Tuesday, 3 July 2007

last year

Prompted by a remembrance of walking in thunderstorms, I've just been looking back at last year's blog - I must find a way of saving it, I'd hate to lose it all.

This time last year I was commenting on the heat and how I needed to lose weight.

So the only thing that has changed is that it isn't hot.

I am still slow and overweight.

I had given up blogging about it 'cos I can imagine everyone raising their eyebrows and thinking 'yeah yeah yeah, she's said all this before'.

However, I really do need to make an effort, I still don't have diabetes, but it is only a matter of time.

So I shall not harp on about it but I shall be trying.


Bedders said...

Hold on - serious talk time - A year on we are all older and wiser. Also we know that it ain't a perfect world. Do what you do and do your best - which I know you do. That's all.

ps mind those lightening strikes!

philipwhiuk said...

hmm, back-up of a blog, interesting, will have a look at this (RSS feed port to a file maybe).

On the topic. Don't get depressed. Yes, you haven't reached your goals, but your still trying. Part of the joy in reaching a goal is knowing how worthwhile all the effort was. Life doesn't throw easy challenges so don't be surprised if your not there yet, just keep going and you'll make it

PS: Yes, surprisingly insightful stuff is written later at night, I'm probably sleep typing this seeing as I have said I'll go to bed... (blog link is in profile)

philipwhiuk said...

PPS: Have searched Blogger (it's difficult to do while actually asleep...) and found the following tutorial:


Allows a complete backup to a text file, so I will do this for you and me at the weekend if you want.

b-z said...

what went before, and what you said before-is-irrelevant

Its in the past

so, dont look back-unless you get USEFUL stuff from it

this is the here and now
Goals are ok-IF they arent used as tools to beat yourself up


you are a runner
you will always be a runner
just try to do more of it