Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Warm Wednesday

very muggy at 6 this morning in spite of thunderstorms last night

Back from a good plod 3.1 miles W5:R35:W1.5 for the first time in Cambridge I decided to explore some of the many cycle paths criss crossing the meadows behind the hotel - why have I not done it before?
actually I suppose the reason is that most of my Cambridge running this year has been dark winter mornings.

Now a question for all you medical peeps.What is the physiological explanation for the toxic twenty - it really does take 20 minutes for me to stop thinking 'I don't wa t to do this' and will the twenty qet less if I get fitter?

Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Another hotel :<(

So another hotel last night - no pool or gym - but rescued by two good friends.

First a very old friend turned up and took me out for a drink at a pretty pub in the New Forest it was a lovely even for a drive, lots of ponies and foals


Then a phone conversation with another good friend that cheered me up no end.

friends, eh, where would we be without them?

No run this morning - sticking with every other day - but I did do some core strength stuff :)

I'll try out my new red top tomorrow morning VERY early - don't usually run in bright colours.

Monday, 27 June 2005

Later the same day ......

Thanks must go to Pix's employers, who clearly do not keep her fully occupied. Pix was able to find time to read blogs in the morning and text me with the location of the nearest Sweatshop where I was able to buy some new kit!
I am now the proud owner of a nike top and shorts. Bright red top (as seen at the Expo, Ruth) in the sale! :>)

So no excuses not to run again on Wednesday.

Now in Southampton, with a presentation to do tomorrow - then on to Cambridge for a couple of days - at least it will be flat there.

Forgot my kit!

But that hasn't stopped me....

Yes as I arrived in Reading I realised that although I had packed my socks and shoes I hadn't packed top or shorts :(

So I have run in t shirt and trousers - a bit sweaty but at least I ran.

Started off running round a field first lap 7 minutes, didn't want to do that 5 times - I don't know how people train on a track round and round and round .....:.
So off round a bigger loop - still only 12 minutes so off to explore the campus. And I found a path which ended up by a lake. A lovely trail - and finished my 35 minutes on this trail. Time to walk back to my room. But I have no idea where I am!
I find a campus map but it takes me some time to orient myself - I thought I was quite good at map reading but a couple of incidents recently have made me doubt it!

Sunday, 26 June 2005

sunny Sunday?

So Here I am up early in a Sunday morning, the sun is shining and I am not off out for a plod :<(.

Off working away later today - until Thursday, so loads of loose ends to tie up before I go.

Should be able to plod tomorrow - will be staying on a University campus.

On the bright side

student beanz is home (and can cook for the menbeanz while I am away),

we all had a great time at the theatre last night Romeo and Juliet - excellent production VERY dishy Rome and he did the anguish really well (we were in row D!)

and we are going out for a posh Sunday lunch - lots of to celebrate :delayed Pa's Day, delayed burfday, welcome home student beanz, well done student beanz on a 2:1 this year :>)))

trying to get into this colour coding by mood - not sure about it though!

Friday, 24 June 2005

it's Friday!

a great evening with Pix last night - thanks Pix
more chat than rolling around on the ball, but I am sitting on it as I write :>)

and up this morning for a run - anyone else make it out early??

usual route, but a bit further today

what: W5:R35:W5 3.09 miles
pace: 15.4 : 13.5 : 21.2 mm
AHR: 105 : 140 : 138 (it's steep uphill in the final W5!)

Thursday, 23 June 2005

staying on track

Gym this morning

a good session

what: Xtrainer 10 minutes: stretch: rower 1 km: lunges: core strength: lunges: rower 1 km: more core strength: stretch
result: 60 minutes work AHR 112

I do like this exercise stuff :>))

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

another fine day

thanks for all the birthday greetings - I'm detemined to stay 30 for a long while yet!

I am sure its the running and friendships thorugh running ( especially you peeps here) that have knocked 20+ years off my age!

original plan was to go to the club run tonight - though I was not sure if that was wise

fate stepped in the way and I have to go to a short notice meeting with a teenbeanz tonight

so it was an easy plod at 5.30 instead should have got up a bit earlier - did not have time to go quite as long as I would have liked

but tis done

garmin was not charged up, so just had to plod by watch-time and feel - Ruth would approve

it was a good morning for that - sun shining not much traffic, birds singing ......


what: W5: R25: W3 (and then I was back home)
distance: about 2.2 miles
HR: no idea but I did not walk and it felt good!

Monday, 20 June 2005

it's my burfday :>)

however when you get to my age (30 again) it just another day really

so been for a swim and phyzz - and she's dug around finding lots of knotty points and given me lots of exercises to do

alll in all feeling pretty good

and a brilliant birthday present that will NOT help shift the pounds

an icecream maker - all singing and dancing makes in 40 minutes with no prefreezing!!

so been shopping and bought lots of yeo valley yoghurts and cream and greek yoghurt and ......

recipe suggestions welcome

can't wait for the currants and strawberries and raspberries in the garden to ripen too

Sunday, 19 June 2005

Oh what a beautiful morning!

I can feel a song coming on here!

Well I have just had a very slow, very good plod.

Up early to beat the heat, I went out on my usual boring route, but with very little traffic, lots of birds singing and a freshness in the air it was a pleasure to run this morning.

Back through the park there were rabbits and squirrels, fluffy Canada goslings, more birds and the wonderful smells of summer. Not forgetting the tiny frog I just managed to avoid treading on!

And how did it feel in the legs? Thanks to Pix's advice to stretch the calf as soon as it began to tighten, that was fine; my knee was fine too - I ocudl feel it, but no pain :>))


what: W5:R30:W5 - timing the turnaround so that the W5 coincided with the steep uphill drag at the end
distance: 2.74 miles (ok you could have walked it quicker but I'm back on track)
AHR: 135 overall; 141 on run phase

and tomorrow?

no, I am not going out again, much as I would love to

stick to the plan and swim and phyzz

Saturday, 18 June 2005

phew what a scorcher!

For family logistic reasons I went to the gym today, rather than a run.

This was a good decision given the temperature outside!

It was very muggy this morning but is now just simply HOT!

So to the gym for some core strength, CV and stretching

What: 10 minutes XC > stretch > 1 km rower > core strength stuff > 1 km rower > 10 minutes tready > stretch
Time: just an hour
AHR over whole session : 118 56%

left leg felt fine - so no excuse not to run now

strangely I drove mrbeanz's car later this morning and could feel twinges in my hammy - somehting to do with relative position of seat and clutch. I don't get this in my car. Maybe have to stick to my big noisy MPV

this is the plan for the week

Sunday : W5:R30:W5
Monday : swim + phyzz
Tuesday : rest day - in York
Wednesday : club run - 50 minutes???? not sure about this - would dearly love to do it but is it a bit soon to do that after 2 weeks off running?
Thursday : gym - strength + CV rower
Friday : W5:R35:W5
Saturday : rest day
Sunday : W5:R35:W5

Thursday, 16 June 2005

Working away

In another anonymous hotel - which is supposed to have a pool and gym but they are in fact across the street, and uninspiring.
So here I am in my hotel room and trying to blog by email. I can post by email but not keep up with all your blogs:<(
But I am not as lonely as I mlght be because I have just spent a few hours with a good friend putting the world right and making each other smile.
Home tomorrow:>)
and I WILL run on Saturday

but not too far!

Tuesday, 14 June 2005

plodding very slowly

Ok so I went out - it was a bright sunny morning- in fact HOT in the Sun.

planned to do 30 minutes walk 5:plod 25

walked 5 ok,

but starting plodding the side of my knee began to ache, kept going, other calf seizes up, its a struggle now - and it's a horrid route - must get a new route this is too hilly, too predictable and too main roady

so I decide to come back through the park, which is really nice but very undulating with a serious climb home at the end

so this is a bit of plod, some limping walking up hill, bit of plod

and all very slow and miserable

but by the time I got home my sore knee had warmed up and my calf was no longer solid and I could maybe have kept going longer!

I MUST find a flat course to plod along - this is just too demoralising at the moment.

I go to Bristol until Friday - staying in hotel with gym and pool
So I WILL find time to use the tready and swim :>)

Monday, 13 June 2005

getting back

a good session with the Phyzz this morning

basically I am very stiff in my left hip and knee

so she did lots of manipulation and digging in of elbows and I have to say it does feel better

Now have to get back to running gradually

and do my streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetches twice a day

today: phyzz and stretching
tomorrow: 30 minute plod plus stretching

Wednesday, 8 June 2005

on the mend

definitely feeling MUCH better :>))

aches seem to have gone during the day - and not even stiff when I stand up from my desk:>))

slight regrret I did not go to the friendly running club tonight - lovely evening too

giving blood tomorrow so will not feel like running after that

then being sent to Coventry for 3 days

however I am not rushing this - I have an appointment with the phyzz on Monday so will hold off the running til then

Saturday, 4 June 2005

back and still no running

well I walked there and back on Thursday - but leg ached badly

did not sleep well cos of aching leg

so drove on Friday and today

leg getting better

but must rest still

and make an appoinment with phyzz