Sunday, 26 June 2005

sunny Sunday?

So Here I am up early in a Sunday morning, the sun is shining and I am not off out for a plod :<(.

Off working away later today - until Thursday, so loads of loose ends to tie up before I go.

Should be able to plod tomorrow - will be staying on a University campus.

On the bright side

student beanz is home (and can cook for the menbeanz while I am away),

we all had a great time at the theatre last night Romeo and Juliet - excellent production VERY dishy Rome and he did the anguish really well (we were in row D!)

and we are going out for a posh Sunday lunch - lots of to celebrate :delayed Pa's Day, delayed burfday, welcome home student beanz, well done student beanz on a 2:1 this year :>)))

trying to get into this colour coding by mood - not sure about it though!


b-z said...

dont do the colour anaylsis thing on RW
Its horribly accurate!
have a good day

C A D said...

Yes, colour analysis thing very accurate. Uncomfortably so... no matter what MikeFrog says about it.

Anyhow Beanz... have a nice time away - don't work too hard and take advantage of hotel gyms and facilities.