Sunday, 8 July 2007

end of term!

We finished yesterday with speech day - and a fond farewell to my super U6 girls, they have been one of the highlights of this year - I just hope they get their grades now

I have managed a couple of runs this week and now aim to run every other day in the hols - gradually building up the long run.

The biggest challenge is this week when I am home alone and there is a danger of getting the 'munchies'.

I need to keep myself occupied and drink lots of water. It is not as though I have not got stuff to do - loads of school stuff to do - tidying up the end of this year and getting next year well planned.

I am marking GCSE exam papers at the emoment - possibly the last time I do that - it would be great to reclaim my summers.


Highway Kind said...

Having the summer to get into an easy habit of running sounds great.

Are you following any schedule for Amsterdam or is it just a matter of getting out as much as you can?

Whatever - enjoy yourself

b-z said...


mayeb we can get together over the summer for a plod

Girish said...

And I thought being alone for a while will give you more time for running. Munchies... no no.
I am sure you will surprise yourself....
The weather is already improving, the sun has finally come out.

sue said...

Yes, have a good summer - you deserve it.

Strangely enough, it's in work where my eating goes to pot. Lots of chocs and biscuits to munch and a jacket potato stall nearby. When at home, when I have the time, I tend to cook lots from scratch. Somehow this helps to curb my appetite.

enjoy your plods

beanz said...

Thanks, friends

HK - I have gone back to Hal Higdon, stretching it to fit the extra weeks I have to get a good base while I have the time.

b-z - yes we must get together, when I've built up the miles a bit!

girish - sunny this mornign but who knows what tomorrow will bring

Sue - work is much easier eating wise - no eating in the lab, so no temptation!

Bedders said...

I know what you mean about the munchies.......but short of drinking lots of water (and locking the fridge!) I am not sure I have a solution. Still at least the weather's picking up eh?