Friday, 13 July 2007

sugar free me?

About 18 months ago there was a 'sugar free me' challenge on RW and I joined for a while.

I find that sweet things are somewhat 'addictive' - it is very difficult just to have a little - I am better having none and losing the taste for it.

So I am going to try this for a week.

On Monday, I shall be off to Cambridge for the rest of the week for work. So no kitchen to graze in, as I shall be staying in College and catered for.

I shall also have the opportunity to run on the flat - so we'll see if the hills are an excuse or not.

Oh and I did do my run this morning - so that has been going a week now :>)


sue said...

Well done on the running - it's the starting that's the hardest.

I also find that sweet things are sort of addictive, it doesn't take long to break the habit though, I think it's more to do with the way the body works than addiction per se. Insulin production and all that. Also, we are programmed to consume as much high energy food as we can when it's available. The hunter gatherers needed all the energy they could get when they could get it.

Good luck with it - and enjoy Cambridge.

Bedders said...

Good stuff keeping to the morning runs. H ave a great (sugar free) week.

b-z said...

good for you