Friday, 24 October 2008

Knitting club?

There's a saying that the Pirates are 'not a knitting club' so thats alright, I am not a pirate.
On Sunday I went to a knitting workshop, having not knitted much for years.
It was a good day - I learned some new skills, met some new people and made this sampler:

A benefit of knitting is you can't eat at the same time - so that should help the weight loss!
This week I have been to my mother's for a couple of days and managed to fit in my longest swim for very long time - 1 km front crawl - as 2:4:6:8:8:6:4:2. And lots of gardening too.

And 0.5 kg off this week.


Bedders said...

Now if you could knit and swim at the same time that would be something!

Well done on the 1KM swim. I know how boring it can get.....any chance of a Pirate jumper?

womble said...

What about knitting and run...... Oh, I think it's been done ;o))

That is fabulous knitting, I've only ever done very simple stuff. You'll have to give some lessons!

Highway Kind said...

I with Bedders, a Pirate jumper would be an outstanding garment