TP, maybe because I was going a bit quick. I really am not good at judging pace, I am just so used to it always being a real effort, I can't do 'running easy'.
Runnerbeanz and his squad were doing a whistle run on Thursday - a kind of fartlek where the coach controls the intervals, shorter hards with longer recoveries to start with and as the runners drop out and it whittles down to the hard core the hards get longer and the recoveries shorter. I watched for a while and there did not seem to be a perceptible easing off when the whistle went for recovery, but you could see more effort when he blew again for the next effort. Oh to be young and fit and run like that! I am pleased to say that RB stuck in there and held on for the full session of 36 minutes. And then he did a hills session yesterday. XC here he comes!

Later ...
Runnerbeanz went out before lunch and did his long run - I thought he was wimping out when I went out for mine but he did it - nearly 8 miles, further than me and he has nothing longer than 10k in his sights (sigh).

Sunday, 16 September 2007


A short plod early on Friday - I was worried about getting back for work, and various other things so did not go so far as Tuesday.

Step down week this week so I planned to do 7 miles - TP is off doing Mablethorpe 10k so was on my own today. Not going too badly, though first running mile was a bit quick. On the way home I met some lady runners coming the other way, looking at them, wondering if they were going to acknowledge me when I tripped over a speed bump - on the footpath!!
Landing flat on my front rather took the wind out of my sails and in spite of my frontal cushioning I managed to graze a knee and take a lump of skin off my elbow - so was a bit bloody by the time I'd done the last mile home - I ended up doing 6 not 7 as I decided I didn't need the extra mile today.
[Oh and the lady runners did stop to help, although they had run past without a smile previously]

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

ditch the bleep

I think Saturday's run has given me confidence at last.

Managed ot get to bed in time to get up and run this morning - there were stars in the sky at 5.15!!

Walked for about 3/4 mile then began to jog - felt ok but HRM was beeping - so instead of walking I turned it off!
And ran, pausing for stretch at a suitable bus shelter and then ran most of the way round the (undulating) route - 4.5 miles done, 30s / mile quicker than last time for the same route and AHR 8 higher. The three running miles were at the pace I need to run Amsterdam to avoid the cut-off :>)

Saturday, 8 September 2007

keeping going

I have not run all week - long days at school followed by preparation for the next day left me with not enough sleep to get up early and run.

But today is long run and fortunately I have a plodpal to make me get out and do it.

She texted me to say could we do our 10 miles this week and step down next week as she has a 10k next week.

So 10 miles to do and it went like this.

Walk for just under a mile to warm up
Plod for a mile then stretch.
Run for 8 miles with NO WALKING.

how good is that?

OK it was slow but hey it was not walking.

I have NEVER run more than 3 miles without convincing myself that I can't possibly keep going. How did this happen?
Well plodpal is running easy, so she chats the whole time - and I answer in short breathy sentences.
It was mostly through a pleasant country park on decent paths and only very slight undulations.

And once I realised I had done more than 3 miles, I just thought I can do this - and kept going :>)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


New shoes for new term.
Identical to the pair I had last year.
Except a slightly higher heel cup has dug into the back of my heel and I now have a leaky hole just where my running shoes stop. I forgot the pain until I put my shoe on this morning.
So having made it out of bed at 5.00 to run, I discover it is too painful.

Will have to go back to the old work shoes for school - hopefully it will heal easily and I can run tomorrow instead.

And use this time now to do some prep.

Monday, 3 September 2007

reality sets in ....

Back to work 'proper' today and reality has already set in.
I did not do enough work in the hols to get me far enough ahead, so I am back to the last minute stuff, burning the midnight oil - which means not up early enough to run.

Saturday, 1 September 2007


With the emphasis on the slow.
Out with training pal again and 9 miles done and dusted. Slower than last week - but after the first two miles I hardly walked at all - just for a drink and when we met TP's OH running the other way with the dog and the dog was confused about who to run with!
I even managed the inclines. TP is great at encouraging me - she can chat throughout up until the 'new territory' bit then she goes quiet.
It was so good running with someone and not feeling I was really holding them back - and most of it was off road, so it was good place to run too, but I am not sure I would do it on my own. At about 5 miles when she observed how well I was doing, and I realised I was actually enjoying it and not thinking about how horrid it was, I found myself persuading her that we could do long runs for FLM together!!
Er I think that means I need to make an entry. [Of course at 2 miles I had wondered why I had even entered a half!]

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

not tri-ing

Some of my waister pals - and other forumites were doing Matlock Tri, so I went along to support - it would have been rude not to.
It is a seriously undulating course for the bike followed by a run up High Tor and down again - with a pause to admire the views at the top. Needless to say I stayed at the bottom to enocurage and take photos as they came through transition.
The three Waisters made it to the finish line in good style - and for Ellie, her first Tri, it was a great result - she enjoyed it and plans more!

And so today its back to a routine of sorts, the teenbeanzes are in school and MrBeanz goes back to work tomorrow.
So I was up reasonably early to explore another 4 mile route - one which should be ok to do when the mornings get earlier and darker. Turned out to be 4.3 miles, with a long downhill near the beginning and a long gentle drag back home. Unusually my quads felt the downhill section - usually my routes are more undulating so they have time to recover.
Trouble is I am incapable of doing that 'stand on one leg and stretch the quad behind your back' stretch.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

long run

Its a club outing to Amsterdam and lots of folk are doing the half, including a few first timers. One of those, Y, is someone I used to run with when she started a couple of years ago, now she's a bit quicker than me. But she didn't seem to have a schedule for building up her distance, so I invited her to come out with me.
So we went out yesterday for a planned 8 miles. It went well - it was slow enough for her to talk almost all the way round - but quick enough that I could only answer in short phrases. Although there was an occasional pause for breath on my part, with a minute's power walk, I kept it going much better than I would have done alone.
It was overall a little slower than last week's run with b-z. I had done about half a mile walking warm up before Y arrived and an extra half a mile after I dropped her off at the end - so 9 miles for me.
I am still not confident of getting in in 3 hours though it is still 6 more long runs to the race.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

good run ... bad run

On Tuesday I had a good run - 4 miles of which the middle two (flat) miles were well within my target pace for Amsterdam - this warming up by walking the first mile seems to be hitting the spot :>). b-z commented when we were running on Sunday that it doesn't get easier as you get better - it hurts just as much, you just go quicker. I suppose that is what happened on Tuesday - I didn't feel those two miles were particularly 'good' I just suffered to better effect!

However today ....
MrBeanz's car needed to go for a service, I needed to run, but also to go to school for GCSE results. So the plan was take the car in and run home. I worked out how I could easily make the route nearly 4 miles, by incorporating one of my usual runs. But even after a mile or so of walking my right leg just did not want to know about running, and trying made my back ache, so I cut it short and just walked for 2.5 miles - but briskly (for me) 16 mm pace.

Ah well, you can't win them all.

Sunday, 19 August 2007


Back from a good weekend with b-z and womble

It was great to put faces to a few more forumites and chat to some that I had only ever seen as a blur at races.

And b-z and I even managed a run this morning - womble couldn't come because she had to look after her other guests!

A plod of 1.75 miles to Richmond Park and then a 4.3 miles loop in the park where we came closer to deer than I had ever been - maybe too close as they were young stags. We also passed about a dozen female and young red deer. We were distracted by the noise from the local flock of parakeets. We couldn't see the bright green colour but their shape and noise gave them away.

Overall nearly 8 miles plodded and walked - the mile walking warm up seems to suit me and plodding with b-z kept me going and showed I can plod at a higher HR than I thought - I will up my range again for my next run.

Friday, 17 August 2007

not running

I'm going down south tomorrow, to a party - don't often do parties, but fortunately there will be at least two people I know and both are good friends.

But as I go through London I thought I should take the chance to see something.

I remember seeing a review of a play with Patrick Stewart, it turned out the play was at the Chichester Festival, so that's out. However in hunting for that I came across this , a fascinating insight into the mind of an actor.

Patrick Stewart is perhaps one of my favourite actors. I love his voice.

There was a picture of him in my form room last year (it is an English classroom and he's been at Stratford recently) the girls were amused that I preferred him to some of their heart throbs such as Johnny Depp.

A funny thing happened .....

It was going well, a mile walked; a mile run without ANY walking (and uphill at the end).

I was just struggling up a steep bit of road a little old lady was just standing at the top of her drive with her zimmer frame. She called out to me so I went up to her rather breathlessly and she asked if I was going to the shops - I am not sure where I was concealing my purse and shopping bag in my lycra, but I said I was passing, so she asked me to get her some fruit pastilles!

So an extra undulation 0.2 miles each way and my good deed done.

I am not sure how long she had been waiting for a passer by. She could have been there some time as not that many people walk, they all travel by car - I didn't see any other pedestrians along most of that road - maybe she was much younger when she first went out there!

Anyway 4 miles done.

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Running in the rain

Yesterday I got up late and it was persisting. And I didn't run. I felt cross with myself all day, but still didn't run.

So this morning I had to get up earlyish to tidy up for the cleaners. But I dressed in my kit so I had no excuses. And went out in the rain - had forgotten that it is actually quite good running in the rain - once you've made it out the door.

While we were on holiday eBeanz spent a long time giggling over Guy Browning -who has a column in the Guardian How to .... As a non exerciser eBeanz particularly liked this article . And read this out to us runners:

After a strenuous work-out, you get a great feeling of wellbeing. This is due to the release of endorphins into the bloodstream, which are the body's natural smugness generators.

I was reminded of this as I ran in the rain - the smugness factor increases even further when you run in the rain, it makes you feel even better about having done it when all the couch potatoes wouldn't even go out to the bin 'cos it's raining'.

Oh and the run? I walked the first mile - briskly in just under 16 minutes. Then stretched my calves. Then ran - trying to keep the HR at 142 without going over. The first running mile was the quickest for a long time (12:42) at the time it felt horrid and now I know why!! Maybe it was too quick because the next one had a higher AHR but was slower. And then I was back up the hill and on the steep bits my HR was in the zone even without breaking into a run - though I did try to run.

Monday, 13 August 2007

and another thing

for those long distance people amongst you

You may have noticed girish who comments on here - he has recently completed this little run

Which should be enough of a challenge for you - you know who you are!

back home

Back home this morning and catching up with things. Although I could post while away I did not have the web - just email.

So reading Highway Kind today reminded me of something I read in this article while I was away.

'short and generally superficial blog posts are a commodity, and it's difficult to make yours any better than thousands of others. It's hard to build up any user loyalty that way. "One longer post beats many small pieces given superficial treatment, which will essentially be free, so maybe you can get people to pay for it - maybe not in money, but in a registration, or whatever."'

HK certainly provides us with thoughtful, longer, running blog posts- though I suspect he is not going to start charging us for our 'customer loyalty' - and even when I do not reply they have always provided food for thought - I think we must be of an age too as so often the post has resonances for me.

eBeanz ( nonrunningteenbeanz has decided that this should be his name as a chap who is determined to make a career in computing) comments that while much of what Nielsen says is sense, his site is in fact simply poorly designed - and that he should not make a virtue out of the poor design.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Recovery run?

After my 'long run' yesterday I wouldn't normally run today, but we pack up tomorrow morning so I decided it would make sense to run this morning and keep it steady.
A recovery run should be run at a lower HR, right? I've been trying to run at 135-142 recently so I needed to keep in that zone as a max. But every time I began to jog my HR zoomed up to 160+. After trying to slow down in line with my new approach, I found that the only way to get it back down was to walk - then it dropped fairly readily back to 125ish. Then a slow jog would send it shooting up again. This went on for the first two miles. Eventually I managed to keep it down while jogging slowly. And nearly 3 miles done.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Slowing down

In line with comments from Womble, I am trying to slow down! That may seem impossible but what I mean is that I am trying to keep running when my HR rises - trying to get it back down without having to walk. I have always said that I only have one running pace, so I am trying to find some variety.
Running here at CP is a good opportunity to try this out as it is not too undulating. So today's long run of 6 miles wasn't quick, bnt was enjoyable.
MrBeanz is improving gradually and hopes to be able to walk up to the restaurant tonight.
I am currently UNO champion, but languishing in third spot in the Scrabble league - after years of training them up the TeanBeanzes are providing real competition :))

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Ups and downs

The weather still holds so I am sitting outside writing this.
Unfortunatly MrBeanz has done something to his back (an intermittent problem) so he is almost immobile. Poor chap.
But that is no excuse not to run. We woke late this morning so I didn't go out to run until 11. I feared it might be too warm but there's plenty of shade in the forest. 3.4 miles done. While I don't think I am a slave to my Garmin, I do like to know the numbers - so being able to just wander somewhere new and know that you've done the required miles is great.

Not many books read, but crosswords completed and several games of UNO and Scrabble played.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007


First full day of our holidays :))

We've only travelled an hour up the road to Center Parcs but it is far enough ro make the break.

I didn't run yesterday so I must be running today. I woke at 7.30 and could hear the birds singing so decided I didn't want to miss the chance for an early run. The area is a maze of roads and tracks but apart from arrivals and departures no cars are allowed - just bikes, and as you know I don't do bikes. Anyway very peaceful at 8 am.
It was a very slow plod overall as there were many pauses to check my position on the map. Next time I shall go out without the map and just enjoy the peace.
What to do with the rest of my day? Breakfast then a wander up to the village to buy a paper. Then there will be the crosswords and kakuro to do. And books to read ....-

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Hot and hilly

I really should know better - I woke at 6 and thought about having some breakfast but couldn't quite make the effort to get out of bed

So slept until 7.30 and then had a bowl of cereal

which had not properly digested by the time I went out at 9 so I had an uncomfortable run, got too hot and a bit dehydrated

whereas if I had had breakfast at 6 and run at 8 all would have been much better

I went out along the undulating main road, cos that's the way Teenbeanz wanted to go, but it was as awful as ever and I remembered why I prefer my other long run route. Will go back to that next week when we are back from holiday.

Anyway 6 miles done.

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Good run; bad run

On Tuesday I went down to the gym - but it was too good to run on the tready so I ran along the river path (nice and level) and followed that with a swim. It was hot for running, even at 9.00 but I managed to keep going reasonably. I worked hard on trying to keep a steady pace that I could maintain.

This morning it is ideal running conditions, overcast slightly damp and cool. So I had the worst run I have had for a long time - I didn't know what people meant by 'heavy legs' until today. I just could not get them warmed up, my calves were like solid blocks for most of the time, an awful lot of walking :<(

Ah well, at least I did the required 3 miles - I was tempted to turn off for home at 2.5, but managed to jog for a bit and get past the corner.

Must see phyzz.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Back home

For a week anyway - we're off on our family holiday next weekend.

The time in Cambridge was productive - some money earned, a bit of culture, good food and friends and 4 runs on the flat plus a brisk walk 1+ miles each way to and from the office every day.

Another undulating 5 miler this morning - overall about the same pace as last week, but I upped the max HR by a couple of notches, which meant I ran more and was more knackered for the horrid hill coming home, so I decided just to walk up it and cool down, rather than suffer excessively.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

better this morning

Just back from a better run.

Cooler this morning, it will probably rain later.

Although my calves were still tight, I seemed to be able to keep going better, with just one pause for a good stretch.

So another 3 miles in the bag. I shall increase these midweek runs to 4 miles next week. That will be back in hilly Derbyshire, so my HR will be all over the place again.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

no floods here :>)

Just listening to the radio where people are talking about the problems they are having with the floods. We are so reliant on the infrastructure that it only takes a small thing to throw people off course.
Although it has not affected me, so I shouldn't really comment, we really should be grateful - it could be a lot worse.

One parent wanted to know 'How do you feed a small baby when there is no water or electricity?' - how about breastfeeding??

Anyway - running - I've been out this morning, it seemed harder wokr than the last few runs, my calf never really loosened up. I shall try and book a massage for next week when I am home. I saw more runners this morning - hardly any last week at all. At least they keep me running - when I see one ahead I refuse to slow to a walk!

Not wanting to seem impatient, but how long does it take to see an improvement? At the moment I am running to HR, I can't keep going for really long spates of running before my HR goes off the top of the zone. I don't expect to see anything yet - but will I be able to keep it going better by the end of the eight weeks, if I keep the regular sessions?

Oh and I did lose a kilo last week:>)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

a little longer

At last the long run is getting longer - which means running along paths I have not trodden for a very long time - in fact today I explored a route I have never done before.

We had a conversation last night with a visiting friend about why I don't go to church much these days - there are lots of reasons, but as I ran this morning I came to the conclusion that currently I find my long run more spiritually satisfying than an hour at church.

So the build-up begins - Hal's half marathon schedule only goes up to 10 miles before THE DAY, but as I have started earlier I hope to get up to 12 miles so that 13 is not too much of a shock. There is a cut off of 3 hours for Amsterdam, so I need to be able to run at a consistent 13:35 pace to get inside that. Currently my best miles, on flat sections of my run are that, but overall I am nowhere near it at them moment.

The sugar-free me has gone reasonably well - I forgot myself yesterday and had a fruit yoghurt - but at least it was yeo valley and organic sugar :>) But no biscuits etc while away.

Will try to keep it going for another week.

I am off back to Cambridge for another week later today - and then that's it, no more exam marking and the end of an era- I've been doing it for 30 years so time for a break I think.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

keeping it going

It's easy to get out for a run on a fresh morning when the sun is shining, we'll see how it goes when teh weather gets rough and later when the mornings are dark.

For now though it's going well. Another 3 miles plod this morning, along the same route as Tuesday, it includes a nice section off road, along side a brook, which has plenty of water in it at the moment. Stickless has seen a kingfisher there but I have seen nothing more exciting than moorhens this week, I have seen deer and heron in the past though.

It was a long meeting today and another long day tomorrow. I should be going home tomorrow for the weekend and then back here on Sunday for the last week.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Running on the flat

I really should move somewhere flatter than Derbyshire.
Up early for my run and it was a lovely morning – clear and fresh, just like Cambridge mornings seem to be at this time of year. There is the distinctive smell of lime trees, which for me will always trigger memories of being here.
Anyway the run – my overall pace was quicker than for a very long time. I am definitely a long run runner – the third mile was more comfortable and much quicker than anything I have done for a while – even with running to the HRM, except for the last quarter of a mile where I ignored it and found at that stage I could run, for a while at least, at a HR 15 bpm higher than I my ‘base training’ max. I think this means that if I build up slowly I might actually progress!

Yesterday studentbeanz graduated – so I guess I can’t call her that any longer. She was great, if a little nervous of walking across the stage. It was a good ceremony, not too much pomp, short speeches aimed at the graduates – and I managed to not cry, tough the eyes welled up a little. SB now plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and train to teach – I am very proud of her.

Sugar free me
Yesterday was fine – stuck to it well.
I am now staying in conference accommodation in Cambridge and breakfasts are a dilemma – the cereals all have added sugar and the alternative is cooked breakfast and white toast. I went for the bran flakes and a banana as white bread is as bad as sugar for me – leaves me with a real bloated feeling.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

plodding in the rain

Hal says a 'long run' of 4 miles so that's what I did - I went down the beginning of an old marathon training route that takes me down by the river, giving a couple of level miles in the middle and a steep up back.

Unsurprisingly the first mile was the quickest, but the next two were close and overall the pace was the quickest I have done since I got back into it (still very slow but ...) - so feeling positive.

Friday, 13 July 2007

sugar free me?

About 18 months ago there was a 'sugar free me' challenge on RW and I joined for a while.

I find that sweet things are somewhat 'addictive' - it is very difficult just to have a little - I am better having none and losing the taste for it.

So I am going to try this for a week.

On Monday, I shall be off to Cambridge for the rest of the week for work. So no kitchen to graze in, as I shall be staying in College and catered for.

I shall also have the opportunity to run on the flat - so we'll see if the hills are an excuse or not.

Oh and I did do my run this morning - so that has been going a week now :>)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

So far so good ...

Well so far I've managed every other day - I know its only 3 runs, but at least it is the beginnings of a routine.

And, better, I've worked out a reasonable 3 mile run that doesn't involve Killer Hill. Which means I can use the route to monitor progress.

One of my forum friends completed Ironman Austria this week - she was out there for 16:45:31- what a hero I cannot even begin to imagine doing a marathon after 10+ hours of swimming and biking - and as for the tranining ......... So I need to just get on with my half marathon training and quit moaning

Sunday, 8 July 2007

end of term!

We finished yesterday with speech day - and a fond farewell to my super U6 girls, they have been one of the highlights of this year - I just hope they get their grades now

I have managed a couple of runs this week and now aim to run every other day in the hols - gradually building up the long run.

The biggest challenge is this week when I am home alone and there is a danger of getting the 'munchies'.

I need to keep myself occupied and drink lots of water. It is not as though I have not got stuff to do - loads of school stuff to do - tidying up the end of this year and getting next year well planned.

I am marking GCSE exam papers at the emoment - possibly the last time I do that - it would be great to reclaim my summers.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

last year

Prompted by a remembrance of walking in thunderstorms, I've just been looking back at last year's blog - I must find a way of saving it, I'd hate to lose it all.

This time last year I was commenting on the heat and how I needed to lose weight.

So the only thing that has changed is that it isn't hot.

I am still slow and overweight.

I had given up blogging about it 'cos I can imagine everyone raising their eyebrows and thinking 'yeah yeah yeah, she's said all this before'.

However, I really do need to make an effort, I still don't have diabetes, but it is only a matter of time.

So I shall not harp on about it but I shall be trying.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

struggling with target

I have struggled to get out twice a week before school - I seem to manage Tuesday but by Friday I've lost it.
I even set the alarm yesterday but then decided I needed the sleep more - I had had two long days at school and Friday turned out to be pretty grotty anyway, so just as well I had that extra hour.

I've spent today ferrying studentbeanz's stuff home from University - two car loads carried out to car, brought home and carried into house, plus some cleaning of the flat - now all that MUST be cross-training I think, certainly made me 'glow'.

Should manage to get out tomorrow morning - then there's only a week of school to go and I will have no excuses left.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

bugs and things

About four years ago we put a pond in the garden - it looked like this.

The pond has become somewhat overgrown since then.

A couple of weeks ago I had been pond dipping with the year 7s. We had found dragonfly nymphs and I knew we had them in our pond - they usually are found in the net when I am dredging the bottom.

Today I went to look at how things are since the storms of the last few days.
And the ugly nymphs have cast off their brown outer cases to reveal a beautiful new coat.

Oh and I went for a run this morning in the sunshine :>)

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

getting older?

Well its my birthday and I've moved into a new age group :>))

But it will not make me any faster!

I haven't managed to run since Sunday - should have been Tuesday but I had to get up very early to take the teenbeanzes to the station - they've started the University visit series (is it really four years since I did it with studentbeanz?) - I drew the line at a 4.00 am run - not that desperate yet!

and what is today's excuse?

well it IS my birthday - actually that would be a reason for going for a run, but domestic stuff got in the way again

I will get out on Friday morning - its school sports day, weather permitting, so going for a plod should get me in the mood.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

plodding on

I missed Friday's run - it was persisting down - which wouldn't normally stop me, but I had reports to finish so decided to get up at run time and do an hour on reports instead.

So out this morning for a little plod and it was a lovely morning - bright blue sky and everything sparkly clean after the rain of the last three days.

I am trying new routes at the moment, investigating all the various side roads I don't normally need to go down, finding out what joins up to what - we've only lived here 15 years after all!

But I've come to the conclusion that another of the reasons (apart from slothfulness) I never seem to make much progress is that it is so undulating that I never manage to get into a rhythm, I plod along for a while quite happily and then here comes another hill.
Of course you can't read the scales so although it looks quite mountainous it isn't that bad really - but you can see what I mean about undulating!

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

plod plodded

another short plod done - I do like this getting up and plodding - makes me feel good for the rest of the day :>))

I am going to have to make them a bit longer though.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

'long run'

Looking at my running log I realise that I have not run more than 4 miles since Christmas - that is a function of doing my long run with teenbeanz - I just don't get very far while he is doing a lot more!

Obviously this needs to change.

MrBeanz is going to try and do a Sunday run with TB and TB will also try and go to the other club on a Wednesday and do a long run then too.

This morning I went out early and did a short run - just trying to get back into it at the moment.

Then off to the Long Eaton 5 mile race where TB and BZ both ran PBs:

Now back to writing reports.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Much better!

That's more like it - up again early this morning and 30 minutes done.

I DO feel so much better for getting out early - but I do have to be disciplined about getting to bed at a sensible time the night before.

Anyway maybe a few weeks of running ahead :>O))

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Just testing

I've had enough of this not running

My coccyx is feelingmuch better - I can almost get out of a chair without thinking about it.

I had a bit of a problem with my 'normal' lower back pain at the weekend - maybe due to changed posture from the other pain, I don't know.

Tigerrunner suggsted trying to get back to it on grass, as I said although the tready was ok I couldn't face the road.

I keep forgetting that we have a recc just around the corner.

So up early this morning and out onto the grass. It was a lovely morning, a bit cool but dry and the birds make it worth it. There is a flattish expanse of grass for the football pitch and another area for the cricket ground. I plodded for 20 minutes by which time my lower back was beginning to object so I called it a day.

Will try again later in the week.

Thursday, 31 May 2007

back home

I've been on the road this week - first on Tuesday to my Mum's where I had great fun with the hedge trimmer - turning some ordinary bundles of box bushes into strange shapes - the rabbit was the most fun! Good cross training too.

And then on to Cambridge and a taste of the old job for a day, a chance to chat with former colleagues and remind myslef why I am well out of it there - the usual story of employees not valued by them higher up and them higher up wanting more for their pound of flesh.

Good to be home.

Exercise? Oh yes - I went to the gym again on Tuesday morning and I have done some good brisk walking in Cambridge too :>) With 2 weeks off with cold and then the bump I have not quite met last months mileage - but hope to move it on in the coming month as Amsterdam begins to loom - maybe Bedders will keep a count down of the weeks for me.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

endorphins - you can't beat them

Sue suggested walking as that was not painful

and after thinking about it and looking at the torrential rain, I decided to go to the gym

so 15 minutes on the cross trainer to warm up

and then on to the treadmill - I started off walking and gradually increased the pace until it was at the 'this would be easier to jog than walk' pace and jogged for a bit then walked for a bit and so on for 30 minutes

when I went down to the changing rooms afterwards I couldn't believe how much better I felt!

and I didn't feel any pain while I was doing it - though it still feels uncomfortable when I am sitting and it is an effort to stand from sitting

I feel so much more optimistic - thanks, Sue

Saturday, 26 May 2007

I am not the only one ....

CAD mentioned 4-6 weeks out if I have broken my coccyx - I can't believe it is broken, a sixth former at school HAS broken hers (a fall from her horse was involved) and is in MUCH more pain than I am

Paula has damaged her sacrum - and talks of 6 weeks off

I just worked out that if I were to do Amsterdam full, Shades 3 runs a week training starts the week after half term (not that I am you understand - would be a bit bonkers starting from with an injury wouldn't it?)

So just hope that it will be better asap - but surely not 6 weeks.

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

still no running

well, it is a week tomorrow since the bump

and I am feeling very frustrated - I've been waking early to lovely sunshine but just know running would be painful

it does seem to be getting slightly better but is still painful to rise from a sitting position

on the plus side it is more comfortable to sit straight up than slumped - that can only be a good thing

ah well I guess I haven't given up on teh idea yet

Oh, and please note those who mention Amsterdam - I am only doing the half!

Saturday, 19 May 2007

still sore

well I can stand up ok

lie down ok

some seats are ok to sit on

but going from sitting to standing is PAINFUL

so no running :<(

just as it was all getting otgetehr again

I am doomed - maybe I should just give up and ....................

well maybe not

Wednesday, 16 May 2007


half awake

going downstairs this morning

fastening watch

suddenly oops!




one shaken beanz with a sore coccyx

just as my cold was getting better too :<(

Sunday, 13 May 2007

cold wet and happy


a great day out at Stratford Sprint Tri

no, silly, of course I didn't do it!

I went down to support some Waister forum friends who were doing their first tri

and found myself volunteering to marshall!

I was marsdhalling at the turnign poiint on the run - so had people coming at me from 3 directions and occasionally failed to spot someone going the wrong way (sorry Cath, I wondered why I didn't see you coming down for a second lap!)
the weather was a little damp to begin with

6 hours later .......

it was persisting down and VERY muddy too

but I stayed out until the last lady had finished

they'd packed away the t shirts by the time I came in - I hope the last lady got hers!

I came home to find that my computer had crashed beyond recovery and the system was being reinstalled

although I thought I had backed up everything, it was rather an old version of my Eudora address book - so if you are reading this and think I should have your email address, please email me!

(unless you don't want to hear from me ever again of course!)

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Ups and downs

Friday - up
Up early to run (note to the Fast Asleep Club - I only get up early to run becuase otherwise I know it will not be done, not from any great vocation).

And then off to work where I had a mainly nonproductive day from a teaching point of view.

It was the school founders day as described in Wikipedia:

Perhaps one of the most enduring images of the school — and one of its most public manifestations — is that of its traditional Commemoration Day Procession, which takes place every Summer Term. The pupils process from the school to the Parish Church of St Nicholas, down the centre of the high street, in height order wearing white veils (officially called "hoods", unoficially called "tea - towels") fringed with light blue, carrying beautifully embroidered banners and singing (unaccompanied) the hymn "Jerusalem my happy home". Members of the school choir wear an additional ankle-length white veil (officially known as "cloaks" and unoficially as "tablecloths").

So the girls spent the morning practising and the afternoon doing it for real. As I was due to teach Y10s and Y11s all morning and most of them were in the choir I was left with a few nonmusical girls in each class.

We teachers did not have to wear teatowels and tablecloths, thank goodness - we wore our gowns and hoods! I had to buy a gown - at no mean cost (showing that I intend to stay a bit longer I guess).

I've been looking on the tinternet for a picture of the girls but can't find one.

Saturday - down
Switched on this morning to find I have a 'well dodgy' computer - sabotaged by Windoze last attempt to do automatic updates which failed.

So after backing everything up I think the chaps in the household are going to give it a good seeing to.

And I have a stinky cold again - so no plodding today :<((

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

made it!

made it out this morning :>)

and so pleased I did

it had obviously rained pretty hard overnight and there was that fresh feeling

the scent of blossom

a pink sky

a fox who stood in the middle of the road watching me quizzically for a long time before moving on

and loads of birds singing - I wish I knew what they all were

so thanks to you lot I did it :>)

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

missed it :<(

I failed to set the alarm properly last night.

So despite getting my kit ready and really wanting to run I failed, because I did not wake up with enough time to go out.

Must try harder.

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunday run

Tryin to get back into a routine of a Sunday run, which is going to get longer over the next few months.

Just over 3 miles this morning, with the aim of running to HR. However myHRM was not playing ball and was fairly intermittent. So I had to go on feel as well. Since starting my version of Shades 3-4 runs a week I have been running my easy runs at 125HR135 but this morning found that it was bettter to run at 130HR140 - so this will be the new 'easy' - with tempo runs pushing it up to 145ish I guess. Even allowing my HR to rise to 140, I walked much of the mile up killer hill coming home, with my HR still at 135+. Ah well as the weight falls off that will improve, I hope.

As its a holiday weekend I had a very lazy day yesterday, so now I need to get in the garden and prepare for the coming week at work.

Thursday, 3 May 2007

and again ...

I was up and running on Tuesday morning - it helped that I had a virtual training partner - my waister friend Chuggy was getting up for her plod at 6.00 am and as she is across the water in the flat lands, we were able to run 'together'. (Other flatlanders seem to leave it to a more sensible hour)

And then I went down to the club last night - teenbeanz wanted to go and get in a long run and as it was such a fine evening went in my kit. We had some new lady beginners, and of course they were humiliatingly quicker than me. But it meant I did a tempo run, which is in Shades plan for the second of the shorter runs for the week. So I don't need to get up at a silly o'clock tomorrow.

Which is just as well as I have a slightly achey piriformis this evening. So another rest day will not do it any harm - must stretch though.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

not QUITE so early ...

Had to get my run in early today, even though it is Sunday, as it is Derby 10k and I was due to marshal.

So up and out by 6.45 for a little 3 mile potter - aiming to run at 125 - HR -135. Now, we do live on 'Cornhill' so as I have said before, whichever way I go it is downhill out and uphill back, but I've been trying a new route this week. And it is still undulating but not quite such a killer steep uphill as my standard old route. But as I am running to HR and am so overweight and unfit there was quite a lot of walking on the uphill bits. But my AHR for the 3 miles was 130 - so that is spot on in the middle of the zone :>)

Then back for shower and breakfast and into town to marshall. Runnerbeanz was running, but was not very positive before we even left the house, he didn't feel well prepared, has not done many longer runs recently - just his track sessions. And in the end he blew up at 7.5 km :<(

We must get a better schedule for him, as he was SO disappointed.

Friday, 27 April 2007


In answer to bedders - yes I did do it this morning

30 minutes this time

I retrieved my garmin last night from Tigerrunner who had borrowed it for his FLM training - so now my running log has all these very fast training runs in it! He ran 2.51 on the day. The Sinfin peeps I went down to FLM with stopped over until Monday. Last year we walked the emabnkment - this year they went to Covent Garden and this is a picture they took:

Yep, they met the ladies winner and she was happy to have her pic taken with them :>)

Getting my Garmin back has been great - I am such a number geek, I really like to know how far how slow etc.

I been looking at Shades marathon training on three or four runs a week. It looks like a sensible approach - and seems to work at a 'get you round in a reasonable state/time' kind of way, given the miles run. So I am going to use the first half up to Robin Hood half (as I have done it for the past three years it seems a good idea to have another medal on the wall) and then pick up the last few weeks and repeat for Amsterdam half.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

early birds

This is the week I am supposed to be starting my running before school. As I get up anyway at 6.00 it means getting up very early for a run first.

So today I did it. It was not a good day to start - lots else going on but I knew that if I didn't get up today I'd find another excuse tomorrow.

So I was awake before the alarm and out of the house by 5.20 - no visible sunrise but a very noisy dawn chorus.

I only went round the block once - 20 minutes run. It was not much but I felt better for it and I then had time ot get ready for the rest of the day without upsetting anyone else. I have decided on a run to HR approach. And will gradually build up the morning runs in time, and a longer run or two at the weekend.

The reason for needing extra morning time was that I took my first school trip out today. Pretty nerve racking (sp?) I have to say - we took 32 Year 9s to Alton Towers! Imagine the risk assessment!

Alll back in one piece apart from me - I stumbled going down the bus steps this morning, caught my back on the door handle and drew blood (did not discover that until this evening). I turned my ankle slightly but apart from stiffening u p a little after prolonged sitting, no long term damage there.

Can you tell that TOTM is nearly over and I am feeling perkier?

Sunday, 22 April 2007

hot hot hot

Off to London at the crack of dawn - well the 6.53 train anyway. Sinfin runners made their way to london for the marathon. First stop the Expo (after droppping our bags at the hotel).
Even before we got to the expo I told the club runners that I felt a fraud and wished I was running. Certainly once I felt the buzz I wanted to be there the next day. I managed to restrict my spending to a vest for runnerbeanz, a lovely (bargain) red top for me - and an essential cap for the next day. I met up with Hippo, Stickless and sundry other forumites on the RW stand, where i picked up two huge bags of supplies for Mile 17.

The SRC weekend has a standrd format, expo, pub, rest in the hotel and then out for pasta. As last year we went ot carluccios and had a good simple meal - foccaccia (sp) which was rather salty, spaghetti in tomato sauce and lots of water. Into Waitrose to collect supplies of water, milk and other essentials, and then back to the hotel for an early night.

Saddo that I am, I did some marking first!

Up early for breakfast and then off to catch the DLR to Greenwich. The train was VERY crowded and it was a struggle for me to get off at Mudchute!

I was disoriented when I got off the train and it took me a while to work out which way the runners would be coming and where the RW cheering point would be - but I worked it out in the end.

I was on my own for quite some time and wondered what had happened to everyone else. Then I found out. A train full of runners ground to a halt at Mudchute and did not restart - so everyone offloaded and had to walk to Greenwich - maybe 2 or 3 miles? The train then blocked the line so nobody could travel in either direction. Soon more runners were walking past - from further back on the line. And the other RW supporters were having to walk with their bags of goodies - gosh was I pleased we got up so early.

And then we got ready for the day:

packed pounds of jelly babies:

blew up balloons

well you can't really miss us now can you?

but these two Brits didn't stop for a chat :<(

I had a great time, met some more forumites and Miniwomble and managed to convince myself (easily) that I was pleased I wasn't running ......

On the train on the way home I set myself some preconditions for entering the ballot next year.

I shall let you know if I meet them.

Monday, 16 April 2007

back to work

Back to work today and the cold is marginally better,

but I had forgotten how tiring being on my feet all day can be - and I've only been off 3 weeks.

Anyway, it was a good day back at the chalk face.

It's going to be hectic up until Whit - exam groups wanting to do lots of revision ( I hope), which will need marking. The colleague who left at Easter has been replaced by a mishmash of supply cover, so we three remaining members of the department will be picking up lots of the admin that was shared by 4 and will now be shared by 3 - not to mention reports, school exams etc

And as the cold retreats I need to find time to run. I am seriously considering getting up half an hour early and going out in the morning, its just no good at the end of a long day. But that will mean going to bed early - difficult to do!

Friday, 13 April 2007


Why is it that every time I begin to formulate a plan I am stimied by circumstances?

Tuesday is Runnerbeanz's club night so my night for running with the Mums. I wrote on the Waister thread about my frustration with the group that night - not sticking together and not coming back the agreed route meant two of us hung around for ages waiting for one person who had just gone off and done her own thing. So we did a couple of slow miles of run with a lot of walking and hanging around - just when I had made a decision that as we had an out and back route I could run to HR. And then she wondered why we waited for her!

Wednesday I woke with the stinker of all colds, I used the time off work to see the sports therapist whilst RB saw the fizz, I had a good deep masssage and have not been able take advantage of the looser calves because I can't breathe let alone run

The cold lingers on and it has also made concentrating on work difficult and I have wasted a lot of time surfing the forums when I should be getting ahead in my preparation so I can go to support at FLM without worrying about work.

Monday, 9 April 2007

nearly giving up ....

I'm pretty fed up with running at the moment - and said to Mrbeanz this morning that maybe I should give up trying

he pointed out that I have entered a race in October so maybe I should keep at it

the trouble is that I am back at square one - still overweight and now no running fitness - I've not run consistently for a year now - since I finished FLM last April

so I went out and tried but without any plan - do I try Run-Walk or running to HR - and if so what HR?

I just don't know

so I have just posted this on RW training thread

the question
I can't decide whether to go back to basics and start with run 1 walk 1

or base train at 70% HR

I think I tend to mix them both and end up with worst of all possible worlds!

An added problem, not mentioned on the thread, is that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I run with other folk - who don't understand schedules - and certainly not structured run-walking, so I tend to just huff and puff and struggle to keep up on those days. And I don't have the courage to say 'this is what I am doing' for all sorts of reasons.


Thursday, 5 April 2007

back home

well, I walked a lot, ran a couple of times

had some good wine

really relaxed

and took some pix too

A day out to Lake Garda

this path is in fact level - it just looks undulating close to - the lines in the distance are also wavy!

I just couldn't resist the tree trunk

Lake Garda on a sunny day in March (it was raining back in the home town)

back to the home town across the mountains

Up the hill
Another day and a walk on the local highpoint (I'm afraid we went most of the way up in the car!)

The sinking city
the last day and a morning in Venice before the flight home:

in Venice everything is delivered by water - even the water!

yes the sky really was this blue

I just love the variety of styles and colours ....

one of my favourite views

and now its back to everyday life - but at least I lost a pound while I was there :>))

maybe it was all the fresh veg:

Thursday, 29 March 2007

from Italy ...

This is weird - blogger is in Italian and its an Italian keyboard too - so punctuation is tricky! And the mouse is on the left - something to do with RSI I think.

My sister works as a translator of technical documents, I am using her computer whilst she is at her gymnastics class - no chance of me doing that I am so uncoordinated and I wouldn't understand the instructions anyway.

I just thought I might blog as I have been exercising as well as eating and drinking well.

My sister tries to go for a 30 minute walk each day so we did that on Tuesday evening after supper and yesterday morning after our cappuccino (sp?)- including a hill!

I have been getting lots of sleep - this morning I had planned to get up at 7.30 to go for a run and set the alarm on my phone - but had forgotten to move it on an hour when I arrived- so did not wake until 8.15. But I still went for a run - just a couple of miles but there is a good fitness trail that is about a mile long, I only did it once today and my calves were SO tight. Maybe another day I will do it twice.

Tomorrow is swimming.

So I am feeling very rested and relaxed - doing lots of reading too.