Sunday, 29 July 2007

Back home

For a week anyway - we're off on our family holiday next weekend.

The time in Cambridge was productive - some money earned, a bit of culture, good food and friends and 4 runs on the flat plus a brisk walk 1+ miles each way to and from the office every day.

Another undulating 5 miler this morning - overall about the same pace as last week, but I upped the max HR by a couple of notches, which meant I ran more and was more knackered for the horrid hill coming home, so I decided just to walk up it and cool down, rather than suffer excessively.


sue said...

you really are on a roll now aren't you? Good on you. You'll be storming Amsterdam!

Will you be able to run much in CP?

Highway Kind said...

not suffering excessively seems like a good philosophy.

It is looking like you have established a routine - excellent.

womble said...

Sounds a very sensible move - work harder in the middle then 'rest' (-ish) on the hill. We can have a 'walk fast like a small furry thing' lesson when you're here soon :D

Sara said...

Hi Beanz, I have just been catching up on your blog. Looks like July has been a good month for you. It's been a bit wobbly for me being in the heart of the flood area and without running water. As a Health Visitor here I have been trying to keep those mums breastfeeding to avoid the problems of trying to bottle feeding babies with no water available. Contrary to the media coverage most people have been pretty good humoured here and coping well. I went for my first run for 9 days today and actually had a shower afterwards. We have water again! Hooray!

Bedders said...

"Ik ben onder de indruk" as they say in Holland!!!

Nice one - keep it up. Your milegae at the moment is putting me to shame.

beanz said...

OK translation please bedders - I discover my Dutch phrase book only has a word list English to Dutch - not much use here then.