Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Running on the flat

I really should move somewhere flatter than Derbyshire.
Up early for my run and it was a lovely morning – clear and fresh, just like Cambridge mornings seem to be at this time of year. There is the distinctive smell of lime trees, which for me will always trigger memories of being here.
Anyway the run – my overall pace was quicker than for a very long time. I am definitely a long run runner – the third mile was more comfortable and much quicker than anything I have done for a while – even with running to the HRM, except for the last quarter of a mile where I ignored it and found at that stage I could run, for a while at least, at a HR 15 bpm higher than I my ‘base training’ max. I think this means that if I build up slowly I might actually progress!

Yesterday studentbeanz graduated – so I guess I can’t call her that any longer. She was great, if a little nervous of walking across the stage. It was a good ceremony, not too much pomp, short speeches aimed at the graduates – and I managed to not cry, tough the eyes welled up a little. SB now plans to follow in her mother’s footsteps and train to teach – I am very proud of her.

Sugar free me
Yesterday was fine – stuck to it well.
I am now staying in conference accommodation in Cambridge and breakfasts are a dilemma – the cereals all have added sugar and the alternative is cooked breakfast and white toast. I went for the bran flakes and a banana as white bread is as bad as sugar for me – leaves me with a real bloated feeling.


b-z said...


Congratulations to graduate beanz

and well done you

Bedders said...

Full marks for keeping up this morning m'larky. I am impressed (also top marks and congrats to gradbeanz - now to be called workingbeanz?)