Friday, 24 October 2008

Knitting club?

There's a saying that the Pirates are 'not a knitting club' so thats alright, I am not a pirate.
On Sunday I went to a knitting workshop, having not knitted much for years.
It was a good day - I learned some new skills, met some new people and made this sampler:

A benefit of knitting is you can't eat at the same time - so that should help the weight loss!
This week I have been to my mother's for a couple of days and managed to fit in my longest swim for very long time - 1 km front crawl - as 2:4:6:8:8:6:4:2. And lots of gardening too.

And 0.5 kg off this week.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

progress :>)

I had an appointment at the hospital this week with the orthopaedic people. Met a very pleasant young registrar who asked all the right questions.

Looking at the X-rays (didn't think to get him to email them to me - next time) it seems there is some wear and tear, some compression of the cartilage ands some suggestion of osteo-arthritis. But not too much to worry about yet - a long way off the knee replacement bit. However he did inject some steroid stuff to reduce the inflammation that causes the pain. After two days of incresed discomfort (which was anticipated) it has been much better. Today I drove to Oakham and back - 45 miles each way - with NO discomfort and no stiffness when I got out the car. This must be the first time since last November :>)

I did ask him abut running - and he said well we can only advise, and if you run it will wear more quickly. So better to cycle and row and X-train and swim, and maybe a little treadmill running.

But I like running best.

So the plan is to swim and cross-train until Christmas, with the target of losing some of the load on the knees. And then aim to take up the running gradually and see how it goes. I am due back at the hospital in January and would like to show I've made an effort.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

a swim at last

I have been trying to get to the gym in the week and swim for some time. At last I made it for a short swim tonight - it was a bit crowded :<(

The last teenbeanz went to university this weekend. It has left me a little bereft I think - more so than I expected.

However it does add some flexibility to the week for the next 9 weeks, so we must take advantage. MrBeanz and I have agreed to meet at the gym on a Wednesday evening and do exercise and then eat there. And also go together on Sunday mornings - we need to justify the monthly membership! So lets see how long we can keep it up.