Tuesday, 24 July 2007

no floods here :>)

Just listening to the radio where people are talking about the problems they are having with the floods. We are so reliant on the infrastructure that it only takes a small thing to throw people off course.
Although it has not affected me, so I shouldn't really comment, we really should be grateful - it could be a lot worse.

One parent wanted to know 'How do you feed a small baby when there is no water or electricity?' - how about breastfeeding??

Anyway - running - I've been out this morning, it seemed harder wokr than the last few runs, my calf never really loosened up. I shall try and book a massage for next week when I am home. I saw more runners this morning - hardly any last week at all. At least they keep me running - when I see one ahead I refuse to slow to a walk!

Not wanting to seem impatient, but how long does it take to see an improvement? At the moment I am running to HR, I can't keep going for really long spates of running before my HR goes off the top of the zone. I don't expect to see anything yet - but will I be able to keep it going better by the end of the eight weeks, if I keep the regular sessions?

Oh and I did lose a kilo last week:>)


womble said...

Training: the hr you're running to, is it one you've calculated or that you know is where is right for you? I was in the 'work' gym last night and in the few minutes before my inductee arrived I was playing with the new treadmill. The 'fat burning' programme gave me a target hr of 115!!! I did the whole long run last week at an average well above that.

I'm afraid it does take a bit longer to see improvement when you're a bit older (like us) but it is possible. Eight weeks should see a change :o)

Have a lovely holiday xxxx

As for feeding a baby: use the dirty water and the powdered milk all the same (don't get me started on nestle.....).

Girish said...

don't take the HR thing too seriously, just listen to your body and go for longer runs. Was very happy to notice the steep upward spike in your July mileage. Keep up the great work.

beanz said...

womble - at the moment I run mostly at 140 max - its a kind of feel thing since I'm not sure what my max is - I have observed spikes at over 200 or more commonly 160: On the tready, the only time I ever tried a max HR thing in anger, I went up to around 183.
Usually at the end of a run (say the last quarter of a mile)(if it is not too uphill) I ignore my HR and keep running - it tends to go up to 152ish, but I couldn't maintain that for more than a few minutes - I can only keep going because I know its nearly over

womble said...

I wear my hrm as a monitor, used more post-run to see how I did. Sometimes, if I'm particularly knackered I'll watch my hr when I'm out running, but I rarely adjust my pace because it is high/low. My body seems able to pick a hr that it likes and adjusts pace accordingly. I can do a long run and my average hr for miles can vary by 1 or 2 bpm.

Find what is comfortable for you, don't worry about what the actual number is. If you keep tabs on it, you should notice it changing a little as your training progresses (I've heard that's when it all becomes really easy... :D ).

You're doing far more running than I am.