Tuesday, 14 June 2005

plodding very slowly

Ok so I went out - it was a bright sunny morning- in fact HOT in the Sun.

planned to do 30 minutes walk 5:plod 25

walked 5 ok,

but starting plodding the side of my knee began to ache, kept going, other calf seizes up, its a struggle now - and it's a horrid route - must get a new route this is too hilly, too predictable and too main roady

so I decide to come back through the park, which is really nice but very undulating with a serious climb home at the end

so this is a bit of plod, some limping walking up hill, bit of plod

and all very slow and miserable

but by the time I got home my sore knee had warmed up and my calf was no longer solid and I could maybe have kept going longer!

I MUST find a flat course to plod along - this is just too demoralising at the moment.

I go to Bristol until Friday - staying in hotel with gym and pool
So I WILL find time to use the tready and swim :>)


Evil Pixie said...

Beanz re calf - I am more aware now of my calves and what I do is this ...
when the calf starts to tighten and I am warm (eg been moving for more than 5 mins) STOP locate and leaning post. Stretch the calf for a count of FIVE, swap legs, count of five again and repeat 3-4 times with each leg. Each time I swap the muscle seems looser. If I leave it too long before you stretch or you stretch too long and deep I get a sort or hot burn stretch ache (if that makes sense!) but doing a few short stretches helps quicker and easier and does not hurt. I think that Paula has a physio friend called Geard Hartmann (or similar) who suggests a similar approach.
Anyway well done for getting out there! Now rest and ice to ease the muscles and take care!

Highway Kind said...


It is so difficult and frustrating.

I only started to feel better about my shin when I fully accepted that I was that injury. Before then I had always given my leg little tests and then tried to cheat on the results - folly.

Things take as long as they take.

Have faith - it will come right.

b-z said...

good post highway

i deny all my pains
this is not good